Glimpses of September

This weekend I managed to wrangle some free time to spend with Celeste. The funny thing about Dollfie Dreams is that they demand attention. Even having been around figures and dolls for years now, there’s an incomparable quality about a Dollfie Dream that makes you want to spend time with her.
I often find myself exploring the Dollfie Dream forums, browsing Flickr groups, and doing other DD related searches all get more ideas for things to do with Celeste.

Of course, looking at new clothing only reminds me of the obligation I feel to have Celeste look different for every shoot which requires lots of sewing. Thankfully, recent circumstances have come to the rescue to help make my sewing aspirations a reality. Just when I was afraid of running out of fabric, my dad ended up acquiring heaps of unwanted clothing from several places. A few things (like coats and shirts) I eagerly added to my own wardrobe, and with some tweaking, still more can be worn by me which makes for some fun projects. However, a decent chunk of the clothing was either not my size, or really really not my style, so into the deconstruction pile it went. Now that everything has been broken down, my fabric collection has grown exponentially. I had been in need of solid knits, and now have literal piles of it. It’s funny how things work out that way. There are even some fabrics that I can never see myself using(AKA leopard print), and have thought about trying to trade. Would anyone be interested in a big fabric swap post? I could share what I don’t want to keep or have too much of, and trade it for other fabric or maybe DD clothes.

So with no excuse to not sew in my free time, I decided to dig through my patterns. I have several patterns from places like Jadepixel Doll Lab and other sites that have been waiting for months to be used. Seeing all of these patterns, I decided to work through them one by one, and keep making each until I master it. I want to learn the patterns thoroughly and practice making different embellishments. This will lead to Celeste’s having the quality clothing she deserves, and I hope to hone my skills to be able to create original patterns instead of relying on ones I find.

My first test pattern is one from the DD forums. It is for a tank top and requires knit fabric. I chose the first knit in the pile which was a lovely deep yellow that looks great with Celeste’s wig. The pieces came together well except that the stitch I used was too small and caused the hem on the neck to stretch out. I was disappointed at first, but my mom said that the stretched neck looked cool, so I decided to keep the shirt. My second shirt made with the pattern(not shown in this post) was a sporty top with a kangaroo pocket and bandeau. The finishes are rough, but I am happy for a first try! I only did not include that shirt in this shoot because I feel it would look best with sporty black leggings which I am not ready to try making yet.

Once I was finished sewing, I began styling Celeste and her new yellow top. Choosing a bottom was easy because she only has a pair of black shorts and gray skirt at the moment. I chose the gray skirt which thankfully matches her one pair of black heels. I also grabbed the mini macbook which has not yet been appeared in any shoots. Immediately, the vibe I felt was “City cafe”. To create a table, I stacked a crate and several chocolate brown shelves until they were touching Celeste’s elbows. I then grabbed other things to reinforce the mood like a glass and some DD sized books I made.

Honey Butter_edited-1

A lot of photos with this wig show Celeste pushing back her hair in some way because this wig refuses to stay out of her face. I want another long one for her next. In time.

In the photo above, everything was in harmony. Then, everything changed when the clouds attacked. Only the sun, master of light could stop them, but when I needed it most, it vanished.

study time_edited-1
My beloved sun was gone, but I eked out a few photos regardless thanks to foam, paper, a reflector(not that I hadn’t been using those before), and by cranking up the ISO.

Yes, that is a shot glass.

As the sky grew darker, it was obvious that the sun was not coming back, so I tried repositioning Celeste closer to the window to photograph her from a different angle. When I did this, the lights from the kitchen ended up in the shot which gave me an idea to embrace my newly darkened set.
Although my original idea was for a daytime cafe, I figured an evening cafe would be just a suitable. To create a darker warmth, I grabbed a string of Christmas lights and hung them in the house plant behind Celeste. I also added a scarf to her outfit to imply cooler times.

cafe night_edited-1
Even if the days are still warm, this shoot put me in the winter mood.

This one reminds me of the art for the song Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki.

Before packing up, I took Celeste outside for a few photos.
I noticed right away that summer is indeed ending, and the trees are already beginning to shed their leaves.

someday my prince will come edited
I want to try this pose again one day with a long wig and fancy dress.

That closes this post! I will continue sewing for my little princess so that she won’t freeze this winter, and will hopefully be snagging some goodies for her at the end of the month!


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