Figma News Fridays 5/22/15

Welcome to F-f-f-figma N-n-n-news F-f-f-f-f-ridays! This week actually has a ton of stuff to guarantee a careening vortex of emotion! Weep as the figures you waited for are delayed and then weep again as a new sculpt is revealed along with the winning design for this year’s Snow Miku! That’s right Snow Miku! So let’s get s-s-s-s-started!


Asuna Delayed
Asuna preview page
Asuna’s re-release is delayed from May to June.

Mako Reizei Release Date Announced
mako reizei preview page
Mako will be released May 26th!

Mutsu Release Date Announced
mutsu preview page
Mutsu will be released May 27th.

figFIX Shimakaze: Half-Damage ver. Delayed
FigFIX Shimakaze preorder page
Shimakaze has been delayed from May to June!

The Thinker Delayed
the thinker preview page
The Thinker has been delayed from May to June


Eri Ayase Sculpted and Painted
eri ayase thursday
Her face looks great! I love the color in it~

Tsugumori Preorders Begin
tsugumori preorder page
From the anime series ‘Knights of Sidonia’ comes a figma of the Shiratsuki piloted by Nagate Tanikaze, Tsugumori!

Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
An alternate ‘Heigus Particle Cannon’ head part is included to display the Tsugumori firing the particle cannon.
The standard weapons of the Tsugumori are all included – the Kabizashi spear, arm blades and a ballistic acceleration device.
A pointed back booster part to pose the Tsugumori in high-speed movement poses, as well as a Gauna core that can be attached to the Kabizashi are also included.
An articulated figma stand is included.
Tsugumori retails for 8333 yen and is scheduled for release in November.

8333 YEN! B-but *ahem* accessories! Yes, accessories!
I suppose you all know that I don’t do well with non-human characters, but Tsugumori does look good! That’s really all I can think of, so I’ll see what you all have to say!


Snow Miku 2015’s Design Revealed
Snow Miku is once again being made into a figma, and this year’s design contest theme was winter sports. The four finalists were revealed this Thursday!
snow miku thursday 1

snow miku thursday 2

I was going to write my opinion on each design and the one I was rooting for(#1 for Miku because of the colors~ and #1 for Yukine because that hat), but it turns out GSC already revealed the winning design, so I guess that saves me some time.

And the winner is…
snow miku thursday 7
This was my second favorite design! I love that it’s cute, but also sporty which is something we don’t always see on Miku. Her face also has a lot of character which if doesn’t transfer to the nendo, should transfer to the figma. I’ll definitely be getting her, but was there ever any doubt?

And for Yukine…
snow miku thursday 6
My design of choice! I like this one not only because the illustration is super cute, but because what is more genius than a rabbit wearing a rabbit ear hat? If he comes with an alternate head with the goggles down, I’ll be double sold.

That wraps up this week!
Next Friday I will be at Momo con! I’m even cosplaying~ And the Friday after that, I’ll be…at a different place in Atlanta. But I’ll also be in Savannah during the week! I’m super excited because it means I’ll get to take some pictures! Plus, I’ve never been to Savannah. I even bought a figure just to take to the with me(ok I wanted her anyway, but this trip was a good excuse). I’ll do my best to keep track of figures, but bing gone for two Fridays, we may be looking at a two week FNF.
Regardless, what did you think of this week’s news?


5 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 5/22/15

  1. I like the new Snow Miku design a lot. Sporty and cute. Either the figma or the Nendo, I’ll end up with one of them.

    Not surprised to see the delays, but now June’s very full for figma releases. Their scheduling/planning could be better.


    • I’ll definitely have the figma, but the question is if I’ll end up with both XD

      You should see the full “GSC and Friends” delay list for this month. It’s like a book!


  2. I am glad I don’t watch Sidonia, because that is one absurdly expensive figma they have there. It looks pretty good, but…yeesh.

    I also think the first design for Snow Miku would have been best, but the sporty number 2 is also pretty good. I look forward to seeing the design translated to figures.


    • Yeah O_O. I know I’m always surprised by the price, but this time I was scrolling like la la la *sees price* FGVFBGVVBCGVBVGB

      I’d been disappointed with past Snow Miku choices, but GSC always comes through in the end, and I always end up liking the figure, so I’m excited too!


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