Figma News Fridays: 10/10/14

Figma News Fridays!
This week had few offerings, but they are both figures that appeared at Wonderfestival, so it is good to know that the lineup is being worked through. Now when oh when will I be seeing an update on nendoroid Elsa?

er…So let’s get started!


Alice Kuji Sculpted
kuji alice tuesday
Origin: Tetsudou Musume

Alice is a figma by Tomytec from a series about *googles* Japanese railway workers! Goodsmile Company has already made a nendoroid or two from the series, but this is the first figma. Alice is now sculpted, and there is so far little to say about her unless you happen to be into Tetsudou Musume or have a thing for railroad uniforms.
I do like the gloves.


Thinker Previewed

Today we received an in depth look at figma Thinker courtesy of Kahotan! The entry has yet to be translated into English, but I wanted to write FNF ASAP this week, so Google translate came to the rescue. It’s true that Google translate has its disadvantages, but I am taking a Japanese class in college which totally makes me qualified to decipher vague translations *internet saracasm*. Although I wasn’t lying about the Japanese class part. わたし の いぬこ は しろ!

Anyway, have a look at figma Thinker! But don’t look too hard…

thinker friday
So thought very drama

thinker 2
Apparently the concept behind figma Thinker was making it possible to deepen your experience of the art by being able to play with it.

thinker 3
A concern with Thinker was his lack of options for accessories. We now know that Thinker will not come with more faces or anything to hold. Extra hands are also up for debate. However he does have an extra piece which allows you to give him a straighter back.

thinker 4
And in case you were worried about not recreating his thinking pose properly, the rock base has pegs for his feet.

Kahotan’s blog(only in Japanese at the time of writing) has more fun photos of Thinker posing with other figmas, so I suggest checking it out if you’re on the fence about Thinker. Preorders should begin next week. Hopefully his price will be low.

That closes out this week! Does Alice interest you? How about Thinker? Have you thought about him?
So until next Friday, じゃ また!


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