Figma News Fridays 4/3/15

Happy April everyone! Was your heart, like mine, wounded by April Fools Day? Then come and let the figma news soothe you. Except there isn’t much news. Regardless, let’s get started!


Holmes Sculpted
Origin: Meitantei Holmes

Holmes is one of those unexpected Phat Company figmas who people are excited about, but take forever to go into production. Except Holmes is actually being produced!
Both his sculpt and accessories have been previewed, and he’s looking surprisingly good!

holmes 1

holmes 2


holmes 3

I’ve seen so many crimes.

holmes 4

Nothing can block out the crime.

holmes 5


And now for the mother of all accessories!

holmes 6

*Waves arms* A thing! He comes with a thing! A thing with wheels! A wheeled thing!

holmes 7

But seriously, this stagecoach…carriage…thing is an awesome accessory for a figma!

Normally nendoroids get neat accessories like this(which is understandable with their size and not being fully articulated), so to see a figma get an entire vehicle is amazing. And frightening because of his possible price. There is speculation that he will be part of a Blu Ray bundle which would explain the extra effort, but as I have no proof, I will leave that as *cough highly likely* speculation.

holmes 8

But regardless, you have to admire this accessory. This is the kind of figma I can see people wanting just for the accessory.

That wraps up this week! What do you think of Holmes?


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