A Merry Dolly Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! It’s actually only Christmas Eve here, but I’ve always found the day before to be more festive than the day itself. Because anticipation!

I tend to scramble for photos as holidays draw closer, so I don’t really have a special planned out photo shoot. But what I do have are some images of my dolls enjoying Christmas! This is Tamaki’s third, Kagura’s second, and Celeste’s first Christmas. That makes it their first all together, and my first having a Dollfie Dream. I hope to celebrate with two next year! Another thing I scrambled on was clothing, so only Celeste has a new outfit *mostly* made by me. The Pureneemos are wearing a mixture of old clothing, but I tried to make it look festive regardless.

family photo_edited-1

Everyone together!

pondering edited
I shot all of these inside at night. No flashes are used, just long exposure and house lights. Tungsten lights usually cast an unwanted yellow glow, but I think it works for homey winter photos.

by the warmth of the fire_edited-1

christmas eve_edited-1
My dad found the sock monkey for $5 at the grocery store. His name is Max.

christmas story_edited-1

for you_edited-1
For you.

And that’s all for this shoot! I’ll see if I can’t whip anything else up, but in the mean time, Merry Christmas!


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