Aug-vember Loot

A while back I decided not to post loot unless there was at least one figure. Thanks to year end delays, this has left with quite a few combination posts. This post covers everything I got from August to November!

Here’s everything!
full loot

(left to right) My Little Pony blind bag pony, Takara Tomy Mega Gardevoir, Tokyo Otaku Mode folder, Alpakasso mini Alpaca, Dollheart Lucky Bag, hobby store doll clothes, Arietta Project eyes, Leeke World beanie, Elsa 20 inch plush, Frozen message cards, Studio Ghibli lace bracelet, Pureneemo wedges, wooden box, bag, figma Ryuko Matoi, purple cranes yukata.

This was a period of impulse buys. A lot of things showed up that I just had to have, so I had amassed quite a loot before my one figure, Ryuko, showed up.

pony gardevoir
The pony is Green Jewel. I found blind bags at Claire’s and decided to try one since I’d never done it before. I didn’t realize until I opened it that it was a glittery pony bag which is a shame since I think the glitter doesn’t look as nice as the normal version. Not that it was that great in the first place. Seriously, I think I’m sticking to Japanese blind bags. And even those I avoid. *shrugs*

Next to Green Jewel is something I’m far more pleased with: Mega Gardevoir! If you entered the postcard giveaway earlier this year, perhaps you remember that the answer to the “Yami Usagi’s favorite Pokemon” question was Gardevoir. I was fond of Gardevoir back in the day, but only recently embraced it as my favorite. The Gardevoir family has never had much merchandise, so it was on a vain Gardevoir search on Amazon that I found out Takara Tomy(who makes great quality Pokemon mini figures) mad Mega Gardevoir. Seconds later, I had paid for it. And it shipped the same day. Sweet sweet Amazon.
Gardevoir is now a valued little member of my collection and even got its own photo shoot! I have the photos all ready and will be posting it this weekend or early next week.

Now meet Penelope!
Tokyo Otaku Mode was having a sale on Alpakasso, so I decided to finally fulfill my dream of having a mini alpaca. I picked a pink one and ended up paying only $3!

I made the hat in Japanese class. It fits her perfectly!

This folder and a little button came with Penelope. Not sure what I’ll use it for, but it’s cool!

My doll loot which includes the lucky bag which I already posted about and some doll clothes I picked up at the hobby store.

Pictured also are Kanade’s eyes, but I’ve since sold those and gotten her a new pair:
kanade eyes
I like the empty vibe of these a lot better! (They’re Black Rock Shooter eyes)

Here’s Celeste wearing the beanie!

Now for something I’m very happy to have gotten: GIANT ELSA!
Perhaps you know that because Frozen was rather popular, merchandise became very hard to find. I paid a little too much for my Classic Elsa doll, but decided to wait to buy anything else. So I waited…and waited…AND WAITED. Until on a routine check of the Disney Store website, my waiting finally paid off because most everything had been restocked for the holiday season! So I gleefully nabbed myself an Elsa. One of these days, I’ll go back for Anna(actually she’s sold out at the moment), but Elsa has to be priority for now since I can only handle one Disney character at once. That, and I like Elsa more.

When Elsa came in, I knew that she would be 20 inches. There was even a picture of a child holding two giant dolls on the product page, yet I was still not prepared for how darn big she is.

To give you an idea, here she is next to Celeste:
celeste and elsa
They’re the same size! And Celeste is 1/3 scale!

So yeah, giant Elsa is pretty great.

Another thing I added to my Frozen shrine was was message cards I found on amiami. I picked my favorite two Elsa cards. There were at least ten in each pack.
They’re surprisingly good quality, and I can barely bring myself to use them. So far I’ve only used one, and that’s because I was super thankful.

card backs

This bracelet was another unexpected amiami find. It’s really cute, and I love the colors~ Packaging is also amazing!

bag and box
These are both from my campus bookstore!
One day while wandering in there to buy something I didn’t want, I found them. The cat bag was on a hanger with other bags, and was an insta buy. Oddly, all of the other bags were normal sports bags. I don’t even know how something so awesome ended up there!
The little box was just a few dollars thanks to a Greek sale. It’s from the Phi Mu sorority. I don’t care about sororities at all, but it was pink with lions, and who can turn that down?
It’ll be a great jewelery box for Celeste or dresser for Kagura!

Some cute Pureneemo sized sandals! This might be the wrong season for sandals, but I love shoes like this.

My one figure is Ryuko Matoi in all of her scantily cladness. Like all figures, she will be reviewed in ten years.

The last item is…a yukata?!

You bet!
I bought a yukata a year or two ago and have wanted another for a long time. Kimono can be expensive though, and I have other priorities, so I’ve held off on getting any more. However, while browsing amiami(I should really stop doing that), I found that they’ve begun selling Japanese garb. It’s just a few things, but everything is far more reasonable than anything I’d seen anywhere else, so I decided to pick up a second yukata. The yukata is not as high quality as the yukata set(more expensive) I bought, but at ~2800 yen, it was less than half the price and a nice gamble. It also fits me better and better suits my skin tone. Not all of my accessories match, but I’ll worry about that later.

That wraps up this loot! Have you gotten anything interesting lately?


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