Figma News Fridays: 12/19/14

Put your hands together for Figma News Fr–Sunday…

This week has goodies of all kinds to enjoy, so let’s get started!


Hana Isuzu Delayed
hana isuzu preview page
Delayed to January 2015.

Ah, end of the year delays. Hana Isuzu is the first victim listed today. Who will be next? Let’s see!

Hibiki Ganaha Spare Wrist Joint Missing
hibiki ganaha preview page
hibiki ganaha monday
Origin: Idolm@ster
Some Hibiki Ganaha boxes are missing the spare wrist joint. Not having this joint does not affect the figma since it is only a spare, but if your package does not have this piece, you can contact GSC using the address here. The piece should be packaged
in the same plastic sleeve as the spare hands.

Kirito Re-release Date Announced

kirito preview page

Origin: Sword Art Online

The long awaited second release of Kirito will be in stores December 24th.

Motoko Kusanagi: SAC ver. Delayed

motoko kusanagi preview page

Motoko has been delayed to January 2015.

Racing Miku 2015 Previewed

racing miku 2015 preview

This was unexpected! We now have a preview for 2015’s Racing Miku! As usual, Racing Miku 2015 will be made into a nendoroid and figma for sponsorship of Good Smile Company’s race team. There will also be standard release scaled figures.

All Racing Mikus since 2011 have shared the basic Race Queen costume, but each year has a few tweaks to make it unique. 2015’s Miku has a crown and yellow skirt so that she resembles(at least in my opinion) a ballerina! I love the girly details this time around and look forward to seeing her face!

Racing Miku 2013: EV Mirai ver Release Date Announced

Racing Miku 2013 Mirai EV preview page

Ah finally! Racing Miku will be released December 26th!

I’ve been waiting for this Miku for a long time, and looking at her picture again makes me excited!

Ex:Ride TT-Zero 23 Release Date Announced
Miku bike preview page

Miku’s bike will be released December 24th.
Satzbatz Knight Delayed

satbatz friday

Delayed to January 2015


Kirito: GGO ver. Previewed

Chopa1418822730 Chopa1418822780 kirito 1 roronoa_zoro691418820022 roronoa_zoro691418820061

Origin: Sword Art Online II

Sinon is scheduled for release soon, but we had yet to see any updates on the accompanying Kirito.

But he finally makes his debut!

The figure actually looks great! He has very appropriate neutral, intense, and shocked faces along with cool weapons, effects, and optional flowing hair.

Still, even if the figma does look great, I have never been so unexcited to see a Kirito figma because this is still my least favrotie design for him. Maybe when I convince myself to finally watch the show, my mind will change? I’d at least like the faces for the Kirito figma I do have.


Mako Reizei Preorders Begin
mako reizei preview page
From the anime series ‘Girls und Panzer’ comes a figma of Mako Reizei from the Ankou Team!

    • Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
    • A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
    • She comes with a standard expression, sleepy expression and flustered expression.
    • Optional parts include a tank cockpit and tank textbook.
    • A jewel-shaped sticker is included to create the appearance of sweat on the flustered expression.
    • An articulated figma stand is included.
    • Mako retails for 4630 yen and will be available May 2015

So many Girls und Panzer figmas…
As usual, I know nothing about Mako, but she has a very cute sleepy face! Her price is also sadly decent for nowdays.


Makoto Tachibana Preorders Begin
makoto tachibana preview page

Behold the combined efforts of me and Google Translate:

From the TV anime Free!”, appears childhood best friend, Makoto Tachibana!
Using the smooth figma joints, you can reproduce many scenes
A gently smiling neutral face, troubled face, awe-inspiring swimming face, and optional head with cap are included.
swimming scenes can be reproduced with the diving board, goggles, and water effect parts.
In addition, arm parts unique to Mako are included.
● A figma stand which allows for various movements is included.
Please enjoy in conjunction with figma Haruka Nanase (sold separately) on sale.

Makoto retails for 4630 yen and will be released April 2015

makoto bonus

Orders from Hobby Stock include a popsicle and hands to hold it as a bonus.

Free! figma number two! Mako comes with noticeably less than Haruka(who do all of these guys have gender neutral names?), but at least his body sculpt is good for an articulated shirtless boy.

There’s also the popsicle which you sadly have to order from Hobby Stock to get.

Another thing to point out is that Good Smile Company is not involved with producing or distributing Mako, so you will not find him on their site. However, he can be seen on the Japanese only figma site.

That wraps up this week! There was a lot to munch on this week, so what interested you the most? Upset by delays? How about your opinion on Racing Miku 2015? GGO Kirito?


5 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays: 12/19/14

  1. All the main Free! guys have names that are considered girly (Haruka, Makoto, Rin, Nagisa, Rei) it is kind of a small “plt” point? Also there’s a girl with a boyish name. It’s a whole free thing.
    I’m hoping Nagisa and Rei eventually get figmas, though to be honest the most I expect beyong Mako is Rin. It’s too bad, since I find Haru boring and I hate Mako. Oh well.

    The new Kirito looks dumb is dumb and the anime arc from which it came is dumb. Such a pointless design, all for the sake of terrible terrible jokes.


  2. I usually order strictly from AmiAmi, but I know I want Makoto… Have you ever dealt with Hobby Stock before? Their listing is cheaper than AmiAmi presently, tho I’m not sure if they make up any of that in shipping costs. Thoughts on Hobby Stock?


    • Sorry for the late reply. I knew someone had asked about Hobby Stock, but I couldn’t remember where they asked =_=’

      Are you thinking on Hobby Search? I’m afraid Hobby Stock is Japanese only, so I have not dealt with them.


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