Hypothetical no More

*This post contains random pictures of nature which are in no way relevant. Enjoy!*

So for a while now, I’ve been hinting at my hypothetical second Dollfie Dream. I am now finally ready to make her official! Dollfie Dreams and dolls in general are a slippery slope, and although this decision might seem like a flippant one, I have in fact had the idea for a second Dollfie Dream for a long time.

pink tree flowers

When I knew I wanted a DD, I chose from among my own characters, and Celeste was an easy choice. She was always somebody I had the idea for, and with a doll I was finally able to give that idea shape. I find natural red to be an especially pretty hair color, but it is not my favorite. My favorite hair color is white, and as I looked at wigs for Celeste, I came across lovely white haired dolls to remind me of this. However while the concept of beginning a second doll with white hair became more feasible, I suppressed the idea in favor of putting Celeste together first and not going DD crazy.

beach 21

Yet, finally being able to make DD sized clothing only drove the longing. Surely you’ve noticed Tamaki’s kimono filled wardrobe. From the shape to the colors, I love kimonos, but Celeste is not a kimono kind of girl. I continued to find fabric perfect for kimono, but only Tamaki could wear them. What a waste!

beach 6

These longings combined with preexisting character ideas to convince me that a second Dollfie Dream was needed!

And thus my second girl, Kanade, was born!
I chose the name Kanade because I love the way it sounds. It’s one of my favorite Japanese names!

Kanade is partially a new character created for the doll, but her personality is derived from a male character I already had.

My story for Kanade is that she is not human, but a Japanese spirit in reform.

One of my favorite Japanese phantoms is the yuki onna(snow woman) who lives in the snowy mountains and often leads lost travelers to their doom. Kanade is one of these spirits who recently went through rehabilitation to no longer be evil, and is now trying to live a normal life. However because of her rehabilitation, Kanade is rather dull. Some would describe her as lifeless, and her personality closely resembles Yuki Nagato or Tenshi. She likes bitter food and spends most of her time sitting on the floor. Because of her past as a yuki onna, Kanade possesses (now) limited ice magic.

Kanade’s style is primarily traditional Japanese. This includes kimono, haori, geta, and hair worn up with pins. However, she is not opposed to venturing into wa loli style kimono or Chinese dresses.

jekyll 5

Choosing a head sculpt was difficult. When imagining Kanade, one of the first things I saw was a pouting mouth which caused me to consider Lucy Maria Misora and Alice Kuonji. However, both of those sculpts are limited and expensive. I also want a custom face up which would add to the expense. This lead me to the DDH 09, and after investigating what can be done with it, I am now sure that it is the perfect match! My ideal skin tone for Kanade is semiwhite to differentiate her from Celeste and reinforce her snowy origins, and although I have heard that the 09 will be in that color, I do not know how long it will be before that happens, so I am prepared to settle for normal skin.

The body I want is a DDS. The Dollfie Dream Sister body is shorter and thinner than the DDII Celeste has, so I think it will make a nice contrast between the two.

So in summary, Kanade will have a DDH 09 head, white wig, DDS body, and…

doll family

Blue eyes! That’s right, progress on Kanade has already begun!
The eyes I chose are from Arietta Project who make resin eyes. They are T-06 in blue from the Original Style line.

As with Celeste, I intend to piece Kanade together slowly. However, because I now work consistently, I hope the project will not take nearly as long. Also, rather than starting a new project DD for Kanade, I will instead introduce her in this post and talk about each part in my loot posts as it arrives.

The next piece I intend to buy is her wig.

That concludes my quick introduction to Kanade. I look forward to slowly seeing her come to life!
And in case you were doubtful, I fully intend to stop with Kanade. The only thing that could spur me onward is if Volks begins making male Dollfie Dreams in which case I already have a character planned.


3 thoughts on “Hypothetical no More

  1. Yay–more details! Kanade sounds adorable. It will be interesting to see her interacting with Celeste~

    Have you found a wig you like yet? How are you planning to acquire the DDH-09 if/when semi-white becomes available? I love the sculpt too, but I think my first DD will probably be a DDH-06 or DDH-07 because they’re available through VolksUSA. And I’ve heard that Doll Point doesn’t stock a ton of items to artificially keep demand high.

    I’m looking forward to watching Kanade come together.


    • Yep, the two are very different! Looking back, Celeste doesn’t have much in common with anyone ^^’.

      I have! The wig is pure white with two big odango buns! I want to find other updos, but I think that’s a good starter for her.
      I know of someone on the DD forums who offers a Dollpoint proxy service. They’re closed at the moment, but I don’t have money for it anyway. And if that fails, there’s always Yahoo Japan auctions.

      DDH 06 is still my favorite~ I originally wanted the 07 for Kanade, but once the 09 came out, I realized that the 07’s jaw is too angular for her character since she is supposed to look a little young.


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