Figma News Fridays 9/19/14

Figma News Fridays is happening on a Friday this week! What’s that? It’ll probably be Saturday by the time I am finished writing this? That doesn’t count.
This week was the fullest one we’ve seen since Wonderfestival which is surprising seeing that it was so long ago. To round out the week, we have release date information, preorders, and more information on upcoming figmas! So let’s get started!


Iron Man Mark VII Release Date Announced
iron man mark VII preview page
The Iron-est Man-iest man can be yours September 27th

Iron Man Mark VII Full Spec ver. Release Date Announced
iron man mark VII Full ver preview page
The Iron-est Man-iest man not enough for you? Then there’s the Full Spec version released on September 25th.

Ninja Slayer Delayed
ninja slayer preview page
Delayed to October. Wasshoi!

Little Armory figma Tactical Gloves Preorders Begin
little armory gloves preview page

Equip your figma figures with the LittleArmory series!

TOMYTEC’s ‘LittleArmory’ series is a set of weapons that can be used by 1/12th scale figures. This set of figma hands allows figma figures to hold the weapons from the LittleArmory set! The hands are modeled off tactical gloves with knuckle guards, which combined with the realistic guns in the LittleArmory series will leave your figmas ready for anything!

The set is available in two common military colors – Coyote Tan and Foliage Green. Each set includes four different hands for a total of eight pieces that allow the guns to be held, readied and carefully aimed! Use them together with the LittleArmory set for all sorts of new posing options!

* Parts are sold as a connected plastic kit. Parts require no assembly but do require tools to be cut apart.
* This is a set of hand parts that allow figma figures to hold items from TOMYTEC’s LittleArmory set.
* The LittleArmory weapons and figma figures are not included. This kit includes the hand parts only.
* Parts are made to work best with the latest figma figures (No.200 and over). Please note that older figures may not be compatible.
Little Armory gloves retail for 900 yen per set and will be released in December.

I just love the name they chose: “Little Armory”. Never have weapons been more adorable.

After a year of germination, the weapon collaboration between the figma series and Tomytec is finally bearing fruit, and with two sets of gloves now available, it looks like we’re off to a good start.
The gloves come in two sets of differing color and assure that even figmas which do not come with hands for holding weapons will be able to. The preview photos also give us a peek at what we can expect for the upcoming weapon sets.

But there are some cons to the sets. First is that they are designed only for use with the new figma ball jointed hand system. Therefore, figmas utilizing older peg methods(AKA most figmas) will not be able to use the hands. Also notice that the sets include only female hands.

I certainly did not expect to see LittleArmory gloves! It is also great to see standardized affordable figma accessories.
However, as nice as these accessories look, figma sized guns beyond what I have in my collection already do not interest me, so I will be passing on most likely the entire line. I would pick up a set or two of gloves since they are so affordable, but that would give me a foothold for December orders which is otherwise an empty month, and I can do without enabling.


Solid Snake Painted
snake wednesday
snake back
Nendorid Snake was cute, but let’s be honest, the figma version is sure to give a better representation of Snake’s…Snake-liness!
Just look at that spiky hair, and the shading on his jumpsuit, and those muscles, and the realistic but not weird looking face! Snake is the manliest figma I’ve seen in a while, and puts my collection of “men”(I’m looking at you, Len) to shame. Can you just imagine a scantily clad mud fight between Snake and a Terraformar? It’s the epitome of manliness!

What’s that? That’s actually not manly? Well, too late because you already imagined it.


Shinobu Preorders Begin
shinobu preview page

From the anime series ‘Nisemonogatari’ comes a figma of the proud vampire girl, Shinobu Oshino.

Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
She comes with two expressions including her standard face and a bright smiling face.
Optional parts include a full donut, a half-eaten donut and the straw hat she wore whenever she went outside.
The sword that can kill oddities without harming those they possess, ‘Kokorowatari’ is also included.
An articulated figma stand is included.
Shinobu retails for 4074 yen and will be released in April 2015.

Nisemonogatari marks the end of my knowledge of the ‘Monogatari series as I realized afterwards that the series is not something I care to keep up with. Whereas Shinobu is little more than a room fixture in Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari is the beginning of her becoming a true character, and in spite of her moe loli appearance, she is sassy and fearsome. One of ‘Monogatari’s defining features is the extensive dialogues between female characters and harem master Ararararagi. Shinobu often teases Araragi which is only mildly successful thanks to her loli features which are unlike those of her true vampire form.

I mention this because the majority of Shinobu figures choose to represent Shinobu as a doughnut-eating loli vampire rather than what she truly is.
The figma sadly continues down that path by failing to offer anything showcasing the less seen side of Shinobu, and instead provides us with a cute dress, smiling faces, and donuts. This is not to say that the Shinobu we are receiving is a bad figma, as the cute parts are undoubtedly cute. Rather, I find that the accessories fall short of what could have been. Why not a bag of donuts? Why only happy faces?

I also find the joint integration to be weak for a figma. Whereas figma joints usually blend well with the sculpt, Shinobu’s seem especially jarring. Perhaps this is because Seki rather than Masaki Asai is listed as the sculptor.

Shinobu was the last ‘Monogatari figma to possibly be added to my collection, but her failure to wow me makes her a bittersweet pass.

figFIX Shinobu Preorders Begin
figfix shinobu preview page

From the ‘Monogatari’ anime series comes a figFIX of the once legendary vampire, Shinobu Oshino! A faithful rendition of Shinobu’s well-known sitting pose from the classroom corner.

Her included expression is a cold sideways glance, that captures the vampire inside her perfectly! Her helmet can be attached and removed and her expression parts can be swapped with figma Shinobu Oshino for even more options! (sold separately)
Shinobu will be released in April 2015 and retails for 2315 yen.

shinobu figfix bonus
Orders made from GSC’s online shop include a bonus school chair!

figFIX Shinobu makes amends for the crime that was our never receiving a Shinobu figma during Bakemonogatari times. And this is an excellent compromise as Shinobu moved only once or twice during that series.

While figma Shinobu sadly did not impress me, with figFIX Shinobu, Max Factory is doing a great job at dragging me out of my “figmas only” bunker. I say this not because figFIX Shinobu is particularly impressive, but because the compatibility between figmas and figFIX figures is becoming increasingly apparent. Not only faces, but small accessories like hats are interchangeable which makes owning both the figma and figFIX version of a character worthwhile. Shinobu also retails for the deliciously low price of 2315 yen which is becomes even lower once respective store discounts are applied(we’ll pretend that figmas did not used to cost that much).
My initial reaction to these innovations was delight at the expanded possibilities for figmas, but reading comments on MFC caused me to ponder whether this is truly an expansion of figmas or detraction from them. Will figFIX companions to figmas become common, and will this serve as an excuse to include fewer figma accessories an an incentive to buy the figFIX as well? That was not the case with Shimakaze, so perhaps this is only an attempt to kick start the line by closely associating it with the already established figmas. It is difficult to tell so soon, but this is definitely something to consider.
Another down side is Shinobu’s size. at just 55mm/2.15in. she is the size of a nendoroid petite. A well sculpted 2315 yen nendoroid petite. Also, if you want that chair, but also like saving money, I recommend checking out Hasegawa’s 1/12 school desk model kits. For less than 1000 yen, you get desks and chairs which are easy to put together.

I’ve been negative towards poor Shinobu haven’t I? While there are many things to look out for with regard to the figma/figFIX relationship, I am definitely curious about them and given enough good reasons, would not be opposed to owning cute 1/12 scales of my favorite characters. Shinobu, however, will be a pass on both fronts.

That wraps up this week! Are you waiting for any of the manly man figmas from earlier in the week, what do you think of Shinobu?

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7 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 9/19/14

  1. I personally like Shinobu. Her sundress isn’t too revealing, and the faces are cute. (I also read this after I read a different post after this…I feel like a total baka now -_-)


  2. I’m relieved Ninja Slayer got delayed…. freaking ironman and Captain America are too much to pay up for this month. So with Ninja Slayer on delay, I feel better about not struggling for a week til next pay day >.>

    I wish we could pay for preorders as soon as they enter the preorder queue and then make a final charge for the shipping. That would make things a lot easier for me (at least), especially with bigger/costlier orders.

    Shinobu looks great! I love the expressions she’ll be coming with


  3. I’ve been waiting forever for Shinobu but…the figma was certainly a bit of a disappointment. I mean, just two faces? Jesus. Come on. It’s pretty obvious that they cut a third to get people to get the figFIX, which is terrible.( I also get the feeling that the only reason it took so long for Shinobu to get put up was because they still didn’t have the figFIX ready and they wanted to release them together.) And her smiling face isn’t even that good (i hope it looks A LOT better in person). She really needed a third snarky face at the very least.

    The figFIX itself is great, though. The size doesn’t really bother me: the figma is like 4 inches, and she’s sitting in the figfix, so it’s pretty obvious that she would be short. And it’s about as cheap as I had hoped it was, so no complaints.

    Anyway, other than the face situation, I am pretty happy with how Shinobu turned out. I preordered both the second they went up on amiami, and I don’t really regret it.

    I do hope that this is a one-off thing, though (releasing an incomplete-ish figma alongside a figFIX to coerce people into getting the figFIX). KanColle’s Mutsu is also getting both a figma and a figFIX, (not that we’ve seen much about either) and I very much hope they don’t cheap out on the faces of the figma, especially considering that she probably will be just as expensive as Nagato. (that is to say, a lot). Especially especially since I absolutely refuse to acknowledge the weird vaguely rape-fantasy-ey damaged versions of KanColle characters. (I honestly wish I didn’t find the aesthetics of KanColle so compelling, it’s really a pretty sketchy Thing, but the figmas look cool, so…)


  4. I’m a little ‘weh’ on the whole figFIX. This is sort of something they’ve already done with the two Queen’s Blade figmas that were made. I own Cute (I mean, who could resist those stars in her eyes?), though I guess I should say that I never have, and never intended to pose her in ‘battle damage’ mode. Maybe this is a good thing for people who… Maybe have trouble posing their figmas, or who want to capture specific scenes, but I wish they would just bundle the two together! I think it’s kind of a rip-off to make us pay 45ish dollars for the figma, then 25 MORE for just a little body.

    I think they should be working on ways to allow figmas to do those iconic poses instead. Hachikuji comes with a special pair of legs, right? And many figmas do! To sit in chairs or whatever! I’m not seeing why we should pay for a figma, then pay additionally for the rest of it. That’s my opinion, anyhow.


    • I agree with you in general about just making it so that figmas can do the poses, but, at least for Shinobu, it would be kind of hard to make the figma do this pose, since it requires a completely different outfit, and since it’s a dress and not a skirt, it’s even more complicated than just switching out the legs like with Hachikuji or that gunslinger girl figma. and if they WERE going to just bundle the entire extra figfix with the figma, then I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t cost any less than it already does separately.


    • I feel this is less of an expansion for people already into figmas, and more of a way to accommodate people who do not like certain aspects of figmas(joints and joints) and maybe bring others into figmas.
      I was more excited at first, but after thought, a shift body was totally doable for Shinobu, and the figFIX was kind of really unnecessary.


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