Figma News Fridays 8/22/14

Welcome to Figma News Fridays which is *gasp* being written on a Friday! The reason for this is because I am writing from school! And no, it’s not during class. School is also the reason that I have not made any other posts this week, but with a little free time, I intend to work on another post.

For figmas, this week was once again slow. So much that I had to double check to be sure there even was news! We just have some release information, so let’s get started!


Akagi Delayed
akagi preview page
Stating off with bad news?! Akagi has been delayed from August to September.

Flyboy Zombie Release Date Announced
flyboy zombie preview page
Stephen will be released on August 30th!

Well…that brings this week to a close! Were you affected by any of these changes?


3 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 8/22/14

  1. Hm, certainly a slow month. I wonder when the painted figmas from WonFes will start getting pre-orders…

    Also, uh, I guess now is as good a time as any to say hello. I’ve been collecting figmas for a couple of months now, and have been visiting your website for about as long. Your reviews are very good, and the figma news fridays have been extremely helpful.

    This week, like the last one, bears only bad news for me. After Ryuko got delayed I was looking forward to Akagi at least, but I guess not…They’re my first pre-orders (at least, as far as their release dates go) and already I’ve experienced two delays! I suppose it’s a rite of passage into figma collecting. They’ll have to join Saber 2.0 in September (assuming that she also does not get pushed back….)


    • Someone reminded me on the last FNF that last week was a Japanese holiday, so that’s probably why we haven’t seen much lately.

      Nice to meet you! 🙂 And thank you for visiting!

      Delays are definitely something to get used to with collecting. I used to get super hyped whenever I ordered a figure, and waiting for its release was excruciating–especially when there was a delay. I’ve since mellowed out, and try to not think about figures until I have them. >_>’
      I have Saber 2.0 and Ryuko coming as well! And without Ryuko, my order for this month was just a bracelet O_O’. Wish I’d known ahead of time, or I’d have thrown some other trinket in.


  2. Oh well there goes nearly my whole August order. Link’s Nendo and Ryuko/Akagi figma delays aren’t too bad, I suppose. I’ve still got Archer and Saori soon at least.


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