Figma News Fridays 4/10/15 & 4/17/15

Figma News Fridays! This time I’ll be covering two weeks since last week…my Wifi wasn’t working. Amazing how much that can mess things up.

With two weeks’ worth of news, we have an exciting salad(?) of news tidbits, so let’s get started!

Week 1


Racing Miku 2015’s Parasol Revealed
Miku saturday
As is common with Racing Miku figures, Miku went up for preorder incomplete. All we saw earlier was her folded parasol/lance accessory, so here the parasol is open now. I hope we get more accessories for her!


FigFIX Nagato: Half Damage version Preorders Begin
nagato preview page

Nagato from ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘ is joining the figFIX series of figma-sized statue figures in her half-damaged pose!

Her torn outfit and damaged ship parts have all been carefully sculpted, and her weakened expression trying hard to still look tough has been faithfully preserved on the figure. Be sure to display it with the previous announced figma Nagato!

Nagato retails for 5093 yen and is scheduled for September.

nagato bonus face
Preorders of figFIX Nagato: Half-Damage ver. from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Shouting Expression as a bonus!

This product will be available at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP. Orders can be placed between the 6th April 2015 (Mon) from 12:00JST and the 7th May 2015 (Wed) at 21:00JST. Please see the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP page for more information regarding shipping and shipping costs.

As expected, Max Factory’s newest addition to their line of sex crime victims is dead on. Nagato’s clothing which was forcefully torn off of her and damaged ship parts have all been carefully sculpted so that you can feel like you’re witnessing the crime, or perhaps committing it. Watch as she feebly tries to retain her dignity by covering herself–all in vain. And her weakened expression has been faithfully preserved on the figure–because looking at vulnerable people is fun. Be sure to display it with the previous announced figma Nagato!

Opinions aside, one of the more promising aspects of the figFIX line was the substantially lower prices since the figures have no articulation or accessories. However Nagato negates that by costing as much as an actual figma with joints, accessories, and clothes. I imagine that her ship parts drove up the price substantially since they look complicated to paint, so whether that is enough justification for the high high price is up to you.

Another pass for me. C’mon figFIX Sakura Kinomoto!

Week 2


Red Pyramid Thing Release Date Announced
Red Pyramid Thing preview page
For some reason, I thought he was released already. Red Pyramid will be in stores April 27th.


Amatsukaze Delayed
amatsukaze preview page
Delayed to May.

figFIX Shimakaze: Half Damage version Delayed
FigFIX Shimakaze preorder page
Also delayed to May.

Shinobu Oshion Release Date Announced
shinobu preview page
Shinobu will be in stores April 27th.

FigFIX Shinobu Release Date Announced
figfix shinobu preview page
April 27th as well

Snow Miku 2015 Announced
snow miku 2016 thursday 2
Not a surprise at all since Snow Miku has been a thing for years. But this is only the second year for a figma to be part of the festivities making for the third figma Snow Miku total. Of course the most fun part is the design contest. This year’s theme is Winter Sports! Past themes were magical girl, dessert, and plants which have always yielded cute designs, so this time we’re guaranteed something different and hopefully refreshing. I am not a sports fan, but if what we get is anything like the first Racing Miku who was a cute pit girl, I’m all on board!
Who am I kidding…they’d have to mess up pretty bad for me to not get her.

I look forward to covering the designs as they go up for voting!


Uzuki Shimamura Preorders Begin
uzuki shimamura preview page
From the anime series ‘IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls’ comes a figma of Uzuki Shimamura!

Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
She comes with three expressions including a smiling face, another smile with closed eyes and the frightened expression she showed during lessons.
Her school bag and smartphone are included as optional parts.
An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
Uzuki retails for 5370 yen and is scheduled for release in September.

Preorders of figma Uzuki Shimamura: CINDERELLA PROJECT ver. from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include an Unsure Expression as a bonus!
uzuki bonus expression
This product will be available at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP. Orders can be placed between the 17th April 2015 (Fri) from 12:00JST and the 13th May 2015 (Wed) at 21:00JST. Please see the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP page for more information regarding shipping and shipping costs.

More Cinderella Girls!
Uzuki was on my wishlist because I love Cinderella Girls figmas and her scaled figure was awesomely cute, but I find her final product a bit underwhelming. I don’t know her character which makes her less appealing to me, but I was hoping for something to push me over the edge anyway. Maybe this is better since I have 13 figures ordered right now…
The bonus expression is once again somewhere between “gotta have” and “don’t need”.
Uzuki looks like a solid release, but she isn’t for me.

That wraps up two weeks of figma news! What sparked your interest?


5 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 4/10/15 & 4/17/15

  1. Oh, wow. I think Shinobu and Shinobu are the only things I’ve ever preordered that haven’t gotten delayed. It is a miracle. Almost.

    Your description of Nagato’s figFix was almost as hilarious as it was painfully, terribly true. I have never liked these creepy things and doubt I ever will. I think I’ll be quite satisfied once her figma gets here…I really liked her character in the anime (one of only a few things in that anime that were worthwhile). The extra face would be nice to have, though. The faces the figma has are somewhat dull. Too bad, I guess.

    Uzuki…sigh, Uzuki. I don’t know. I ended up liking the Cinderella Girls anime well enough, but this girl was always one of the most boring ones. Between a somewhat high price and unimpressive accessories I don’t really feel like getting a figure of a character whose contributions to the show were in essence saying “ganbarimasu” ten thousand times. That flustered/shocked expression, however, is pretty dang priceless, though. ALMOST tempted to buy just because it it. But just almost.

    At this point I’m just sort of hoping that Futaba Anzu’s figma gets a remake at some point like Rin’s did…aftermarket prices for her right now are a bit high. I may have taken the hit for Jougasaki Mika, but I think paying an arm and a leg for one Cinderella Girl was more than enough. I think Anzu is the only one from the show that I really want to get…maybe Anastasia? Heck, much as I disliked her I would probably be willing to get Kirari, since her design is good… I hope there is SOMEthing more announced at some point for Im@s anyway…


    • Gotta get that Shinobu double fix.
      Haha glad you liked it. I was kind of iffy about writing the whole paragraph since I was just going to do the one line, but these keep getting creepier. I can handle scantily clad figures even if they’re not my taste, but it’s the way these are depicted that is way too close to the edge. It is a shame about the faces though.
      She looks like a gambarimasu girl. Like admirably boring.
      The exclusive Cinderella figmas were top of the line and were everything I think a figma should try to be, but now that the figmas are standard, they just feel standard.
      Imo Anzu is actually one of the better priced girls O_O’. I seen her float in the 4000 range which is much better than 9000 for Mika. One of my great mistakes is not buying you, Mika.
      I want Kaede. Not sure if she was in the show though.


      • Yeah, the assault fetishization evident in the damaged KanColle designs (and general fetishization, as seen in Shimakaze even when not damaged) are the most off putting part of the entire franchise. That and the general mediocrity of most of the media, I guess.

        I have both of the Jougasaki sisters, and I can agree that they’re really among the best. (As far as non exclusives go, Ranko is also pretty good, though!) Mika in particular is definitely a great figma (though unfortunately mine has issues) but the price certainly hurt. I usually see Anzu in the 7000-8000 yen range, more expensive than Rika but cheaper than Mika…Not that that’s the biggest accomplishments, considering Mika is almost the most expensive figma I’ve gotten.

        (Drossel Charming is ridics expensive)

        Kaede was in the anime but she was a minor background character. Which is a shame, I think she would have been better than a lot of the girls who ended up being in the main cast. (looking at you Riina)


        • The fact that Shimakaze doesn’t bother me much shows how much being in this hobby dulls you. Except when I remember that she looks like a child. Then again, older girls can have loli traits. *looks around*
          That’s what I like about Touken Ranbu as opposed to Kan Colle. The damaged versions are far more reasonable, and even for the boys who lose some clothing, they still look determined and not helpless like the girls in Kan Colle.

          I do have Ranko! She’s the only standard I’ve seen it worth to go after.
          Darn. Kaede is my favorite >_<


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