Dollfies at the Aquarium

Earlier this month at Momo con, I finally got to meet Crystal Tiger ( you can find her awesome photo stories and other things on her blog ->D Chan’s Display case) in person! We’d chatted online and through video, but really meeting somebody you would never have known otherwise is something that makes the internet and our hobby so awesome! But it wasn’t just me who met somebody new. Kanade did too! Crystal Tiger brought her Saber along, and the two Dollfie Dreams had an interesting time together at the Georgia Aquarium. What happened there? I think a photo story is in order!


We find Saber and Kanade in front of the tank where Saber has just finished telling Kanade her hidden agenda.

DD aquarium

Saber: Once again, this outfit which makes me look like an amazing idol is actually a costume! I am truly a great ruler and must cement my greatness with an aquatic steed!

Kanade: No man may tame the seas, but I am free this weekend, so I will accompany you.

DD aquarium 2 copy

Kanade: Why not the round one? It suits your bosom.

Saber: Hmph! It looks too much like Nelliel! I bet it would ask silly questions and try to steal my clothes too!

Kanade: I did not know fish in this country were capable of such things.

DD aquarium 3 copy

Kanade: The sea is so peaceful. If I become distracted by its beauty, please do not wait for me. I would not want to inconvenience an esteemed ruler like yourself.

Saber: I’m glad you understand. Lunch is coming, and I need to feed my future steed. And uh myself. A girl has to eat!
Now let’s move to the next tank!

dd aquarium 4

Saber: I hope the Miss isn’t upset when I bring a fish tank home. And if my steed doesn’t fit in a tank, we’ll have to build a pool…

dd aquarium 5

Saber: Too shiny, not shiny enough, too many scales…

Kanade: Ah, Saber, I see something perfect over there.

dd aquarium 6

Saber: My empire always needs more gold, but Kanade, a gold fish is unacceptable!

Kanade: Forgive me, Saber dono. Would the fish next to it be a better match?

dd aquarium 7

Saber: !
Uh urgh. No! That one is too big! It would eat all of my snacks!

dd aquarium 8

Saber: What I need is something big and majestic that won’t eat any of my snacks. A blue whale will do. I’m going to ask the man over there where they keep the whale.

Three hours later

dd aquarium 9
Kanade: Ah. I must have been distracted. The lights are off any everybody is gone.
I wonder where Saber is…

Back at the hotel room

saber relaxing copy

Saber: This will do.


2 thoughts on “Dollfies at the Aquarium

  1. What a cute little story! It’s too bad I couldn’t make the aquarium but it looks like you two and the Dollfies had an excellent time. Also, I’m glad Saber found a majestic creature but poor Kanade was left alone.


    • The aquarium was fun, but only because we were all there in costume. Otherwise, it’s not spectacular since there’s really nothing special for the con. No offense, aquarium.


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