Figma News Fridays DOUBLE TIME

Welcome to the first FNF of 2015 where we’re covering the first two weeks of January in one post! There’s a lot to look at, so let’s get started!

Week 1


Kyodhinhei/Giant Warrior WAS Up for Preorder
Giant Warrior

Origin: Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru

You may, but probably don’t, remember the very cool and limited, but also creepy Giant Warrior figma which was a limited exclusive at several Japanese events and on the online shop back in 2012-2013. Apparently some extra stock of Giant Warrior was found from the Tokusatsu – Special Effects Exhibition, so GSC put opened orders once again while supplies lasted. Aaaand they’re gone!
I didn’t even hear about this when it happened, so don’t feel too bad if you missed it. Maybe aftermarket prices will go down a little?
If you were one of the few to get Giant Warrior, he’s scheduled to be released in January.


FigFIX Amatsukaze Half Damage Version Preorders Begin
figFIX amatsukaze preview page

The third in the figFIX series of figma-sized statue figures is Amatsukaze from ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘ in her half-damage version! Her ripped clothes and knee-high socks are faithful renditions of the original illustration, and a damaged Rensouhou-kun is also included to display beside her!

Be sure to display her alongside her figma counterpart, as well as figFIX Shimakaze!
Amatsukaze retails for 4167 yen and will be released in August.

Preorders of figFIX Amatsukaze: Half-Damage ver. from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Winking Expression as a bonus!
winking amatsukaze PO bonus

For me at least, one of the best things about FigFIX figures was that they cost significantly less than figmas, however Amatsukaze challenges that by costing just as much as a figma! She does come with little boat buddies, but 4167 yen is still a lot for a 1/12 scale figure with no joints.

I also find this figure exceedingly…creepy. I’ve seen a lot from Kan colle and figures in general, but I feel wrong just looking at this figure. Not to mention her childlike proportions. *shudder*

I found nothing redeeming in Amatsukaze until I scrolled down and saw the adorable bonus part. SO CUTE!
Overall, a pass for me.

Week 2


Onoda Sakamichi Release Date Announced
onoda sakamichi preview page
Origin: Yowamushi Pedal
Onoda will be released January 21st.


Motoko Kusanagi S.A.C version Released
motoko kusanagi preview page
Origin: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Is it bad that I forgot about this figma? >_>

SAtzBatz Knight Release Date Announcedsatbatz friday
Origin: Ninja Slayer
SatzBatz will be released January 30th.


Hana Isuzu Released
hana isuzu preview page
Origin: Girls und Panzer


Saber 2.0 Released
saber 2.0 preview page
Origin: Fate/Unlimited Blade Works
I have her on order!

Also, GSC warns that when removing the protective plastic from Saber’s waist, DO NOT disconnect the joint. Just pull on the plastic until it tears. The joint is not meant to come apart.


And now for something truly exciting! You may know that Wonderfestival is painfully close which means it is time for Goodsmile Company and friends to showcase their lineup of event exclusives! These figures will be available at Wonderfestival in Japan and later online at GSC’s shop.

First up is…

Snow Miku: Snow Bell version
Snow Miku has reached its 6th anniversary this year, and once again the design from piapro voted as the best on the NicoNico Live Broadcast has been transformed into a figma! The theme this year was ‘Plant Life in Winter’, and the winning design was this fairy-like design by Taran! Rabbit Yukine is also included based on the adorable design by Hayuki!

Three expression parts are included: a standard face a winking face and a bright smiling face.
Optional parts made to suit the theme are also included, such as a leaf umbrella and lily of the valley shaped bells.
An alternate body for Rabbit Yukine is also included for more posing options.
An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken
Snow Miku 2015 retails for 4167 yen and will be released first in February and later summer.

snow miku 2015 1

Giant leaf, cute face, cute outfit, cute face.

I’m surprised that the general consensus about this figma is good!

snow miku 2015 2

The rabbit has two poses!

snow miku 2015 3

Miku’s mantle is removable!

snow miku 2015 4

I really love the unique faces they gave her.

snow miku 2015 5

Snow Miku is nothing new, but I’m glad that GSC puts in the effort to give us an original product each year. I’ll definitely be getting this Miku!

And lovely limited lady #2 is…

Saber: Dress version
From the popular anime Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] comes a figma of Saber wearing her dress without armor!

Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
She comes with three expressions including a gallant face, a gentle smile and a bright smile filled with happiness.
Optional parts include Excalibur and its scabbard Avalon, as well as the bamboo sword from the series.
She also comes with alternate hair parts to display her hair blowing gently in the wind.
An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
Dress Saber retails for 4630 yen and will be released first in February and later in summer.

dress saber 1

Ok, so even without a Fate anime currently airing, it’s not a surprise to see a Saber figma. I’ll admit that I am not super eager to be receiving Saber 2.0, so I did not think I would be won over by another Saber figma anytime soon. Then came this Saber…and I need her.

dress saber 2

I’ve always liked Saber without her armor(both as Arthur and Lily), but a figure of this form has yet to fully capture my attention. I did not expect to see a figma of her like this at all, so it was a pleasant surprise.

dress saber 3

Dress Saber combines much needed cute faces with this gallant expression that I see myself getting much use out of.

dress saber 4

dress saber 5

My only complaint is her lack of truly interesting accessories. I have who knows how many Excaliburs, and the bamboo sword also came with the Casual version. It’s true that the Casual version is hard to find, but that doesn’t make the bamboo sword an appropriate accessory.

Still, I’ll be getting this Saber for my horde.

That closes two weeks for figma craziness! What are your favorite highlights from the start of 2015?


8 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays DOUBLE TIME

  1. When I saw the Kyoshinhei up on GSC’s site I was just a little peeved since I actually got that figma from AmiAmi last year, but a little more expensive than they were selling it for. Then again with GSC’s markups and the shipping it probably would have cost more….anyway. It’s a really cool figma, so it’s nice that more people were able to get it!

    Snow Miku looks surprisingly good, though I probably won’t be getting it. The rabbit is a nice touch.


    • Yeah… Ordering from GSC is rarely worth it unless there’s a bonus or it’s an exclusive, and even then, it’s best to have a few friends to make up for shipping. I do it as little as possible…
      I’d get Giant Warrior for laughs were money no object.

      The rabbit was in last year’s nendo design too. Apparently he’s being grandfathered in XD


      • He’s a fun figure for sure, but yeah, definitely a bit pricey…Though somehow still on the cheaper side of some of the things I’ve bought (oh, the things I did to get Jougasaki Mika and Charming Drossel…)

        It’s kind of funny. I got him in a shipment with a couple of other figmas, including I think Momoe Nagisa. They’re the tallest and shortest figmas I have, so that was fun to pose around with for a while…


  2. Oh wow thanks for mentioning about the plastic part on saber 2.0. I’ve always been yanking the figma in half like I’m doing a fatality in them to remove the plastic wrap. I wonder why this one is so different to warrant a warning.


    • I’m paranoid about disconnecting chest and waist joints, so I always rip the plastic off of them XD

      GSC’s site says the joint was specially designed for Saber 2.0 and is not meant to come apart. Must not be the normal ball and socket.


  3. I saw that first figma and thought “Isn’t that from Nausicaa?” Then I looked it up, and Miyazaki designed the giant warriors! Makes sense he’d use the ones from his manga (or fairly close to it).


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