Usagi’s Preorder Forecast

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this, and seeing how large my preorder list has grown, and how many non-figmas are on it, I thought now would be a good time to take a look at my preorders for this year so far!

Nendoroid Elsa
Elsa preview page
Is it even a surprise that I ordered her? Mickey, Minnie, Marvel, and Star Wars characters have been made into nendoroids, but Frozen is the first Disney property I’ve been interested in figures from. Probably because Elsa is one of the Disney Princesses(well, Queens) which is doubtlessly one of Disney’s most popular and dear character lines. There are some stylistic choices I question with Elsa’s nendoroid transformation, but I’ll address those properly in my inevitable review.
Elsa is scheduled for release in May which puts her in my first batch of figures in a long time!

figma Satsuki Kiryuuin
satsuki preview page
Can’t have Ryuko without Satsuki! And I do have Ryuko…without Satsuki.
I would still prefer their casual wear over kamui versions by a mile, but I loved Kill la Kill, so just having figmas is fine. I’m admittedly not as excited about Satsuki as other figures like Elsa, but perhaps when I finally review Ryuko(don’t get your hopes up…), that will change.
Satsuki is set for August and will be my first figure for that month.

figma Sakura Kinomoto
sakura preview page
Yet another character I love seeing figures of. Figma Sakura looks amazing, and I would probably order her even were I not a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura…which I am!
Sakura is set to arrive in May with Elsa!

figma Snow Miku 2014
snow miku 2015 1
Snow Miku nendoroids are beautiful, but with the exception of Snow Miku 2013, I always passed on them because they were nendoroids. GSC and friends must have known that because now there are now Snow Miku figmas too. I like the design and love unique Miku figures, so this was a no brainer. Snow Miku is scheduled for July!

Nendoroid Mikazuki Munechika
mikazuki preview page
Meet my new obsession! O_O
I try not to get on hype trains, but sometimes it can be fun. And the moment I first saw Mikazuki, something special happened. It was like when I first saw Kirito. I thought “Oh he’s cute”, and that was that. Oh but THAT WAS NOT THAT!
I suppose what I’m trying to saw is that I really like this guy, so expect to see many things with his face plastered on them in my loot.
Jiji comes out in August, and I seriously cannot wait to get him.

Nendoroid Hoozuki
Hoozuki preview page
Hoozuki no Reitetsu is another show I enjoyed when I was caught up on anime. I expected it to be a good show that would never be popular because of lack of fanservice and the usual things that make anime popular. But thankfully I was wrong, or at least the show has a healthy vein of merchandise. When I saw there would be a Hoozuki nendoroid, I added him to my list hoping to support the show, but was unsure if I would actually like the nendo enough to get it. To my delight, the nendo came out great(in my opinion at least), so I preordered him. However there are some problems involving his accessories. One is the sheer lack of as GSC skipped over a lot of possible funny and unique accessories and gave him the bare minimum. Looking at the nendo as is, Hoozuki looks rather bland, but so many things like his human world hat, a wombat, his bento box, a Kingyousou pen, or a scroll could have been added to make the nendo reflect how colorful the series is.
The other problem is that a very important accessory, his pipe, was made a GSC shop bonus. A lot of people felt that the pipe should have been a default accessory and were upset at the thought of paying more than 2000 yen extra just to get it. I agree that this is not the kind of thing that should be an exclusive bonus as it upsets fans more than anything–especially when the figure is already bare.
Still, Hoozuki is due in June!

Figuarts Zero Elsa and Anna
Elsa and Anna
Once again, not a surprise. I’ve been itching for more Frozen merchandise and was thrilled to see another Japanese company making the sisters(well, jury is still out on whether GSC will give us both sisters). What’s funny about these figures is that were there other figures of Elsa and Anna, or were the figures not of Elsa and Anna, I would not get them. Both are small and the paintwork is only ok–especially since these are prototypes. For instance, Elsa’s hair is grey rather than blonde and looks dry.
There is an exclusive bundle with both sisters and Olaf, but I opted out of getting it since I don’t really like Olaf.
Elsa and Anna are due in July.

figma 2014 Racing Miku EV Mirai
2014 racing miku ev mirai preview page
Unique + Miku = Instant get!
I don’t like this Miku as much as the previous year’s version though.
This Miku is due in July!

figma Saber Dress ver.
dress saber 2
Ah exclusives. Saber along with Snow Miku were exclusive to this past Wonderfestival. This is the first time I’ve gotten both exclusive figmas! I was happy to see this variety of Saber figma, but not looking forward to get her. However after playing with Saber 2.0 and her amazing pose ability, I am much more excited!
Saber is due in July.

Figma Horse White ver.
horse white and chestnut
I do not usually buy accessories for my figmas. In fact, I had to force myself to buy this horse. It’s not that I don’t like the horse or accessories, it’s just that I tend to prioritize figures over things for them. However I bet this horse will be awesome! I chose the white version because it looks more fancy. If I like it enough, I might get the brown too. Hopefully figma horses do well enough that we will start to see variations like unicorns or pegasi.

Preorder PendingSayaka Miki Maiko ver.
maiko madoka set
So, the Maiko Madoka set is very much a thing. It all started with Madoka in a lovely blue furisode. I planned to get her because of my endless love of Japanese traditional wear, but her eyes ended up rather creepy. Next came Homura who I liked, but ultimately passed on. After that I assumed I could pass on all the others which was true for Mami and I thought Sayaka and Kyoko. But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked I saw Sayaka painted.

maiko sayaka
What looked like a typical sculpt ended up as a stunning figure! The good thing about my not having a favorite Puella Magi is that I can easily get a figure of any one of the characters. I am currently waiting for Right stuf to open preorders so that I can snag my own Sayaka!
Thankfully she isn’t due until November.

This list means that so far my year is:
Two figures in May
Two figures in June
Five figures in July
Two figures in August
One pending figures in November

Aaaah that’s already eleven new figures! And it’s only March… 2015 isn’t looking pretty.

The figures I am most excited to get are figma Sakura and nendoroids Elsa and Mikazuki. But just so you know, I’m REALLY excited about Mikazuki.

That concludes my preorder forecast! Are any of these figures on your preorder list also? Has this list convinced you to get anything? What have you preordered? Anything you can’t wait to get?

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Usagi’s Preorder Forecast

  1. Isn’t Sayaka just beautiful??!! I’ve pre-ordered both Sayaka and Kyouko as I’m collecting this line! I have Homura and Mami is on pre-order due in April!!! Missed pre-ordering Madoka and am ruing it! The other day I saw a listing that said ‘Visible damage in front: Price 27000 yen’ Will have to shell out a lot for her eventually *sighs*

    I collect scale figures. So I’m having my eye on the figures of the figmas in your list 😛 The EV Mirai figure is gorgeous and I might get her! Still undecided! And I’m still waiting for a good Sakura figure! :<

    My pre-order list is quite small as of now – apart from Sayaka, Kyouko and Mami, I have the utterly unbelievable Kirisaki Chitoge figure and Shinobu


    • OF COURSE! I love how her figure came out. It’s a gorgeous line. I can’t wait to see what people do with all of them. Waah that’s so expensive! O_O Definitely a reason to preorder. Did you decide against getting Madoka at first, or just come in too late to preorder her? I didn’t anticipate each girl getting a Maiko version!
      Didn’t Kotobukiya make Sakura in her yellow outfit from the second OP? Someone did, and it looked pretty nice!

      Ooh Chitoge is lovely! I shared a picture of her on the FB page a while back because she’s so pretty! Gotta love Alter’s charming simplicity.
      Are you looking forward to GSC’s Kiss-shot?


      • I was undecided about getting Madoka at that time >…< I still want her trademark outfit!

        I AM!! Waiting for Kiss-Shot more than anything! She is the reason I'm keeping my pre-orders nearly empty! She is going to be soooo expensive, knowing GSC XD


        • Looking for her trademark outfit? Do you like either of the ones by GSC, or maybe a prize figure? It’s a shame GSC went the corporate route with Madoka Magica and gave us some bland poses =/
          Kiss Shot has taken so long O_O! I know a lot of people are waiting for her! Feels like everything nowdays is pushing 10000 yen T-T


          • Oh that is weird…half my comment is missing!

            I was saying, I was undecided about Madoka as I didn’t expect them to do all 5 girls! But after they released Homuhomu, I had to get her! Favourite girl! Also, did you know, an illustration of akuma!Homura in maiko ver. was released!!! Seriously hoping for a figure!

            I don’t like any of the Sakura figures there are now. Koto did her trademark opening song outfit, but the face is not good >.< So I'm still waiting for a good figure in her trademark outfit 😛


            • I saw that! It would make an awesome figure The illustration is great, but I still don’t like Akuma Homura. I wish she was a different character XD

              Oh yeah, I remember that figure. The face is weird and they kind of over did it on the clear hair. Clear hair doesn’t always work.


      • I was undecided about getting Madoka at that time >..< Someone, Wing i think made her yellow dress but it is still not working for me! I still want her trademark outfit!

        I AM!! Waiting for Kiss-Shot more than anything! She is the reason I'm keeping my pre-orders nearly empty! She is going to be soooo expensive, knowing GSC XD


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