Double Review: Figma Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman

Could it be? A post that’s not Figma News Fridays? And it’s a review?!
That’s right! Today we’ll be looking at some figures I have owned for a long time now and even photographed months ago, but just haven’t had the time for: figmas Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman by Max Factory!

Eren and Mikasa come from the series Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan which has garnered worldwide popularity. Attack on Titan takes place in a world where humanity’s existence has been threatened by human-like monsters known as titans. To avoid being devoured by these beasts, humans built strong walls to live within which granted a century of peace. However a disastrous breach results in the destruction of Eren and Mikasa’s home town and the eventual loss of one of the walls which reminds humanity of life’s fickle nature and forces it to combat titans once more.

As the main character, Eren possesses the will to destroy all titans and he and Mikasa become soldiers to learn to fight them. While Eren is impulsive and reckless, Mikasa is composed and strong. Her desire is not to destroy all titans, but to protect Eren and this desire with her inherent skill groom her to become a top soldier. These figmas depict the pair half way through the anime series when they join the Scouting Legion which is known for its low survival rate and striking green cloaks.

Attack on Titan figures attacked Wonderfestival following one of my bouts of not watching anime(I’m in one now by the way *sigh*). When I first saw the figmas, I did not plan to pursue the series. However, when I saw the anime on Hulu, curiosity drove me to see what the fuss was about, and I was quickly hooked. A few episodes in, I knew that the figmas would eventually be added to my collection, and a few months later, here they are!


Boxes! Red for Mikasa and Blue for Eren.

I should also add that while my Eren is from his first release, Mikasa is from her second.

Both boxes are of the new simplified design and utilize the double wide layout.
The designs are by no means dynamic, but I like the colors combinations and they kept the figures protected.

Rooftop di;stages were given out as a GSC shop preorder bonus, but ordering from them raises the price a lot if you’re only ordering a figure or two at a time, so I opted out of the bonus.

Mikasa and Eren in their uniforms!

Decked out in white pants, a brown jacket, and brown knee high boots, these two are ready to take on any titan that comes their way!

Shirts are the only thing distinguishing each uniform as soldiers wear their own. Mikasa also has her scarf.

There is no considerable height difference between the two.

From behind.

Although the figures wear the same uniform, they have their own charm as individuals, so let’s look at them more closely. Ladies first!

m face
Mikasa’s short black hair is plainly sculpted around her face. Gentle ridges add depth in the absence of shading.

m hair side

m hair back
Lots of sculpting on the back of Mikasa’a head. Her hair touches the top of her collar.

mikasa shirt front
Mikasa’s deep burgundy scarf wraps around her neck. Sculpted folds help it appear to be flowing.

mikasa shirt side
Mikasa’s jacket is adorned with patches which are printed rather than painted, so smearing is not an issue.
The torso is soft PVC while the arms are hard plastic.

m back
The stand plugs into her back. This leaves a hole in the jacket’s emblem which may or may not bother you.

m boots

m crotch
Plenty of straps and buckles–all of which are well painted.

m butt

m boot joint
Mikasa’s boots are jointed at the toe. Several figmas have been made already, but Mikasa and Eren are my first with toe joints. This is a great place to have articulation for characters like Mikasa and Eren because they need to be put in all kinds of action poses.

m boot bottom
The bottoms of her boots even have treads!

Now it’s Eren’s turn!

e bangs
Eren’s hair is sculpted with lots of volume.

e hair

e shirt
Eren’s shirt is brownish grey with threads at the top. The brown threads are very well painted for their size!

e neck
Another thing to notice is his neck which is jointed at the base.

e sleeve
His jacket is like Mikasa’s

eren back

m back hole
On both Eren and Mikasa, there is a hole below the stand hole which is used for their 3DM gear. We’ll get to that later~

e crotch
Eren’s uniform is the same as Mikasa’a, but his lower half is obviously less shapely.

e side
More holes used for 3DM gear.

e butt

e boots

e feet
Eren’s feet. Notice that the toes of his boots are sculpted rounder than Mikasa’s which have a subtle point.

m pose
Both Mikasa and Eren are wearing pants(glorious pants), so articulation is great!

Both characters also have their own set of faces, hands, and other accessories. First up is Mikasa!

m faces
Her expressions are: neutral, shouting, and clenched teeth.

Clenched teeth is usually my least favorite expression for a figure since it makes the character look needlessly harsh. However harsh isn’t a bad way of describing Mikasa who is one of the best titan slayers around. All three faces do a good job at conveying Mikasa’s standard stoic expression and the other faces she might make mid kill or when a fight is not going as planned. The three faces might not be pretty, but they’re quite in line with Mikasa who’s strength defines her.

m hands
Mikasa also has five pairs of hands all of which are on the new joint system. *grumbles*

shirt top
Mikasa’s only individual accessory is an optional collar for her shirt.

m no scarf
This allows her to be displayed without her scarf!
Simply remove Mikasa’s head, take the scarf off, and put the collar on.

Eren has three faces as well
e faces
angry, ready to poo his pants, and really angry

Eren’s expressions also reflect his character well. And I like that both open mouthed faces have his teeth showing which is important for posing Eren mid titan transformation. It’s a shame that we didn’t get a bloody hand accessory.
My only complaint is with his third expression, which while sculpted well to show his anger, makes him look cross eyed and a bit silly.

e hands
Five pairs of hands for Eren as well.

Unlike Mikasa, Eren has no individual accessories. I understand that the shared accessories(coming up next) are adequate, but at least one character specific item would be nice for each character. Eren could have come with a key or bitten hand and Mikasa could have had a scarf to cover her mouth.

Now for the accessory shared by both of them…3DM Gear!
The 3DM gear and all accessories for it come with both Mikasa and Eren.

Three dimensional maneuver gear allows soldiers to swing through the air and slay titans!

m 3d gear
The gear fits onto the hips and looks super cool~

Attaching the gear is easy, but can be annoying since the pegs don’t always want to stay in. This is partially good because it would be bad for the pegs to break off inside the figure, but be prepared to have to put them back in over and over again.

I suggest looking at the included instructions to help you with the 3DM gear. They are in Japanese, but the pictures are easy to understand!

3D gear 1
Two pegs on the sides fit into the holes in the figure’s thighs.

3d gear 2
This section secures around the waist.

3D back

3d gear 3
In the front there are rubber wires which attach to blades.


3d gear swords
Replacement blades are fixed into the boxes. They cannot be removed.

3d gear 4
The most important part is the blades themselves which attach at the base to the black wires.

The blades have ridges like giant box cutters and make use of special trigger hands.

e pose
Eren is now super cool!

But the 3DM gear isn’t just cool on its own. It has lots of accessories to help you act out different poses.

First up is a pair of long black strings. These are to imitate the cables which are used to swing around the city.
black thing
At the end of the strings is a peg which fits into the front of the 3DM gear.


mikasa cables

At the end of the cables is clear plastic. There are two optional parts for the ends of the cables.
First are pegs

But the pegs can be swapped out for hooks.

Both attachments are very useful since you can hang the figures off of anything!
The peg attachments are especially useful if you have GSC’s nendoroid more clips. I meant to buy some before I got any Attack on Titan figures, but forgot to…

Another 3DM gear accessory is steam. Gas is used as a propellant to allow soldiers to fly through the air!

3d gear back
To attach the gas, you have to remove a small piece on the back of the gear. It’s very small, so be sure not to lose it!

eren steam
Another cool thing about the gas is that it’s made from transparent plastic and looks great in the light.

shooty things
Another 3DM gear accessory is hard plastic cables. These work better for making it look like the cables were just fired.

shooty things close

shooty things 2

The final 3DM gear accessory is a pair of effect parts for the cables.
effect parts
They’re made of transparent plastic and attach to the sides of the 3DM gear.

I had trouble keeping these pieces on.

And now for the last accessory!
cloak 1
Green cloaks! These and the wing patches identify members of the Scouting Legion!
Come to think of it, the only Attack on Titan figmas are of Scouting Legion members. *conspiracy*

cloak 2
You put the cloak on by removing the figure’s head. On the underside of the cloak is a plastic part with a hole in it.

cloak 3
You secure the cloak by lining up the two holes and inserting the plastic peg or stand.

Once secured, the cloak can be inspected more closely.
cloak m 1
It has a shiny button at the center and folds around the shoulder.

cloak m 2
The cloak is sculpted to flow directly back.

cloak m 3Both Eren and Mikasa’s cloaks flow to the left.

That finally brings and end to all of these accessories. But the best way to appreciate these figures is to see them in action, so let’s take Eren and Mikasa out for a spin!

Since this is Attack on Titan, and we have gear for swinging around on rooftops, rooftops are a must! But I do live in the middle of nowhere in the South, so real tiled rooftops are rare. That meant I had to make my own figma sized ones. I first wanted to make several, but after cutting an gluing all of the pieces, one was enough. If you look at a lot of Attack on Titan key images, you’ll notice that reddish brown is a widely used color, so while I only had one roof, I made sure to get lots of good ‘ol red clay in the background to at least capture the setting with color.

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
The roof is an amiami box with cut popsicle stick shingles. I colored the shingles with different shaded brown markers and the added texture with black and red paint. I anted the roof to look worn and varied. It’s not completely series accurate, but I like the variety of colors.

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Mikasa is strong!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Balancing Mikasa and Eren on the roof is not too hard thanks to their 3DM gear.

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Intense Eren is intense. Those Eren eyes!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Mikasa is still strong.

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
That off camera stare! Very useful for making scenes since they don’t want to give us any titan figmas…

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!

My first day finished there since it was getting dark. The next day, I moved up the hill into an area with less vegetation.

From the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Mikasa in the heat of the moment!
These photos were taken in the summer, and it was very hot outside. Still, I think the intense light made the photos more dynamic!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Time to slay some titans! Pureneemo bodies can be quite useful.

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
That dark background!
Such drama wow

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
This was Kagura’s old body for the record.

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Mikasa’s turn for a Titan encounter.
But hers was of a larger variety…

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Behind the scenes!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Black and white because the colors didn’t work out!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Dun dun dun!
Nobody kill me for exposing my Dollfie to *gasp* the elements.

Good thing rooftops aren’t the only place characters swing around. The second half of the show is set in a gigantic forest which is more my style.

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
Balancing her like this was a pain.

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!
I love her gaze in this one!

Fdorom the Eren/Mikasa uble review on my blog!

Final Words

Mikasa and Eren pack everything needed for awesome action figures. 3DM gear with ample accessories allows many scenes to be recreated and faces included with the figures are fitting.
However, they lack many character defining accessories and some may find working with the small pieces aggravating–especially since they are fragile.


2 thoughts on “Double Review: Figma Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman

  1. Which one should I get?!
    Gah! I like them both but I’m just not sure!

    On an unrelated note,your reviews inspired me to start watching Madoka Magica, and I’m absolutely loving it to far!


  2. My Armin’s 3DMG actually fits very well; it’s not too tight, but it doesn’t fall out easily. Sadly, I lost one of his sword hilts in the mountains…… 😥

    On a completely different note, I ended up pre-ordering Akuma Homura! I love her design so much, I couldn’t help it


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