June-ly Loot

Today we’ll be looking at my combined loot for June and July because more is better when it comes to loot!

Here’s everything:
loot 1
Figures: figma Snow Miku, figma Levi, figma Armin, figma Ranko,
Goods: Dollfie Dream accessories, Kumamon phone pouch, custom phone cover, and Miku shirt.

First the figures!
loot 10
Armin and Miku arrived together as Wonderfestival exclusives from GSC.
I already opened Miku, but am keeping Armin in his box until I feel ready to deal with all of his crazy accessories.
Both will eventually be receiving reviews. It’s not like I still have Eren and Mikasa’s reviews waiting to be finished or anything.

loot 9
Then there’s Ranko and Levi who were thankfully both standard. I’m happy to see the Cinderella Girls line being more accessible now. I hope Kaede Takakagi gets a figma!
I also find it funny that both Ranko and Levi have purple boxes.
You can expect their reviews in five years.

By the way, although Eren and Mikasa are being reviewed together, Armin and Levi will be separate because even if their accessories are the same, the characters just don’t have enough in common to be sharing a review.

loot 2
Moving on to goodies, we of course have the items I purchased for Celeste from For My Doll which I wrote more about in an earlier post. Here she is wearing her new wig(such good quality!) and one of her many new hair accessories.

loot 3
There’s also the mini Macbook which I need to incorporate into a photoshoot and find a screenshot for to replace that mirrored screen.

loot 4
My bonus item from the order was this gray and white wig which I love the color of, but upon closer inspection, might be too small for a DD head. I’ll have to look into that more.

I purchased quite a lot of impulse goodies this time, most of which were for my phone, but I would call neither unnecessary since both have already proven to serve their purposes well. It is true that I could have opted for simple items to do the same job, but for something that I will be using regularly, I do not mind spending more for it to be aesthetically pleasing. The first of these unnecessary necessary items is…
loot 7
a Kumamon phone pouch!
I use Figma News Fridays as an excuse to browse amiami regularly(one of my many downfalls) and repeatedly encountered adorable plush smart phone pouches which resemble anime characters. Produced under the Charafuku line, first of these pouches to grab my attention was one of Senketsu from Kill la Kill. I thought the pouch was a great idea, but shied away from the +2000 yen price tag which is far above what I usually consider for goody purchases.
However, as time passed, I came to think that my at the time naked phone could use some protection. The Senketsu pouch was sold out by that time, and I instead opted for a Mofumofu pouch of Kumamon.

Kumamon is the mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, and you may be familiar with him as he has become a bit of a meme. There are even vinyl and action figures of him if you really need Kumamon in your life.

loot 8
My phone slips easily into Kumamon’s head, and he also has a clip which I use to attach him to my backpack. As far as usefulness goes, he’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in some time!

loot 5
Also rescuing my phone from nudity is this custom case!
I recently got a Samsung Galaxy 4S to replace my Motorola Atrix. The Atrix was my first time venturing into smartphones, and I immediately wanted to join the world of cool cases. What I stumbled upon instead was the website Gelaskins which allowed me to create a protective skin with the image of my choice. Hard cases were an option, but not for my non mainstream phone at the time.

However, upon receiving the Samsung which is a mainstream phone, I was finally able to have my own custom hard case.

Gelaskins has since changed their name to Nuvango and focuses on producing items emblazoned with work from various artists, but the services remain similar and still provide a custom option. For a while I struggled with just what artwork I wanted to have on my case, and sought out my favorite artists on the site. But then I remembered that I am an artist too, and decided to use one of my figure photos.

Choosing a photo for a Samsung case proved difficult as the hole for the camera is conveniently located where the figure’s faces are in 90% of my photos, and just as I was about to settle for This photo of Kuji Miku, I found a forgotten folder of photos intended for the Momohime’s review. Preferring Momohime’s sophistication and artsy appearance, I chose this photo and love the result.

loot 6
The case only covers the back, but it offers adequate protection anyway and makes the phone pretty which is what I really care about. It was an extremely tight fit, but all is well.

loot 11
My final item is something I’ve wanted for some time, but did not get around to purchasing until a sale convinced me to do so.
This shirt is from We Love Fine which I always keep an eye on for their art contests that allow fans to design T shirts for their favorite series. This Miku shirt was an instant favorite, and I am happy to finally have it!

That concludes my June-ly loot! My next few loots are unintentionally coming in several spurts and also includes goodies from amiami binges, so September and August will be combined.

What have you all added to your collection lately?

3 thoughts on “June-ly Loot

  1. Ooo I bought the same shirt~! But from Hot Topic XD

    Anyways~ would you recommend the Ranko figma? Because I want it but I’m not sure if I should get it or not…


  2. The phone case looks awesome!
    Celeste looks beautiful *_* I love the grey wig; I hope it can be fit ^_^

    I got 2 scale figures from my July loot! GSC’s Asuna (Finally! So many delays >..<


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