Figma News Fridays: Please No

Welcome to Figma News– *cries hysterically* It’s not even Friday!
Perhaps you remember three weeks ago when I said I would be going away for a while. The good news is that I had TONS of fun. It started with my first con in years where I pushed myself to put together a cosplay(always making plans, never doing) and had a great time. I need to buy a few pieces to make it better, but this is something I definitely need to do again, and I’ll of course have to get started on another costume. Next was a few days in Savannah which is a lovely city that my mom and I were amazed we’d never visited before. Especially since it’s only four hours away… On that trip came my undoing as I realized I forgot to pack my 3DS games and needed something to do on the car ride, so while my mom picked up some last minute necessities, I bought Fire Emblem:Awakening. Keep in mind that Pokemon is all I usually play, so with Fire Emblem, I played it a little in the car…a little in the hotel before bed…then we got home, and I played it nonstop for a week. Finished it in a week actually. I’m still going through withdrawals to be honest. But what really matters is that all of this put me three weeks behind on Figma News Fridays! I’m done my best to gather everything, so I apologize if I missed anything. Also, with this much information, it would prove too much of a bother to keep up with days of the week, so I’m going to not do the weekly format this time. It will just be one big salad of news! A figma salad, so let’s get started!

Alice Kuji Preorders Begin
alice kuji preorder page

From ‘Tetsudou Musume’ comes a figma of Alice Kuji, the Sanriku Railways train driver!

Alice is known to have some of the longest hair of any of the Tetsudou Musume girls, but she also comes with parts to display her hair tied up for when she performs maintenance.
A train drivers bag as well as both a standard expression and winking expression are all included.
Sitting parts are also included, and work perfectly with the 1/12th scale ‘Station Bench’ on sale from TOMYTEC.
An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
The inside background of the packaging makes use of photos from Sanriku Railway to bring out the atmosphere of the series!
Alice retails for 4900 yen and is scheduled for a September release.

As the description said, the train station chairs and ticket gate are not included. You can purchase those from TOMYTEC for *searches* ~1700 yen for the seats and ~3000 yen for the gate.

Tetsudou Musume features female train workers in cute uniforms, and Alice fits that description very well! I love her white gloves and hat, and her uniform is surprisingly modest considering what I’m used to seeing. She has nice faces and nice accessories making her a fine figma with nothing spectacular or terrible.
The only thing I can really comment on is the difference between the usual figma produced by Max Factory and this one which is by TOMYTEC. Alice’s joints are fine, but their clunky integration into her arms and ankles makes me appreciate how streamlined figmas have become.
Because I know nothing about her, Alice is a pass for me.

Eri Ayase Preorders Begin
eri ayase preorder page

From the anime series ‘LoveLive!’ comes a figma of the character who keeps things in order in the μ’s group, Eli Ayase!

Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
Three expressions are included: A gentle smile, a slightly mischievous wink as well as an embarrassed expression!
Optional parts include her school bag and the very memorable hamburger from the series.
Just like the previously announced figma Honoka Kosaka, she also comes with two glow sticks of her image color.
An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
Eri retails for 5370 yen and is scheduled for a November release.

Preorders of figma Eli Ayase from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Glaring Expression as a bonus. *Please note that stock of this product is limited. Order soon to avoid disappointment.
eri ayase preorder bonus
This product will be available at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP. Orders can be placed between the 26th May 2015 (Tue) from 12:00JST and the 24th June 2015 (Wed) at 21:00JST.

At the most recent Wonderfestival, a slew of LoveLive figmas was announced, and we’re slowly seeing them open for order.
Eri has some very unique expressions, and even a hamburger which is pretty cool. To be honest, I’m having trouble thinking of anything else to say, so I’ll just leave it at that.
Eri is also a pass for me.

FigFIX Shimakaze Released
FigFIX Shimakaze preorder page
Shimakaze was released on June fourth.

FigFIX Anchovy Preorders Begin
anchovy figFIX preorder page

The sixth in the figFIX series of figma-sized statue figures is the ‘Duce’ of Anzio High, also known as Anchovy from Girls und Panzer! She is posed wearing her military uniform in a confident pose with a broad grin across her face! Be sure to display her alongside figma Miho Nishizumi and the other Girls und Panzer figma figures!
Anchovy retails for 5039 yen and is scheduled to release in November.

Preorders of figFIX Anchovy from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Glasses Fringe Part for figma Saori Takebe as a bonus!
sapri takebe preorder bonus
This product will be available at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP. Orders can be placed between the 5th June 2015 (Fri) from 12:00JST and the 1st July 2015 (Wed) at 21:00JST.

I like the preorder bonus this time, but Anchovy herself kind of really freaks me out. I’m sure that was intended, but it’s still true and I don’t want her looking at me! But from an objective perspective, she looks good as both the sculpt and details appear accurate. My only objective problem with Anchovy is her price as I initially figured the selling point of FigFIX figures would be their low prices. Shinobu was inexpensive, but all others after her have been priced like figmas.
I know nothing about Girls und Panzer anyway, so this is a pass for me.

Kitakami Previewed in Scans
kitakami scan

More Kantai Collection on the way! Kitakami’s outfit is also surprisingly conservative! But that’s just because we haven’t seen her damaged outfit yet…
Anyway, as far as guns go, she’s covered, and I love that mischievous face in the lower left. Preorders should be soon, and she’s planned as an October release at the moment.

Panzer IV Ausf. D “Finals” Preorders Begin
And now what you’ve all been waiting for…
panzer preview page

From the popular anime series with a film coming this Autumn, ‘Girls und Panzer’ comes a 1/12th scale model of Team Anglerfish’s tank, the Panzer IV Ausf. D. The model comes prebuilt (unpainted), and also comes equipped with twin motors allowing it to drive it forward! The model faithfully preserves all the proportions, details and characteristics of the CG data used in the series.

The turret can be rotated and the main battery can be moved up and down allowing the tank to take careful aim. Various hatches around the tank can also be manually opened and closed. You can even easily display figma Miho Nishizumi and the other members of the Anglerfish Team riding inside the tank!

1/12th scale pre-assembled ABS electric model. 6x AA batteries required (sold separately). Approximately 490mm in length and 220mm in height. Includes stickers for tank markings.

Tiny smexy panzer retails for 14800 yen and is scheduled for a September release.

Batteries?! Figma scale that figmas can ride in?! Stickers?! This is super cool!
Information about an itty bitty irresistible panzer has been swirling about, but it was unknown how it would be released, if at all. It was assumed we would be getting a model kit, so seeing an assembled mini kawaii panzer is great!
The price is understandably high, but I don’t think it’s bad for what you get. This is another pass for me, but I’m happy to see it!

Solid Snake Released
snake preview page
Snake was released on June 11th.

The Thinker Released
the thinker preview page
The Thinker was released on June 9th.

That wraps up three weeks of missed figma news! What do you think about everything?

6 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays: Please No

  1. I take it you liked Awakening then? Fire Emblem games are addictive, I think I finished Awakening in a week too. The DLC is fun, Future Past is worth a look in particular. Really pumped for Fates next year!

    Anchovy’s price is really off-putting. I liked the idea of figFix but not at those prices. figma prices are getting harder and harder to swallow lately as it is, I can’t really justify spending the same price on such a small figure that isn’t even as customizable as a figma.


    • Yep haha! I’ve been thinking about it a lot since I finished which means it’s time for another play through! Also pretty happy that I haven’t completely caved and bought all the merch. Except I totally need the Lucina figma…and I got an amiibo… b-but I haven’t bought any straps or the Charaform YET.

      I’ve noticed nendo prices sinking back into the 3000 yen area, but figmas are still at 4000 and higher. I want to get the Sakura Kinomoto figFIX, but I’m less excited now that the prices are consistently high. I guess Shinobu was that cheap only because she was so small?


      • I got the first two boxes of straps and stopped there. It’s a little expensive to collect them all, but maybe once I have a better job… Those amiibo are so hard to get. I lucked out and was able to just walk into Target and get both Lucina and Robin without problems, but they sold out insanely fast and scalpers are asking a lot for them now. >_<

        Every time I've played with the female Avatar I think "totally going to marry somebody other than Chrom this time" only to end up pairing her with Chrom. lol I finally ended up pairing her with Gaius in my latest game.


        • The straps are cute, but thankfully the style they used isn’t my favorite. Even then, I’d just get Robin and Robin…hood.

          Wow awesome! I wanted to get Robin but was way too late, or so I thought because just three weeks after my fruitless online search, I got him of of amiami XD I don’t even have a Wii U, but I’m so excited haha.

          Well, once you’ve married Chrom once, it’s sacrilege to see him with anybody else. I paired Robin and Tharja last time, and even though Tharja is the worst wife and mother ever and a stalker…I’ve gotta do it again. I also paired Henry and Olivia which somehow worked out ok.


          • The amiibo can be used with 3DS games too! New 3DS is already compatible but they’ll be releasing an adapter for the regular 3DS. I really want a regular Robin figure, preferably a figma, and a figma Chrom, and figma everybody.

            Despite Tharja’s, uh, more… unpleasant quirks and habits I really like her. She’s awkwardly adorable in her own way. I paired her with Henry once, and that was really fitting but also pretty disturbing. I try not to think of what they could get up to. I really like Chrom x Maribelle, but Lucina’s what gets me.

            I’m excited to see Cordelia’s figure all painted, apparently she’s going to be shown off soon!


            • Then my purchase was not in vain!
              Oh gosh I do too. There’s a Marth(real Marth) nendo announced and that Cordelia figure you mentioned, so maybe there’s hope for more figures in spite of how long it’s been since the game came out. I just hope they make someone I want. Cordelia would have to look super great, and I like Tharja, but her figure isn’t my taste. But yes, Robin and Chrom are high priorities. The BFFs need to be together.

              Oh I love Henry! Tharja is more on the creepy dysfunctional side, but Henry is so cheery. I might pair those two up in this next playthrough, but putting him with someone normal like Olivia was fun since he had to deal with daddy drama.


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