Product Review: White Dolly Story Animetic Eyes

Hello, and welcome to a new little section of the blog…product reviews!

These product reviews are inspired by fellow blogger Littlebearries of The Majokko Shop. One of my favorite things was when Littlebearries would do a mini review of little items she’d found for her dolls. The reviews were refreshing to read and lead me to a lot of interesting shops. I also liked how they called attention to various talented people and interesting sites. I don’t know if Littlebearries has had much time for blogging lately, but as I’ve gotten more into dolls, I’ve found myself seeking out unique items as well and wanted to share them!

Our first product review is something essential for every Dollfie Dream…eyes! Having the right pair of eyes is important not just so your doll won’t have big empty voids in her face, but because a good set can give your doll the personality to bring her look to the next level!

Surely by now you know Kanade?
spring's kiss copy

Kanade is my little darling who I took some shortcuts to finish because I hate having ongoing projects. Perhaps too many shortcuts. Instead of a semiwhite 09 head, Kanade is a normal 07, and admittedly every time I see an 09, I feel that little tinge of regret. I also find myself craving a semiwhite girl(ooh that sounds creepy) which is not good. While Celeste came together perfectly, Kanade has always left me a bit dissatisfied. Now, if Kanade looks a little dead behind the eyes, that was intentional. A big part of Kanade’s personality was her vacancy, and I did a lot of shopping around for eyes that would suit her. I bought two high quality pairs in my hunt; one pair never made it into her head, and the other I deemed more yandere than vacant. I want Kanade to be absent, but cute rather than scary. The eyes I’ve been using were the ones she came with, and in spite of their low quality, I kept them because they actually did accomplish the look I wanted.

But I’m not just a Dollfie Dream owner. I’m also my wallet’s worst enemy(oh wait, those are the same thing), so when a White Dolly Story eye group order popped up on the Dollfie Dream forum, I couldn’t resist. For those unfamiliar, White Dolly Story is a fantastic faceup artist who’s work I would love to own were commissioning her not more expensive than even I can handle. Her style is subtly charming and was something I referenced when having Celeste painted. And she also makes eyes! Celeste has lovely Twin Snow eyes, but Kanade’s were boring, so I decided to pick out a pair and see what would happen. I quickly questioned my decision as Kanade’s eyes were technically fine, and I shouldn’t spend money like that, but now the only thing I could do was wait.

Fast forward to today, and it’s eye time!

A little shout out to DivinitaAria on the DD forums who hosted the GO that allowed me to get these eyes. No troubles at all!
WDS eyes
These are D type blue in 22 mm. They are also animetic which means have a slight sheen.
Each pair of WDS eyes comes in plastic and a little card with WDS’ information. I can’t comment much on protection since these were shipped to me separately by the GO organizer. I paid a very reasonable $15 for one pair. Were this a solo order, shipping would have bumped the price up significantly, but that is the beauty of buying in a group.

WDS eyes open
The eyes are on a white plastic base which is hollow–just like Twin Snow eyes. I think the hollow base makes them easier to put in the head.
A friend asked about the quality saying that WDS eyes always appeared grainy to her in photos. I had not noticed this even while unpacking them, but looking back, I see what she was talking about. You can see in this photo that the eyes appear to have a condensation or a glitter effect inside. This is quite visible up close, but fades as you move away. I would not call it bad quality. Instead it appears to be part of whatever effect gives the eyes their shine.

WDS eye dome
The dome.

WDS eyes comparison
Here’s a comparison with Kanade’s totally cheap original eyes. The new eyes are circular rather than ovular.

eye in head comparison
Half old and half new.
The new eyes are a lovely aquamarine. The grain is also less apparent. Right away I was impressed!


Now behold! The new Kanade!
kanade with WDS eyes
どきどき!My heart can’t take it! It looks like buying these eyes wasn’t a mistake after all! In my opinion, these eyes gave Kanade the spark of life and cuteness she needed(looks a little younger too!). Kanade is like a little fairy now! They also match her hair better.

All in all, White Dolly Story eye buying was a success! I am very pleased with the quality and what they have done for Kanade!


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