Figma News Fridays 2/20/15

Figma News Fridays–the first one since Wonderfestival! Things are still slow which means there’s not much to see. So let’s get started!


Nagato Delayed
nagato preview page
Nagato will be released in March

Sinon Delayed
sinon friday
Sinon will be released in March

I told you there wasn’t much this week, didn’t I? So, do you have either of these ladies preordered?


3 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 2/20/15

  1. I haven’t preordered either one, but I was wondering if you knew when exactly devil Homura comes out? I haven’t seen her in any of the news updates…


    • Oh! Thank you for saying that! Homura isn’t distributed by GSC, so she doesn’t show up where I look for dates…
      Her release date is listed as February 19th. It looks like some stores might be taking a while to ship her though.


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