2014 Photo Summary

It’s here! The end of 2014!
2014 marked a lot of changes for me. It was my first full year working a real job, it was my last year as a teenager *gulp*, I began college, completed my Dollfie Dream, and bought a car. 2014 was filled with many small accomplishments in my personal life, but somehow feels underwhelming as a whole.

In my hobby life, 2014 meant another year for Never Outgrew Toys where I’ve met plenty of new people and even hosted a postcard giveaway. This year was also my lightest in terms of new figures as I only added nine to my collection. That number includes scales and nendoroids! And matching the few new figures this year is equally few reviews because as college entered the picture, my motivation and time for figure reviewing shriveled away. This extended to sewing where I also made little progress. Looking at 2014 in my hobby life, the year began well, but I am not proud of how it ended.

But while viewing 2014 as a whole makes me feel unaccomplished, it is undeniable that 2014 was filled with its own unforgettable moments, and remembering them shines light on what can otherwise be seen as a gloomy year. I do want to be clear though that as far as my personal life is concerned, I did have a great year. I just stagnated creatively mid year more than wanted. That is not entirely abnormal for me though as I spend my winters waiting for spring.

Now on to the photo summary. This tradition sprung from my early days on DeviantArt where many artists make progress memes to track their yearly improvement. I was drawing at the time, and not very good at it, so being able to make a chart showing progress was a mere dream. However once I began photography, that dream was given life, and I now enjoy making photo summaries both for self evaluation, and to share with everybody who has supported me throughout the year.

Now let’s take a walk down memory lane:

improvement 2011
Ah, my first year with a real camera and real progress. You can see from indoor shots that I still had a lot to learn about light(like now…), but I managed to get some great colors with what was taken outdoors. 2011 had lots of silly pictures which I still love.

2012 calendar
2012 still has lots of silliness and a cool nature shot or two.

2013 photo summary
2013 was a great year! I went camping and to the beach and am proud of the photos I took there. I also experimented a lot with back lighting and set building. This was the year I got my SLR.

And that bring us to…
photo summary 2014
The photos somehow look more…mature?
You’ll also notice that there are more dolls present! This was my first year with Celeste, so perhaps she’s worthy of taking up three spots. Dolls taking up a whopping six spaces leaves figmas with a mere three which is surprising but not unusual since I only got a few this year.

It’s hard to evaluate a year from a small chart though, so let’s break down the year into the best of each month.




lavender chill
Lavender Chill

out of control
Out of Control

snowflakes falling
Snowflakes Falling


winter couple
Winter Couple

bundled up
Best of January: Bundled Up

January doesn’t even feel like it was part of this year! This month was the beginning of the infamous Snowmageddon which provided me with several days of snow. I bundled up my dolls and brought out as many figures as possible to play in the snow.


gl 5
gl 5
What a great title…

gl 12
gl 12

protect master
Protect Master

sunset shimmer
Best of February: Sunset Shimmer

With February came Snowmageddon part two and the last snow I’ve seen since. I was sick for this round but still got some nice shots.


bm 10
Walking Home


green fairy
Green Fairy

orange and pink
Orange and Pink

spring lounging
Spring Lounging

sugary pink
Sugary Pink

warmth of your arms
Warmth of Your Arms

spring couple
Best of March: Spring Couple

Spring is my favorite month, so March produces some of my favorite photos. I was very pleased with my Swinging into Spring shoot, so a lot of pictures from there made it into my favorites.

This month I began focusing on having a shimmering or pronounced bokeh. You can see the effects of this throughout the year.



pink wonderland
Pink Wonderland



red elsa 5
Red Elsa 5

red tama 8_edited-1 copy
Red Tama 8

ruby red wm
Ruby Red

self maintenance_edited-1
Self Maintenance

spring sweetie_edited-1
Best of April: Spring Sweetie

April brought more fun. I made spring outfits for the Pureneemos and have a few silly shots too. Elsa was also the first non Japanese doll added to my collection(and still only). Elsa is actually off at the spa right now. She’ll be back early next year, and I can’t wait to have her again!


gift me kindness_edited-1
Gift Me Kindness



straight A's_edited-1
Straight A’s

Best of May: Lemon

More lovely flowers and even a clover patch brightened May! Spring Miku became a treasured part of my collection and stars in many pictures I am proud of.



flecks of summer_edited-1
Flecks of Summer

garden rhythm water
Garden Rhythm

lady luxury edited
Lady Luxury

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog! https://neveroutgrewtoys.wordpress.com/reviews/

figure crossing_edited-1
Best of June: Figure Crossing

Ahhh I can feel the heat again just by looking at these pictures. June always means sitting in direct sun to get the perfect lighting and having sweat run down my back. But it’s all worth it for the figures! June was also the month Celeste was finally completed. I never imagined that putting together a Dollfie Dream would take a whole year…
And yes, that Eren and Mikasa picture is from June. Now you know how behind I was this year.



Best of July: Momiji

To make up for all of that time without Celeste, why not make July “Celeste Month”? In actuality, this was when my mini summer semester began, so I used what little time I had for some good ol’ Dollfie bonding.


prints 3 wd
Best of August: Prints 3 Wd

And this is when my full semester began! The month was going to be blank, but I dug up this photo from my postcards page which was made in August. I will do more with that page next year!




herbal medicine_edited-1
Herbal Medicine

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog! https://neveroutgrewtoys.wordpress.com/reviews/
I Will Destroy You


Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog! https://neveroutgrewtoys.wordpress.com/reviews/

I had a dream_edited-1
Best of September: I Had a Dream

September gives us even more photos that I didn’t post until December! Between the second half of the Attack on Titan shoot and Gardevoir shoot, this month produced many pleasing photos. I also think the photos as a whole illustrate the change in seasons as they take on more browns and fewer greens.


dance to the moon edited
Dance to the Moon

moonlight warrior_edited-1
Best of October: Moonlight Warrior

October was going to be another empty month when I found these forgotten pictures I took during a full moon. I still have yet to figure out night photography(probably don’t have the right equipment), but this attempt produced some cool, if not unusual shadows, so I kept a few shots from it.


subtle elegance
Best of November: Subtle Elegance

We had a fantastic fall season, and guess how many pictures I have of it? Zero. *sigh*
But I did still manage this one of Celeste in her new wig! It wasn’t meant to be black and white but ended up working well because of texture and light.


by the warmth of the fire_edited-1
Best of December: By the Warmth of the Fire

December also got no proper photo shoot. But there’s Celeste! Ahahaha

2014 began as well as any other year but fizzled out near the end. Some years display more improvement than others, and while I don’t think 2014 was a great year for learning new techniques, I see better consistency than in other years. I believe I have gotten better at making backgrounds engaging even if there is nothing interesting to look at which you can see in many outdoor shots.

Heading into 2014, my first goal was to maintain consistency with my photos and improve in any way I could. I believe that has been accomplished. My second goal was to regain the playful quality which many of my early photos had. This past year proved that that was easier said than done as I made only a few comics and very few silly pictures. With that said, my goal for 2015 is to move out of my comfort zone and into trying new things. I’ve wanted to experiment with black and white photography but have never done it. I have pages of comics un made. I have prop ideas, shop ideas, sewing ideas, a pile of unreviewed figmas. I want to always have new ideas and make as many of them real as possible!

So with that, I bid 2014 goodbye. It was a year of countless changes, and as I finally settle into them while embracing even more, I want to continue doing what makes me happy in 2015.

Thank you all for reading, and Happy New Years!


2 thoughts on “2014 Photo Summary

  1. I think quite a few people fizzled near the end of 2014… it seems to have been a year for a lot of “real life” messing up our play time, LOL!!!

    I’ve loved your blog from the moment I found it though! Here’s to 2015!!!!


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