Celeste’s Snow Day

Perhaps you read on my other posts and Facebook that I got some snow! The first day was a light powdering with a larger storm scheduled the next afternoon. The storm, however, did not begin until that night. It piled up quite a bit, but by the time I got up and outside, a good deal had melted *cue being disappointed in self forever*. So, I only have shots of Celeste and Natsume. Natsume’s photos will come in the review(*sniff* he’s so beautiful), but until then, let’s see some Celeste!

Celeste hasn’t gotten any attention for a while since I either haven’t had time, or have been readying things for Kanade. I was not going to photograph her at all, but this is her first snow, and it would be a shame to do nothing, so I made her an all new outfit! Since a lot of snow had melted, these pictures are not what I’d call “winteriffic”, but it’s something.

hairflip copy

Ta da!
First on Celeste’s new outfit is a sweater. This was made using fabric from a recycled human sweater. I love the pattern and that it looks super warm! Also, although there are no photos of it, this was my first time sewing buttons and button holes on anything. I think they make the sweater look a lot nicer than velcro would have.
Underneath, she had a black corduroy skirt made with fabric cut from some pants I bought.
Her infinity scarf is the recycled sleeve hole of a knitted vest.
Her shoes are…black heels…again.
Since it is still cold out, Celeste is rocking her darker wig. But I do look forward to her becoming a ginger once more.

garden copy

fashion copy

knits copy

copper copy
I love this one. It’s simple, but I think it looks very natural.

relaxing copy
So much for snow. She didn’t look that warm anyway…

message copy
I chose the frame because of how it matched instead of what it said inside, but hey that message looks pretty cute!

hello copy

curves copy
And the last photo!
I like that the skirt and sweater give her lower body some nice curves since the regular DD body is lacking in that department. There are so many options for bigger or more shapely boobs, but I think that full hips and thighs can be very attractive as well!

That wraps up Celeste’s little shoot. Next I’ll start working on Natsume’s review. So many figmas are waiting, but scaled figures are much quicker to photograph, and you all deserve something. Kanade’s body should also be arriving within the next week, so please look forward to that!


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