Hanami with Dollies

Hanami season is when the cherry blossoms bloom, and people gather to view them. This is Celeste and Kanade’s first spring, so I wanted to be sure they enjoy the flowers properly. Sadly with the loss of the large cherry tree, my yard only has a small one left. This tree is one of the last to fully bloom in the neighborhood and it’s branches are very high which makes it difficult to take pictures in, but I couldn’t let that stop me!

Also, I recently got new wigs for them both!

So please enjoy some pictures of the dollies using spring flowers as a backdrop.

fluttering copy

Me neighbors have three or four cherry trees *weeps*
Using theirs as a backdrop…

frosty spring copy

That dramatic hair blow.

Kanade has flowing old lady hair. But she’s my old lady.

newsprint copy

spring's kiss copy

So sullen. So Kanade.

hanami copy
These two are on a box on a table, and I still couldn’t get them closer to the flowers.

But Celeste is a ginger again! It took me a while to get used to how bright this wig is!

springtime family copy
First full family photo!
Afterwards Kagura face planted.

pastel whisper
She looked SO PRETTY here in real life. This was the best I could do to capture it.

after hanami copy
Can’t have a party without sake.

I have some new things on the way(mostly for Kanade) and some new doll accessories which I’ll show off eventually. Maybe one day I’ll get back to making stories as well so Kanade can get her introduction. But until then, enjoy spring!


4 thoughts on “Hanami with Dollies

  1. I love Celeste’s wig, especially in that second last photo with her hand on the tree! Your girls are beautiful, it really makes me want to get a few of my own…


    • Thank you! I think it’s the brightest wig she has now!
      DDs can be very tempting, but also very fun to own. I’m enjoying them more now that I’m out of the “aquisition phase”.


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