2014 Dollheart Lucky Bag Loot!

See that 2014 in the title? I’m planning ahead.

Lucky bags are a common fixture during New Years in Japan. Stores pack underselling items into pretty bags and sell them to eager buyers. The draw of lucky bags is that you do not know what will be in your bag, but are guaranteed that the contents will be worth more than what you paid.

I’ve seen online iterations of these popular bags for some time now, and surely MFC members will be familiar with amiami’s popular new grab boxes which people often write posts about. I enjoy reading these grab box posts and love the idea of a mystery box, but have never been able to convince myself to buy one. This is not just because of amiami’s high shipping prices for the boxes, but because when it comes to my figure collecting hobby which I am very selective about, I prefer not to end up with items that I do not want. Still, my dream of buying a lucky bag never faded, and Dollheart answered my call.

The doll clothing website Dollheart opened orders for a batch of lucky bags in honor of Dollism in New York. I quickly learned about this from the Dollfie Dream forum and knew that now was finally my time to finally get a lucky bag. Since I make my doll’s clothes, a lucky bag would be a break from sewing, a chance to get some professional quality items, and introduce variety into the wardrobe in the form of things I would not think to sew myself.

Near the end of September I ordered my bag, and it arrived last Friday.
I was excited to get my bag and eagerly scanned Dollheart’s site to pick out things I hoped to get. Overall, I noticed that their style is rather frou frou, and while the outfits as a whole do not appeal to me, the pieces work well as separates.

So behold the bag!

dhc 1

Er box. The bag arrived in a box. A boxed bag. A bag of boxes?

When scouring the internet to see what I could get, I noticed the pretty bags the items come in. So you can only imagine my excitement when I found my items encased in the Shroud of Turin.

Oh well.

Dh 4
First up is a pair of boots!
Honestly, platform shoes are not my favorite, and I prefer the all white version found on the site, but the quality on these is super awesome, so I just have to make them work.
Also, this is Celeste’s second pair of shoes, and she’ll need them for when I torture myself by photographing her in winter.

dh 3
A brown wavy wig!
The style is LW000033 and is sold out on Dollheart. Size is 8.5-9.5, and you can see more angles here.I love the style, and the headcap is nice and stretchy, however Celeste is a forever red head, so I can’t keep it. If anyone would like to take it off my hands, I’m interested in selling or trading.

For selling, I’m asking $20 which is $5 lower than on Dollheart(also remember that it’s sold out there). I can provide more pictures, so please send an email to YamiUsagi1@yahoo.com if you’re interested and we’ll work out the details. Payment is through Paypal, and I live in the United States. Can ship international!

For trading, I would like a heat resistant carrot wig. Longer styles preferred. My reason for wanting heat resistant is their softness, so if you have a non heat resistant wig in carrot color that is soft, I’ll consider. I just want to avoid another wig like Celeste’s first one from Cancan which looks super rough next to her ultra fluffy For My Doll one.
If you want to trade, please send me a picture of the wig you have with proof that it is in your possession along with links to any feedback you have. You can find my feedback on MFC and the DD forum.

And now back to the bag!

dhc 2
Next was a furry cape perfect for winter! It’s from the Jaquelin set
The cape is well made with soft fluffy edges, the Dollheart logo embroidered on the back, and real working buttons!

dh 8
A skirt from the Mina set. I thought it was a dress at first, but realized that couldn’t be true when it didn’t come close to covering what needs to be covered.
The skirt is a fun statement piece, and I’ll probably make a simple black shirt to compliment it. I’d have liked to get the top from the outfit since it has a Chinese influence which would have worked well with that hypothetical second DD I was talking about, but just the skirt is fine.
Another thing I would love is a lucky bag of just shoes. Imagine the surprises!

dh 9
And then there are these things…
I did not take time to find these on the site, but since there are barrettes on the back, I assume they are hair clips meant for pigtails. They are not Celeste’s(or my) style at all, but would work well for hypothetical #2, so I’ll be keeping them.

dh 12
I wasn’t expecting these, so it was a nice surprise. Glad to see that Dollheart covers all their bases.
Of course, it’s not like Celeste was in need of new underwear, I mean these aren’t nearly as nice as the lacy ones I made from old t shirts… Oh who am I kidding?! These are so nice and fit her super well! *weeps*

dhc 3
Also from the Jaquelin set is a pink shirt.
I looove this shirt! It’s pink, girly and light which is just perfect for Celeste. I was worried that I would not find anything suitable for her in the bag, but this shirt proves otherwise. Looking again at the Jaquelin set, I like it a lot!

dhc 5
Yet another thing from the Jaquelin set is the earmuffs! This is something I wouldn’t have thought to get on my own, so I’m happy to have them. The pearl detail is also cute, and they’re oh so fluffy.
I might remove the bow to make them match more things.

dhc 6
To go with the Mina skirt from earlier is some detached sleeves.

dhc 4
Last is the stockings from the Jeanette set
Very pretty, but I do wish they reached higher than the knee since they look like lingerie being knee length(although that could be a good thing depending on who you are XD). Just a minor complaint though since I’ve been wanting to make something like this for Celeste anyway.

dh 19
So for a recap, we have:
A pair of boots, a skirt, a wig, detached sleeves, a skirt, a shirt, earmuffs, a cape, and stockings!

Getting the lucky bag was definitely worth it, and I hope to be able to get another next time they’re offered. And if you know of any other stores who sell lucky bags, let me know!

I thought that there would be a lot of things I would want to trade from the bag, but in the end, the only thing was the wig. So if you are interested in the wig, don’t forget to check the sale/trade conditions listed above!

Have you ever gotten a lucky bag of any kind?


7 thoughts on “2014 Dollheart Lucky Bag Loot!

  1. Have you seen the current Dollhearts lucky bag special? Buy any item and you can get a bag for only $10! But they’re selling out really fast though. ^^


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  3. Looks like a great bag! I especially like pieces from Jocelyn. Pity about the wig though–it won’t work for the hypothetical DD? Though it is good that there’s only one item you want to sell/trade.

    I received a Dollheart lucky bag for my SD last year as a birthday gift. It’s always exciting opening it up to see what’s inside!


    • Thanks! Like I said Dollheart is really frou frou for my taste, but I actually do like the Jaquelin set and some of the newer ones they’re making.

      Sadly no. Hypothetical DD’s hair is white since I apparently love things that are hard to find.

      I agree! And that sounds like ans awesome gift! I’ve noticed that they have a lot fancier things for the SDs. If I had the money, I might have gotten an SD13 bag too!


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