Kanade Lives!

Well not really; that would be creepy.

Kanade has been complete for a while now, but I’m still in the bonding/wardrobe building stage with her, so she hasn’t had enough photos for a proper introductory post. However, last week I found an awesome kimono/hakama for an amazing price and just had to get it for her. The outfit came in Monday and looks awesome! A new outfit combined with idyllic weather made the perfect environment for a few photos.

But let’s backtrack a bit.

kana 1

Behold Kanade!

This is from the day after her body came in. I had already made a yukata and obi, but the fit was a little loose. Her S bust is partially at fault for that. I didn’t realize how big the difference between M and S was until I started dressing her. The background is my favorite back lighting done with a curtain.

kana profile
I bought extra clips for Kana chanl. She’s the type to have cute hairstyles filled with clips and ribbons unlike Celeste who’s hair is more about cut than accessories.

Green really isn’t Kanade’s color though. So far Celeste is the only doll to make this color look decent. Kagura might be able to make it work too.

Kanade is meant to have a classic Japanese background while Celeste is a contemporary western girl. It’s a lot of fun styling the two because I have to think about subtle and big differences between the two cultures.

kana tree
Here the yukata is being used as an under kimono. By having a light colored kimono underneath, I’ll be able to make crazy colored kimono to wear on top and not have to worry about staining.

You’ve probably noticed that Kanade isn’t as perky as my other dolls. I wanted her to appear vacant because of some things in her back story(I’ll get to that one day). I hope that the contrasting cute hair and clothing with her blank face will be part of her charm.

And now for the new outfit!

march lounge copy
As soon as I put it on her, I knew it was perfect! The deep purple really makes her hair pop, and it’ll look awesome with the cherry blossoms.

nature's patterns
Kanade also looks great in monotone!

Maybe because her personality is monotone…

silent judgement copy
*silently judging you*

antique copy
She and Celeste have new wigs on the way. Kanade can let her hair down a bit, and Celeste will go back to being a ginger!

curiosity copy
She’s cute in her own way!

candy copy
In color!

spotlight copy
Such dramatic very wow

Thus completes the making of Kanade. I made several compromises to have her finished faster(07 instead of 09 head, normal instead of semiwhite skin, non commissioned faceup), but it feels good to be finished with building Dollfie Dreams. Now I can focus on spoiling the two I have with clothes and shoes!


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