January 2015 Loot

Behold! The first real loot of 2015! Thanks to one item, the box for this loot was much bigger than usual. Here’s everything:

loot 1

1/8 Natsume Takashi Renewal ver. by Alter, figma Saber 2.0, Run’a Elsa and Anna mascot figures, and repainted Elsa Classic doll.

Seems like this was a month of renewals!
First up is Natsume
loot 2
I ordered Natsume on a whim and am sure glad I did. He’s my second Alter figure after Momohime!
Many people have reported problems with the tree breaking from the rest of the base which worried me, but thankfully my Natsume arrived in one piece. Since he has no accessories, I have already taken review shots for Natsume and should be able to get his review up more quickly than all of those figmas…

loot 3
And of course Saber 2.0! For fear of losing something in my PILE OF NEGLECT, I’m going to leave her boxed for a while.

loot 4
To quench my endless thirst for Frozen, I preordered these figures from amiami as soon as I learned they existed. Both were previewed with a chibi style drawing, but the final products are something in between chibi and regular proportions. Sadly, they are (in my opinion) just slightly lacking in the kawaii factor. Elsa in particular I feel is suffering from a bad case of “Leno chin”.
At least I got them in time for snow!

Did I mention that it’s snowing now? Not ice…snow.

loot 5
And last is Elsa the doll who already has a post written about her.

That wraps up this loot! It was small, but next month’s loot will hopefully be smaller.

Have you gotten anything interesting lately?


5 thoughts on “January 2015 Loot

  1. YIKES…. those Elsa and Anna figures went terribly wrong 0_0 Their heads… what happened to their heads?!

    Everything else is absolutely awesome… and lol, we were both burned in January by preordering things that didn’t have pictures… I preordered a Rilakkuma desk set, that I thought was doll sized rement desk supplies, but turned out to be things for MY desk. DOH!


    • Y-yeah they did. I try to be optimistic, but I was like OH OK. The Disney Infinity ones actually look better, so I’ll be getting those. Not that I wasn’t planning to anyway.

      Oh my gosh that’s hilarious XD Well now you can have an adorable Rilakkuma desk?


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