Tamaki, Kagura, and the Monster Part 3/3

This labor day, I was able to get several things done. I took the review photos for Eren and Mikasa, broke down some clothing into fabric, and prepped a DD tank top for sewing. But another thing I knew I had to do was finally finish Celeste’s intro story!

So here’s the third and final part of the story. My camera battery was dying at this point, so I didn’t focus much on styling everybody for each shot, but I think the message still comes across. Also, let’s just not pay attention to Celeste’s wig change between parts two and three…

If you’d like to catch up with the previous parts to the story, here’s 1 and 2

And as usual, previous stories can be read in the Photo Stories tab.


ds 1
Tamaki: *Phew!* We just escaped that beast’s grasp by the hair of my tail!
Kagura: But it feels like something is missing…

ds 2
Kagura: Waaaaah! Kirito! The giant is going to eat him!

ds 3
Tamaki: Worry not, Kagura! Together we will slay that foul creature and retrieve Kirito!


ds 4
Celeste: Poor little guy. Did your friends leave you behind? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you until they come back!

ds 5
Celeste: Did you trip and hurt yourself? I’ll take care of that for you!

ds 6
Kirito: …

ds 7
Kagura: Hmph! With these weapons of chaos, we’re sure to overtake the giant and get Kirito back!
Tamaki: I will take it’s head as my trophy.

ds 8
Kagura: I can only imagine what terror Kirito is suffering at that witch’s hands…

ds 9
Celeste: Would you like another cupcake, darling?

ds 10
Celeste: Oh! I think I see your friends coming back!

ds 11
Kagura: There you are! Now unhand my precious Kirito or face destruction at the absorbent fibers of my mop of death!

ds 12
Celeste: Oh, nice to meet you! My name is Celeste, and I was just taking care of your little friend. It looks like we’ll be living together, so I hope we can get alon–

ds 13
Kagura: No good! We’ve tried reasoning with it, but it won’t listen. There’s only one thing we can do now!

ds 14
Kagura: Die beast! *fwap* Die! *fwap*

ds 15
Celeste: Oh, I see.

ds 16
Celeste: You see, little one, I’m fond of looking after children. I can cook meals, read books, and play dress up.

ds 17
Celeste: But not all little children are good. In fact,

ds 18
Celeste: Even the best little children need some discipline every now and then!
Kagura: Waaaaah! The monster got me!

ds 19
Kagura: T-Tamaki! Help me!
Tamaki: I’ll never forget you, Kagura!

ds 20
Me: Oh! I see you all are already acquainted!

ds 21
Tamaki: Large One, that fiery beast has taken Kagura and Kirito prisoner!

ds 22
Me: Actually, her name is Celeste, and she’ll be living with us from now on.
Celeste: Nice to meet you.
Kagura: *sob* Oh Tamaki, it was terrible!

ds 23
Tamaki: But Large One, what would justify your bringing such a merciless being into our home?
Me: Well, I let Celeste come, but the one who brought her here in the first place was…

ds 24
Tamaki: UEH! Master?!

ds 25
Celeste: Yes, I’ve know him for quite some time now. We bonded online over our mutual love of organic gardening.

ds 27

ds 26
Kagura: Tamaki! We can’t stand for this! Let’s get that thing out of our home!
Tamaki: It’s true that she’s impulsive and has a terrible user name, but…

ds 28
Tamaki: Who am I to question the will of my Master?

And that’s how Celeste became a member of the family


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