Figma News Fridays 5/1/15

Hello and welcome to the first Figma News Fridays of May!
This week had plenty of releases and one preorder, so let’s get started!


Red Pyramid Thing Released
Red Pyramid Thing preview page
I look forward to seeing what people will do with him.

Shinobu Released
shinobu preview page

FigFIX Shinobu Released
figfix shinobu preview page
The first figFIX to be released!


Amatsukaze Released
amatsukaze preview page

Yu Narukami Preorders Begin
yu narukami preorder page

From the popular 2D fighting game ‘Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’ comes a figma of the Yu Narukami, the protagonist of Persona 4!

Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
He comes with three expressions including his standard confident expression, a battle expression for attacking poses and a expression with white eyes to pose him taking damage.
Optional parts include his katana, loose glasses as well as a fringe part with glasses attached and a Persona card.
Special arm parts for figma Aigis: The ULTIMATE ver. (sold separately) are also included allowing you to pose her performing a suplex hold!
An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
Yu retails for 6000 yen and is scheduled for September.

This product will be available at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP. Orders can be placed between the 30th April 2015 (Thu) from 12:00JST and the 27th May 2015 (Wed) at 21:00JST. Please see the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP page for more information regarding shipping and shipping costs.
yu online shop bonus

6000 yen.
I’d say Yu is satisfactory. I do not know if that is true with regard to his character, but he has a decent amount of accessories including the ones for Aegis. Maybe not 6000 yen worth since he is dressed simply, but that price is sadly becoming average. 6000 yen. Once again, the GSC bonus is slightly infuriating because it looks like they took out one accessory instead of making something actually cool and optional. This one isn’t bad though because you can live without a windblown jacket. Or maybe you can’t?
This is a pass for me, but seeing more male figures is always good.

That reminds me that looking at my preorders, I will soon have nine nendoroids, and five of them will be boys! *feeling accomplished*

That wraps up this week! Are any new figmas headed your way? Is there a Yu in your future?


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