Gardevoir the Elegant

Today what we’re looking at is not a figma or a doll, but something from the series always dear to my heart: Pokemon! This is a Takara Tomy figure of the lovely Gardevoir.

Gardevoir has long been a favorite of mine. I grew up thinking that boyish things and intimidating fire types were for me, yet I always had a soft spot of psychic types and Gardevoir in particular. Now that I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself becoming a lot more girly and Gardevoir along with all of those other flowery feminine Pokemon I liked have officially stolen my heart.

I don’t pursue Pokemon figures often, but one day I decided to search Amazon for some Gardevoir merch. Much to my surprise, a mini figure of Mega Gardevoir popped up, and I ordered it immediately. Takara Tomy makes nice little figures, and Mega Gardevoir has a charming design. I was happy to receive mine and decided to give Gardevoir a photo shoot worthy of its elegance.

Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes. Many are based on familiar creatures or even objects, but what I find fascinating about psychics is that some take otherworldly forms worthy of their enigmatic type. The psychic feline Espeon is easy to imagine in front of you, but what about something like Gardevoir? What does is feel like? How would one look gliding about? Where would you find one? Another detail which intrigues me about psychics is their ability to support themselves with psychic energy and not feel the pull of gravity. This allows them to be fragile yet still as powerful as their muscular counterparts. A fantastic creature like Gardevoir is veiled in mystery and seems more suited to a dream than the material world. For that reason, I wanted to avoid photographing Gardevoir in common places so as to transport it somewhere amazing and worthy of a psychic type Pokemon!

I had a dream_edited-1

Fuzzy grass elevated!

a step beyond the rain_edited-1

amber waves_edited-1

once upon a dream
Different colors change everything!

I also tried black and white since the fuzzy grass has so much texture!

herbal medicine_edited-1


fair maiden_edited-1

So happy that my favorite Pokemon has a sideways glance.


Thank you for looking! Which photo is your favorite?
And speaking of favorites, what is your favorite Pokemon and type?


One thought on “Gardevoir the Elegant

  1. I think the first picture is the best, I don’t have a favorite pokemon and type, but I like baby, cute or pink pokemon best, although I do love cosplay pikachu, especially in rock star/victorian/pop star costumes.


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