Review: figma Saber 2.0

Woohoo another review! This time it’s figma Saber 2.0 by Max Factory.

Behold Saber, stoic King of Knights, as she appears in the new Unlimited Blade Works anime adaptation. The UBW arc of Fate/Stay Night was first made into a movie, but was obviously simplified, so this is the first time any arc other than the original has become a full anime. This arc focuses on Rin and Archer’s story, but as is the way of the world, Saber needed another figma.

Saber has a long history with the figma line. Her first iteration was figma #3 released back in 2008. Variations like Saber Lily, Casual version, and Alter were then made before we saw the original Saber re-released in time for Fate/Zero in 2011. The 2011 re-release was virtually the same as in 2008 with little to distinguish it or reflect the improvements to figma design. But since then, figmas have changed enough that characters like Miku Hatsune were entirely re-vamped into a 2.0 version instead of a mere re-release. Saber is the second 2.0 figma and an obvious choice since she is so popular with figure makers and fans. I intend to eventually have all Saber figmas(only missing Alter and Nero now!), so I ordered her, but was honestly not very excited since I already had a figma of Saber in her blue dress. Saber 2.0 was then delayed several times, further decreasing my excitement levels. I figured(haha) Saber would be a boring but necessary addition to my collection, but upon opening and playing with her, was pleasantly surprised and even impressed. What impressed me so? Let’s find out!

Saber’s box! It’s obviously blue for Saber, so there’s not much more to say there.

saber 1
Saber in her royal blue armored dress. Being a 2.0 figma, she is a little bigger than others. We’ll see more of that later.

saber 2
Right away, gold and metallic armor are apparent.

saber 3

saber hair
Saber’s hair is a honey yellow with many sculpted lines for texture. Her braid is accented by a soft PVC ribbon. Every past Saber has has hard PVC hair accessories. My casual Saber’s ribbon even snapped off(the Kragle saved the day), so not having to worry about anything breaking is a huge plus.

saber 4
The black lines and designs on her breastplate are very well done! I don’t see any over painting or sloppy parts.
The breastplate is free floating, but secure on her chest. She has a partial body underneath the plate, but removing the plate would be pointless and cause damage to the figure.

saber 5
Awesome sculpting on her sleeves which appear to be pinched by the breastplate. The puffy sleeves are soft PVC.
The gold lines are also clean.

saber 6

saber 7

saber 8
Saber’s metallic gauntlets are cleanly sculpted.

saber 9
The skirt has three articulated layers which we will look at later.

saber 10
Dress armor!

saber 11

saber 12
Saber’s armored shoes are articulated at the toe.

saber 17
Under Saber’s dress is a pair of white bloomers.

One of the key points of newer figmas is improved articulation. First I was going to show only Saber 2.0, but since I have not written a review on the original Saber and comparing is the best way to show improvement, it’s time for the second Never Outgrew Toys figma POSE OFF!


spo 1
On the left we have our veteran figma: Saber! This King of Knights was figma #3 from the 2011 release! Her hobbies include sword fighting, antiquing, and embroidery.

And on the right is newcomer Saber 2.0! Saber 2.0 features a new and improved sculpt, paint job, and joint system. She hails from the 2015 release and is an avid candle making enthusiast.

Right away the differences between our contestants is evident. Saber 2.0 is a whole half head taller than her opponent, and her dress also features a darker blue, bolder gold, and more defined wrinkles. How will Saber fare? Let’s move onto the first pose!

The airplane!
spo 2
The two Sabers easily accomplish the same pose. However our posers report that Saber 2.0’s joints are slightly smoother, thus making the pose easier to accomplish.

Next pose! The gazelle!
spo 3
The gazelle shows off the skirt articulation of both Sabers. Once again the two ladies are able to accomplish the same pose. However the devil is in the details! Both ladies’ undergarments are exposed, but Saber 2.0’s appear more seamless and natural.

spo 4
But from behind, the gazelle exposes a notable difference. Saber 2.0’s dress has three articulated segments. Two on the sides, and one in the back. Saber however has no such back flap, thus exposing her rear!

The last pose is: the ‘tude.
spo 5
Saber 2.0’s articulated armor poses on its own, but Saber’s poses with the skirt.

And the results are in! Surprisingly both Sabers are capable of the same poses! Yet Saber 2.0 achieves the more cleanly. That ends the second Never Outgrew Toys pose off!

Next are Saber’s faces.
saber faces
neutral, yelling, and blushing.

The neutral and yelling faces are standard for Saber figmas, but the blushing face is a great addition. In general, more cute faces are being added to Saber figmas which gives the figure more versatility and acknowledges that part of her personality.

Saber also has several hands
saber hands
The hands are for anything from general expression to holding her sword and sheath at different angles.

An extra black hand joint is included.

Now for accessories. Saber has three accessories. Can you guess what they are? It’s not like every Saber ever comes with them.

First is surprise surprise….
saber 18
windblown hair!

saber wind hair
This is a separate front hair piece. It fits well and looks cool.

Next is her sword Excalibur. Visible edition.
saber 23

saber 24
This version of Excalibur is the best yet.

saber 25
Colors are ultra clean and crisp, and the black inscription is on the blade.

saber 26

Also her second sword, Caliburn.
saber 20

saber 21

saber 22
Once again, the quality on these weapons is really outstanding.

Now that we’ve seen Saber and all that she comes with, it’s photo shoot time!

fragments copy
gao gao

chivalry copy

guided by heaven copy

holy field copy

lavender copy

intensity watermark
Saber 2.0 is surprisingly good for black and white!

radiance watermark

swordplay copy
Swapping faceplates. This is from Saber Bride!

characters watermark

feudal age watermark
This reminds me of that Dr. Seuss book about the two creatures yelling at each other. Maybe someone will build a highway around the Sabers.

soap copy
Only cherry blossom photo I took with figures this year T-T

teach me your ways copy
I feel like this would be cuter if they weren’t both Saber.
Or maybe this image is the perfect visualization of the utopia you’ve dreamed of where everyone is Saber. If so, I guess that’s cool.

you lift me up copy
Also, ‘dem pits.

give me your hand copy
Most of my ShiroXSaber pictures didn’t work out because Shiro is so cruddy compared to Saber 2.0. Looking forward to Shiro 2.0!

Final Words

2.0 figmas exist for a reason. Normally getting both versions of a figure is worth it because you get a variety of accessories, but with Saber, what is included with 2.0 is so improved, that Saber 2.0 is all you need. Colors are richer, the sculpt is far more lively, and the swords are beautiful. Saber 2.0 is a really great action figure and a huge improvement over the original Saber. Without comparing her to the original Saber, she may not be the best figma ever, but if you are a Saber fan, she’s totally worth it. I will not be selling my original Saber, but if you are contemplating which to get, I think that just having Saber 2.0 is fine.


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