Figma News Fridays 2015 Winter Wonderfestival Edition

Hello, and welcome to a very special Figma News Fridays! In this “special edition” we will be looking at the figma side of 2015 Winter Wonderfestival! What is Wonderfestival? Why only the most magical time for figure collectors in which companies gather together and announce their figure lineups! There’s something for everyone at Wonderfestival, but since this is Figma New Fridays, we’ll just be concentrating on the figma side of the event.

Format for Wonderfestival posts is a little different. We will begin with “announcements”. Those are figmas with just an announcement card, but no sculpt to show. We will then progress to unpainted prototypes before ending with painted prototypes. Character information including name and origin will be below the picture, and any other helpful information will be added. So let’s get started!


ayase eri
Character: Eri Ayase: Uniform version
Origin: Love Live! School Idol Project

You’re about to see that Max Factory announced pretty much the whole cast of Love Live! School Idol Project. Hoorah!

hoshizora rin
Character: Rin Hoshizora: Uniform version
Origin: Love Live! School Idol Project

I guess it’s cool to see Max Factory taking on large casts like this, but it’s a mixed bag for fans since releasing all of these characters can take a year.

koizumi hanayo
Character: Hanayo Koizumi: Uniform version
Origin: Love Live! School Idol Project

Must be Itsuki’s sister.
If these girls turn out as nice as the Cinderella Girls figmas, we’ll be in trouble!

minami kotori
Character: Kotori Minami: Uniform version
Origin: Love Live! School Idol Project

I really do love how well coordinated these signs are.

nishikino maki
Character: Maki Nishikino: Uniform version
Origin: Love Live! School Idol Project

Hey! I know that name! There’s a Pureneemo of her.

sonoda umi
Character: Umi Sonoda: Uniform version
Origin: Love Live! School Idol Project


toujou nozomi
Character: Nozomi Toujou: Uniform Version
Origin: Love Live! School Idol Project

Awww she looks nice. I might keep an eye on her figma.

yazawa niko
Character: Niko Yazawa: Uniform Version
Origin: Love Live! School Idol Project

AHAHAHA Last one! We did it! Let’s go out and celebrate, everyone!
Oh right, the rest of the post…

Character: Asuna ALO Version
Origin: Sword Art Online II

Ok I still haven’t watched SAO II, and at this point, I don’t think I’m going to, but I do still like Kirito and Asuna. So for that reason, I’m on board with this figma!

Character: Kirito ALO version
Origin: Sword Art Online II

Ok, let me get this out of my system…

So…I wasn’t too crazy about Kirito’s GGO design which made me sad to be skipping a figma of him. But this version makes up for it! I wonder what faces he will have! *waves arms*

Character: Leafa
Origin: Sword Art Online II

Leafa’s true identity, Sugu, may not be my favorite character(or should I say character…concept?), but I have always liked Leafa! I was surprised when given SAO’s popularity, we saw no figmas from the ALO arc, so it’s good the see them returning to those designs.

Asuna, Kirito, and Leafa are insta-buys for me!

Characters: Conrad, Ubik, Femto, Void, and Slan.
Origin: Berserk

The Godhand has been hanging around for some time now, but they’re all finally sculpted and ready to appear on a piece of paper together. I do wonder how the releases are planned though–especially since two of the characters barely qualify as humanoid.

Character: Conan
Origin: Mirai Shounen Conan

Another classic character being made into a figma! But while FREEING has made most of these characters, this one is surprisingly being produced by Max Factory.

Character: Haruna
Origin: Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova

I hope she has a lot of faces.

Character: Takao
Origin: Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova

I remember not seeing much from this anime when it first came out, but it looks to be more popular with figure makers now. Takao should make a pretty figma!

Character: Holmes
Origin: Meitantei Holmes

Woah another classic character! Human-animal hybrid figmas are not something we see often either!

magic knight rayearth
Characters: (from left to right) Umi Ryuuzaki, Hikaru Shidou, Hououji Fuu
Origin: Magic Knight Rayearth

It looks like the gates are opening on CLAMP properties! After announcing three figmas and a FigFIX from Cardcaptor Sakura, Max Factory now gives us the characters from Magic Knight Rayearth to look forward to. This series is from the 90’s, so I look forward to seeing how the style will adapt to figma form. I also wonder what else we may see from CLAMP in the future. How about a decent Chobits figure…please?

kiryuu kazuma
Character: Kiryuu Kazuma
Origin: Ryuu ga Gotoku

A video game character! And a super cool one at that!

R ichiro tanaka
Character: R. Ichiro Tanaki
Origin: Kyuukyoku Choujin R

So many classic characters who we will hear nothing of for several years because schoolgirls are important. From the placeholder alone, I expect many awesome extra parts and look forward to seeing how his style adapts into figma form!

sakamoto mio
Character: Mio Sakamoto
Origin: Strike Witches Movie

Were I mean, I would remark on how fetishized this character is with no pants, a military coat, mecha legs, animal ears, a sword, and an eyepatch, but I am not, so I won’t.

Instead I’ll say, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Strike Witches figma!

sakura figFIX
Character: FigFIX Sakura Kinomoto: Ep. 3 Battle Costume ver.
Origin: Cardcaptor Sakura

New FigFIX figures are here too!
Well, FigFIX Sakura isn’t exactly new since she was announced when figma Sakura’s preorders began. However, we did not yet know what Sakura would be wearing, and it is wonderful to hear that she will not be in a uniform, but one of her many creative battle costumes. This outfit appeared in episode three of the anime when Sakura fought the Watery card.

I am seriously looking forward to seeing this figure finished!

sakura tomoyo
Characters: Tomoyo Daidouji and Sakura Kinomoto Winter uniform versions
Origin: Cardcaptor Sakura

These uniform figmas of Tomoyo and Sakura are not new either, but the confirmation that they will be wearing winter school uniforms is. I’m just glad that we are getting separate uniform figmas unlike what GSC did with the nendoroids.

shirou emiya
Character: Shirou Emiya
Origin: Fate Stay Night/Unlimited Bladeworks

Friends, the day has finally come. His figma released ages ago only to skyrocket in price to a place unreachable by many BUT TODAY everything changes because we are getting another figma of Shirou! This UBW version is sure to benefit from the much improved quality of figmas since the first one was so old that it was still using the first hand joint system. I have the first figma, but am more than happy to see a new one in the works(or should I say the Unlimited Blade Works?!) since mine is not in stellar condition. I am also happy to see that his clothing is different, and we are not getting a complete rehash of the first Shirou figma.

Unpainted Prototypes

Anchovy figFIX
Character: Anchovy
Origin: Girls und Panzer

So many Girls und Panzer characters…

angela balzac
Character: Angela Balzac
Origin: Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled From Paradise

I know nothing about this character, but she looks cool, and based on what little I read online, her story sounds cool too. Can anyone recommend the series?

bubble head nurse
Character: Bubble Head Nurse
Origin: Silent Hill 2

This is Bubble Head Nurse’s first time appearing sculpted! I am sure she will be exceptionally creepy when finished.

hitagi figFIX
Character: FigFIX Hitagi Senjougahara
Origin: Bakemonogatari

Bakemono is another series I stopped following, but this Hitagi figFIX is quite nice! She has short hair, a great pose, and a sideways glance full of personality, so I’ll keep an eye on her.

*yes that was the best colored picture I could find*
Character: Iona
Origin: Gekijouban Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova DC

That series name O_O’
Iona looks to be the cutest member of the Arpeggio cast, so yay for cuteness!

Character: Kitakami
Origin: Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~

Kan Colle never ends NEVER!

Character: Leonidas
Origin: 300

So Leonidas hasn’t changed much since his last appearance except a few accessories, most notably a cape! Yay for capes!

miyafuji yoshika
Character: Yoshika Miyafuji Shinden version
Origin: Strike Witches Movie

Yoshika figma number two!

mutsu figFIX
Character: FigFIX Mutsu Damaged Version
Origin: Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~

I’m still not a fan of damaged versions, but at least she isn’t a loli?

Nagato figFIX
Character: FigFIX Nagato Damaged Version
Origin: Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~

Been writing for so long…I’m running out of comments.

Character: Shujinkou
Origin: Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold

A male Persona figma? That’s right, we’re finally seeing a boy from Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Tampax Duplex Reflex Annex Suplex Hold!

venus de milo
Character: Venus de Milo
Origin: ART

I know you all have been clamoring for information on the Venus de Milo figma. Well here she is in all of her poseable glory.

Character: Yami Yuugi
Origin: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

I had forgotten about the Yu-Gi-Oh figmas for a while! Sadly Dark Magician Girl did not make an appearance, but here’s Yami fresh from…the 3D printer?

Character: Yukikaze
Origin: Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~

Kan Colle can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Painted Prototypes

Character: Funasshii
Origin: Japanese Mascot

Yet another figma the masses have been banging down FREEING’s door for. Funasshii is labeled as a figma, but his exterior appears to be fabric! A jointed plush of sorts?
Just keep it away from your dog.

iron man XXI
Character: Iron Man Mark XXI
Origin: Iron Man 3

Iron Man Mark XXI may only be painted gold, but surely the price will be as if he was made of it.

kousaka honoka
Character: Honoka Kousaka
Origin: Love Live! School Idol Project

AAAAAHH Another Love Live figma!

racing miku 2015
Character: Racing Miku 2015
Origin: Vocaloid/Goodsmile Racing

Finally, the full reveal of this year’s Racing Miku!
Just for being unique, she earns a spot on my favorite Racing Miku list. Preorders for her sponsorship course should begin soon, and I might be able to snag one, but my DD does need a body, so we’ll have to see.

rin shibuya
Character: Rin Shibuya
Origin: iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

This figma was originally labeled New Generation which made me hopeful it would be Rin’s black dress, but instead we get Rin in her school uniform…again! Rin was already released in her uniform as an exclusive, so this ifgure has some minor changes like a darker skirt. I have always liked Rin, but not enough to pursue her. Had this been her black dress, I’d have gladly bought her and tracked down the original, but seeing that these two are so similar, and I like the original better anyway, I’ll just go without Rin.

rin tohsaka
Character: Rin Tohsaka
Origin: Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks

Now this is a Rin I’m more excited for! Like Shiro, Rin had a figma back in the day, but it is of course outdated now, and I never liked it anyway. Something just seemed off. Rin 2.0, however, looks more like herself. She is also wearing her uniform! I like everything so far, and the only thing to make it even better would be a red coat accessory.

Character: Tsugumori
Origin: Shidonia no Kishi

There are so many human figmas that sometimes your forget how good mecha characters look as figmas!

uzuki shimamura
Character: Uzuki Shimamura
Origin: iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

Another Cinderella Girls figma! Uzuki is a bundle of cute, and in spite of knowing nothing about her, she is rather tempting!

That brings and end finally FINALLY to this year’s winter Wonderfestival Figma News Fridays! So…out of this gigantic batch, what interested you? Is there anything you’re disappointed by or wish you’d seen instead?


22 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 2015 Winter Wonderfestival Edition

  1. Sorry for the late comment (I’ve been extremely out of the blogging community as of late). I was really hoping they’d give us a Meiko figma this year. As she’s my favorite Crypton Vocaloid, obviously she doesn’t have one. *sighs dramtically* They made everyone else, so I was hopping that this year she’d get one. Darn.


    • I was hoping for a long time to see updated or Append figmas for Rin and Len, but I don’t have much hope any more. I bet the nendos didn’t do well, so that closed the door on any future merch.


      • That’s probably why she doesn’t have one (though I’m surprised honestly that Gumi’s nenderiod didn’t make enough for them to make a figma of her. Maybe it’s just me, but people seem to really like her).


  2. My god this is heaven and hell at the same times!

    Definitely gonna get Rin and Shirou, miss the chance to get them when they don’t so pricey like today. Those Love Live figmas, to much for my wallet, Maki definite buy thou. Gonna get Kirito, Asuna too.

    Still waiting for Toaru series figmas, like Accelerator.


  3. Don’t know whether I’m disappointed or relieved that there were no new figures announced this WonFes that I’m interested in. A little of both, I suppose. Easier on the wallet…but I’m kinda bummed there were no new Kill la Kill or Monogatari figmas announced. I’m dying for an Ononoki…

    ALO Asuna is something I had wanted a few months back, but the moment’s passed. I’m not a fan of SAO, and although I like her design (and the blue hair) I’ll probably end up skipping her. Maybe if the figure ends up particularly impressive? Definitely not interested in the other two creeps, though.

    Nothing else interesting here, except….oh my. That Senjougahara is beautiful. I’ve always been kinda sad that almost all the Monogatari figmas are from Bake, since I really only started liking the series in Second Season, and by that time most of the girls had changed up their hairstyle. (which meant the figmas weren’t accurate anymore.). Hanekawa is the only one that came out late enough that they were able to include her post-Bake hair too (which is one of several reasons why I love her figma) but all the other girls got nothing. I’ve been hoping for some Second Season figmas for that reason for a while (well, that, and the earliest figmas are kind of old and could certainly use an update). Finally getting a Second Season version is great, even if it’s just a figFix. The head should be compatible with the figma anyway, so that’s pretty much perfect. (the sleeves will still be wrong, unfortunately, but what can you do). I really hope we see some more figFixes of post-Nise stuff…I’d love to see a Neko Shiro Black Hanekawa or an Oni Nadeko. Heck, I’d love to see an Araragi in casual clothes or something. Just…anything Monogatari.


    • This Wonfes was also on the slim side for me, but that gives me hope for the upcoming year’s finances–especially with my interests expanding lately.
      I’m sad to see no new KLK stuff too. I hope the window isn’t closed on it.

      I know that feeling. It’s like how they waited so long to release figma Chariot.

      Do figFIX heads come off? I know the faces do.

      I’m in on anything new of Nadeko, Tsukihi, and Ararararagi.
      figFIX seems like the ideal way to capitalize on all of the designs in Monogatari.


    • I didn’t expect to like the Hitagi figFIX so much. Since the figma has been out for a few years, I wonder if the FigFIX won’t look way better.

      I can’t wait to see Sakura!

      Your scale list is so different from mine! I didn’t even notice the Nadeko announcement. I was going to do another post on non figmas I liked, but it would only be three or four things, so I opted not to. I’m most looking forward to Alter’s new Saber Alter. When their Lily came out, I was hoping for this version.


  4. I’ll get Rin 2.0 since I love her school uniform (red coat too please!) and probably figFix Gahara, but nothing else is jumping out at me. Sad there were no updates for Zero Suit Samus or the new Link figma. I’m interested in ALO Asuna because I started to like her more in the second season with Mother’s Rosario, but she’s definitely in the “if I have spare cash” pile since I do prefer her SAO outfit.

    The new Racing Miku looks absolutely fantastic, but she’s a little too pricey for me, might still get her at some point though.

    I dislike the damaged versions of the KanColle girls. I ordered Amatsukaze since she’s cute and very tsundere with great faces, but her figFix makes me very uncomfortable. Even though these new damaged versions aren’t lolis the expressions, poses, and ripped clothes still make me uneasy.

    I wish that we had finally gotten a Zelda figma/Nendoroid/scale/whatever, that’s probably my main disappointment. They’re making a Link scale and another Link Nendoroid, and yet there’s still nothing for Zelda herself. Must be licensing difficulties, that’s the only thing that makes sense. Also wish there had been something new for FE Awakening.


    • Same for me with nothing being very surprising. There are things I definitely will get, but only a few true surprises, many of which weren’t even figmas.
      As for Samus and Link, Nintendo figmas seem to take longer. =/

      And yeah, those are my feelings on the Damaged Kan Colle figures too. I just don’t like looking at them like that. It feels so wrong O_O’

      Seems Zelda rarely gets any merch.

      Aren’t there a few FE nendos? I didn’t check which game they came from, but it’s a start?


      • Yeah, I saw more other types of figures that I wanted than figmas.

        They do seem to take forever with Nintendo stuff. The wait for Lucina was agonizing. But at least these figures are being made.

        They announced Marth and Shiida Nendoroids. From the games that have been released in English, they’re in Shadow Dragon, which is a remake of the original Fire Emblem game. Not my favorite characters, but it’s pleasing to know that Fire Emblem as a franchise is still getting some attention, and they should turn out well so I might get them if I have some extra money.


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