Figma News Fridays: 9/5/14

Welcome to this week’s Figma News Fridays! But this isn’t just any Friday for me. It’s actually the last FNF I will be writing before my birthday next Thursday, and a new age means…pretty much nothing until I’m 21. So by next FNF, I will be a new bunny…or cow. Whatever I am.

However, the figure side of the week still offered little. We just have some teaser images to look at.


Racing Miku 2014 Previewed

We only have teaser images, but at least they’re good ones! Racing Miku’s preorders always begin the same day as summer Wonderfestival, but what was different this time was that we did not get to see any accessories. Often accessories make or break a figma, so I’ve been eagerly waiting to see them to solidify my opinion. Now we finally have some lovely preview images showing off Miku courtesy of Kahotan!

Racing Miku 2014 1

Miku comes with detailed “side boosters” (you try to think of a better name!) to match the illustration she was based off of and the scaled figure by GSC(which is gorgeous by the way).

RM 2014 2

But you also receive a simplified version.

Is it me, or does her outfit look a lot like a middle school swimsuit.

RM 2014 3

I really do love that kinky hair.

No, not that kind of kinky.

RM 2014 4

And finally her second face!

This time I am torn as while the face is energetic, those wide eyes fling us dangerously close to the yandere border.

RM 2014 5

Yander-acing Miku also comes with a flag to wave! This is one of my favorite flags to come with a Racing Miku figma since it’s not just another iteration of a checkered flag.

RM 2014 6

The parasol continues that trend by featuring more bold colors.

Also not pictured here is a folded parasol.

Racing Miku continues to be stylized and interesting(in my opinion at least), but no Miku has captured my heart as 2012 did, so I will most likely be preordering her. Piling an extra 7000 yen on top of my usual orders is more than I’d care for anyway.

Preorders for the higher end Racing Miku packages which include jackets, umbrellas, rubber straps, hats, and more depending on how much you want to pay end on September 10th(right before my birthday!), but those just interested in the 7000 yen figma package have until October 27th to decide. I like that GSC went that route!

For anyone still on the fence about this year’s Racing Miku, I recommend taking a peek at Kahotan’s original entry which has more pictures and information.

That closes out this week! I’m still waiting for a week with actual figma news, but in the mean time, how do you feel about this year’s Racing Miku?

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8 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays: 9/5/14

  1. They need to make a badass Warrior Miku. Give her swords or put her in a Soldier’s uniform with an M16, AK, or something… she’s just too… Girly >.>



      • I just thought it’d be nice to see more to her than just her Smiley happy go lucky ways. If I’m correct, some other company came out with a Mecha/Android Miku. A bit over my price range, but it looked cool. All in all, seeing more sides to her would be great…. in my opinion at least >.>


  2. This Miku is a solid design, but….yeah, I’m not wowed. Especially since the accessories are nothing new and I’m no fan of Miku to begin with. I guess they can’t all be the 2012 version,(which I agree is pretty great.) My personal favorite is 2011, though (which I actually just got a few days ago and I like her quite a lot) and as neat as her borderline-yandere face here is, I doubt anything will ever rival my love for 2011’s more mature expression and that spiky hair. Shame, really.

    Very slow week, this one….I really hope we get something new about Amatsukaze, Sinon, or especially Shinobu soon….I’ve been dying to preorder all three for a while now.


    • 2011 is the only one I do have, but I prefer 2012 because of the cutesy look. But I agree that 2011 pulled off mature very well. I don’t think any other Racing Miku has done it in the same way since.

      I’m surprised there has been so little since Wonfes. GSC has put up a fair bit. Even nendo Sinon went up for PO this week.


      • Speaking vaguely of Wonfes stuff, too, I’ve been wondering if you’ll also be covering the figFIX line in these Figma News Fridays? Since it’s an offshoot of the figma line and even has interchangeable faces, too.


        • Since it involves figmas, I will!

          I skipped it for the Wonfes post because I wasn’t 100% sure what it was yet, and there just hasn’t been much info since. I figured I’d go over it once one goes up for PO or we get an official introduction to the line.


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