Flowers and Waves

What a fancy way to say photo dump…which is totally not what this is.

Here are some random photos with nowhere else to go taken in my backyard and at the beach; hence the title “Flowers and Waves”.

forgotten days copy
Momohime! I still haven’t posted a proper review/photo shoot of her, but I forgot about that when I uploaded these pictures, so enjoy!

magic copy
Caster with pretty purple flowers~

paradise copy
Natsume without the kimono. I noticed a patch of flowers in the yard about an hour before I needed to go to work, so I brought out some figures for it. The next day the flowers were gone!

yellow copy
This photo for Red’s Adventure was also taken that day!

amber waves copy

princess copy

wanderer copy

buttercup boy

And now for the waves!

Ika Musume finally at the beach!

And Sun Seto!
I wish there were more mermaid figures to choose from >_<


Might as well stick in those other pictures of Red!


That wraps up this little batch of photos! Do you like taking your figures different places?


4 thoughts on “Flowers and Waves

  1. I don’t have any figures and I think I’ve lost the few Pokémon ones I did have. I really want so figures just so I can take pictures like these! I seriously love when people take photos of figures in real life places and it just looks super fun! I’ve been planning on trying this out with a few plushies I have. 🙂


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