Figma News Fridays 8/15/14

Welcome to Figma News Fridays which is once again…not on Friday.

This week was rather scant though, so it looks like my delay in posting won’t have much of an impact. So let’s get started!


Archer Release Date Announced
archer preview page
Archer will be released on August 29th.
Who knew this day would ever come?

Ryuko Matoi Delayed
ryuko matoi preview page
Remember last week when I said nothing I’d ordered had been delayed in a while? So much for that. Ryuko has been delayed to September.
I don’t mind though.

That’s all for this week! Are you waiting for either of these figures?

2 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 8/15/14

  1. Archer is officially out of figma purgatory! Figma delays aren’t unexpected, but it must have been nice not having to deal with them in any case.


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