Figma News Fridays 11/21/14

Figma News Fri–Tuesday. This past week was mildly busy for me, and it all led up to a much needed week long break which I am enjoying as we speak. So with a week off of school, what other than work delayed FNF so much? Pokemon Omega Ruby, that’s what. Pokemon Emerald was one of my first Pokemon games, and I played the heck out of it along with Ruby and Sapphire which I later got as gifts. I know Hoenn inside and out, and playing through it in 3D is like visiting an old friend. For this playthrough, I EV and IV trained a super team to come along with me. And while playing tonight, I even found a shiny Machop in the grass. I’m also looking forward to relocating my old base near Lilycove!

But even with the greatest of distractions, there are still a lot of things I would like to get done this week. I would mention them, but that somehow makes it less likely I’ll do them, so let’s just get the figma news out of the way.

This past week was bursting with figma-citement as we had tons of reveals and big time delays. So let’s get started!

miku sunday 2


S-sunday? Do we even use that word around here? Oh, that’s right! This is Miku who knows no days. The week belongs to Miku!

In all seriousness, figma Snow Miku 2015 has finally been revealed, and she comes to us both sculpted and painted. This year’s Snow Miku may not satisfy everyone’s taste, but I am surprisingly pleased with how the figma turned out. Especially when compared to the nendoroid. While nendoroids have standardized bodies and faces, figmas are free to better adapt styles, and this Miku does that wonderfully with her cute round face and eyes filled with wonder. Sure, she won’t be able to do things like sit, but it’s not as if that were anything new for figmas. As far as I’m concerned, so far so good, and this Miku is looking like a definite order!


And now the devastation begins.

Racing Miku 2013: EV MIRAI ver. Delayed
Racing Miku 2013 Mirai EV preview page
Racing Miku has been delayed to December. My November just got a little less worse.

ex:ride Spride.06 – TT-Zero 13 Delayed
Miku bike preview page
Miku’s ride is also delayed. At least they won’t be apart.

Chariot: TV ANIMATION ver. Delayed
chariot preview page
Also delayed to December.

Hibiki Ganaha Delayed
hibiki ganaha preview page
Hibiki is delayed to December as well. None shall escape the sweeping wall of delays.

Guyver I Delayed
guyver preview page
December will be suffering.

Now that Monday has slain our hearts, let’s patch them up with a little good news. Still on Monday. I don’t know how you want me to feel, Monday!

Culprit and Conan
culprit scan

Now for some clarification on figma Conan Edogawa, or should I say FigFIX Conan Edogawa.

Conan and the shadowy culprit have appeared several times at events with Conan always being sans articulation. I assumed that Conan had no joints because he was still a prototype, but it looks like that will not change as he will be sold as a figFIX rather than full figma. But that’s not all! Conan will come bundled with the culprit who is fully articulated.

Scans of both are out, but only Culprit’s can be found at the moment. And for those who like to play with their figmas, Culprit is not bad! As if being shadowy and without clothing was not good enough(there was not way to write that and make it not weird), he comes with tons of weapons for “taking care” of things.

In spite of how awesome Culprit looks, he is tainted by the odd decision to make a shadowy no name character into a figma instead of the main character, Conan. I am not a Conan fan(although I know a little from reading two volumes of the manga), but I would be disappointed or at least baffled by this decision if I were. And before you ask, “What is GSC thinking?”, remember that this isn’t GSC we’re dealing with, or even Max Factory, it’s FREEING, and FREEING does what they want.

The bundle is currently priced at 5680 yen and scheduled for June 2015. Preorders should open soon.

Horse Previewed
horse monday 2

But we’ve seen figma Horse before! Or have we?

Figma Horse seems to change every time we see it, and this time it’s taking a less realistic look. I happen to not mind the change as it should suit most figmas better. My only question is how much longer we’ll be waiting for preorders.

Ninja Slayer Painted
ninja slayer monday 2

Did you forget that there’s a third Ninja Slayer figma? If so, then we have something in common. This super spiffy tricked out Ninja Slayer has trinkets galore, and…that’s all I know. But doesn’t he look cool?

Have you recovered from the painful delays? Good, because it’s time to reopen those wounds.


Saber 2.0 Delayed
saber 2.0 preview page
But wasn’t Saber already delayed? Yes, young one, and now it is happening again. Oh, but this isn’t your average every day delay, this is an advanced delay. Saber is delayed to January 2015.

And with this, my November goes from three figmas, two trading figures, and a scale to two trading figures and one figma. Woohoo?

That wraps up this week! Are these delays a sigh of relief, or death sentence for you? What do you think about the latest reveals? See you all next week!

Oh by the way! I was recently interviewed in the Photographer Weekly Feature on the DeviantArt group Photogurine-CirPro’s page! All of the members are being interviewed, and I was number 13! It was my first interview, but I had lots of fun answering questions~ There you can learn about the title of my blog, my favorite color, what I would name my son(?), and even gaze at the very first figma picture I ever saw which is what inspire me to start this craziness! Here’s the link to the interview.

3 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 11/21/14

  1. I was majorly pissed when I heard Saber got delayed yet again. I mean c’mon I’ve been waiting on her ever since I saw her previewed! That new Ninja Slayer looks hella cool, and I might be tempted to get it depending on when it comes out and how much. Conan and the Culprit are a pass for me. Snow Miku looks adorable!


    • I was expecting the figure I ordered from Alter to be delayed(which it was lol), but not BOTH figmas. I’m happy to not have to pay so much, but I’d like to get at least a little out of the way…

      Since the last two Ninja Slayers had cool faces, I wonder what this one will come with!


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