Figma News Fridays 3/20/15

Happy Spring everybody! And happy Friday!
I declare this past week Kan Colle week because that’s what most of the news was about. Although it’s not necessarily good news.
So let’s get started!


Nagato Release Date Announced
nagato preview page

Nagato will be released March 25th.

Sinon Release Date Announced
sinon friday
For reals this time.
March 25th!

Akagi and Kaga Lawson Versions Announced
kaga akagi lawson
As far as I know, this is the first Lawson figma campaign.
If you’re unfamiliar with Lawson, it’s a Japanese convenience store chain which for some reason runs a lot of exclusive figure campaigns. Family Mart also does this and gave us the very cute Sailor Suit Miku as a lottery prize along with several nendoroids. However unlike Family Mart’s campaigns, Lawson’s are far more limited and thankfully less interesting. That is unless you’re super interested in Levi wearing a yukata and drinking Lawson products,Rider dressed as a Lawson employee,magical girls dressed as Lawson employees,or Asuka holding a Lawson newspaper, you can probably live without Lawson exclusive figures. Sure, there are better ones, but that’s the gist of it. These figmas are not of Akagi and Kaga wearing Lawson uniforms(which would actually be kind of awesome), but instead are simple variants. Don’t see the difference? Look again, their boat shields are blue. Lawson blue.


Amatsukaze Delayed
amatsukaze preview page
Delayed to April.

That wraps up this week! Are you leaving your family and life behind to move to Japan and fulfill your true calling as a Lawson employee? Tell me when!


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