Figma News Fridays 1/23/15

Look at me, writing FNF on Friday.
This week had the typical release info, but topped off with some very awesome reveals of figures we’ve been waiting some time for! So let’s get started!


Nagato Delayed

nagato preview page

Origin: Kantai Collection

Delayed to February.


Onoda Sakamichi Released

onoda sakamichi preview page
Origin: Yowamushi Pedal


Yuusuke Makishima Previewed

Origin: Yowamushi Pedal

I’m still pleasantly surprised to see a show like Yowamushi Pedal getting figmas. Not that I know anything about the show, but so far all I see are dudes on bikes. And they’re not Free! dudes on motor bikes.
makishima yuusuke friday

Yuusuke is the second Yowamushi figma after Onoda, and he also comes with a bike and that delicious yellow uniform. *internet sarcasm*

For whatever reason, I really like seeing figmas with water bottles.

yuusuke 3

From behind. Look at that luscious seaweed mane.

yuusuke 5

What a charming expression.

yuusuke 2

Bask in his existence.

yuusuke 6

Or else.

yuusuke 4
He’ll come for you.

Yuusuke is currently scheduled for a July release.

Satsuki Kiryuuin Previewed

Orign: Kill la Kill

satsuki friday

Ryuko is already out, and now it’s time for her rival Satsuki!

Ryuko came with an exclusive cardboard cutout of Mako, I kind of wish Satsuki had the one star students.

satsuki 2

Behold Satsuki and Junketsu!

satsuki 3

Accessories include a shouting face which is beyond perfect for her.


Bakuzan and baby Bakuzan.

That confident expression is also perfect for her!

satsuki 5

The second half of the scissor blade!

satsuki 6

Just look at those completed scissors!


That wraps up this week! Are you looking forward to anything from this batch of news? I’ll definitely be waiting for Satsuki.


2 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 1/23/15

  1. Oh man. I was hoping Satsuki would come with fringe parts for Senketsu…still, looks great. Ryuko is a great figma, and Satsuki’s expressions seem as great as hers.


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