Home on the Range

Surprise! More photos of Celeste who I have been photographing a lot lately. This is not just because I like her and need time to figure out how to photograph her, but because with no agenda(ie a review or story), I can be more spontaneous, and a spontaneous review is far easier to initiate than a planned one. I also do not have to think as much which is nice. I am saying this so that you all know that I am still working on Eren and Mikasa’s review which has some photos that I think came out pretty cool. I also have an idea for a comic, but you all know I can only do one thing every six months.

But back to this shoot! I spend a lot of spare time perusing Dollfie Dream photos on Flickr. I first began doing so to find what qualities I liked in a doll while planning Celeste, but now do so to find inspiration for photography and wardrobe. Yesterday I was feeling particularly inspired and well rested, and decided to utilize the fleeting daylight for a quick shoot. Admiring the locations of so many beautiful photos, I could not help but wish that I were able to travel with Celeste and my figures. However, the ride home opened my eyes to the lovely area which I do live in which is beautiful is a rustic way. I am often confined to my yard, but hope to be able to take advantage of nearby areas(like the LAKE I live by but have never visited for photos *sigh*) soon.

Since Dollfie Dreams do not have interchangeable faces like figmas, I pay attention to Celeste’s outfit being different or interesting every time I photograph her. I also seek out things for her to interact with in photos. Whether it be a prop or piece of clothing(like a long skirt to play with), I hope that these things will prevent me from posing her the same way in every shoot. My accessory this time was a small cowboy hat which my grandparents brought back from Mexico. I do not typically see Celeste as the cowboy hat type, but part of being fashionable is making anything work, so I “glammed” it up with a pretty shirt and shorts. The jacket was added once I decided to fully embrace the cowboy theme.

I have been staring at those pollen laden yellow flowers for days now. They look great in the sunlight and make a lovely background, but are covered in nasty bees and wasps *shudder*.

Also, I edited this photo to bring out the vibrant colors and contrasts which is something I’ve been striving for lately.

The less vibrant version with a beam of sunlight.

wild west_edited-1
I thought she looked particularly inspiring in this pose.

I used to have so much fun with that wind up monkey.


hold me in your arms_edited-1
Hold Me in Your Arms

Where else would I hold you?

open plains_edited-1
Open Plains

travel buddy_edited-1
Travel Buddy

That ends this quick photo shoot. I am still working through “mastering” shirt patterns, but have also ordered something special for Celeste! More of that when it finally arrives(I did choose registered mail after all).

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