For My Doll

This post is aptly titled not just because it is showing off new purchases made for my doll, but because the items also happen to come from the site named: For My Doll!

Owning a doll as customizable as a Dollfie Dream opens up far more opportunities for shopping sprees than do figures and other dolls like Pureneemos. With figures, you can buy more figures and perhaps accessories, and small dolls offer a variety of clothing to collect, but Dollfie Dreams beg for so much more. DDs not only can use the usual items like clothing and accessories, but interchangeable eyes and wigs to totally change the doll’s look are also an option. When entering the DD world, I was well aware of this customizable craziness, so to keep myself grounded, I wanted to be sure that none of my dolls had an “identity crisis”. When a doll has an open look or personality, you can justify buying anything for her and will inevitably end up with a sizable collection of wigs, eyes, and clothing in all styles. Often time, DD owners will even purchase a doll head with no foreseeable plans for the doll, but just because they like her sculpt or faceup. There is of course nothing wrong with this, but as with Tamaki and Kagura, I wanted Celeste to have her own limits as to what she would not wear along with a definite hair color. This is mostly for my wallet’s protection, but also because I like my dolls to have some defining characteristic. For instance, Tamaki wears kimonos because that’s what she likes, and anything else just wouldn’t be Tamaki.

Another thing I decided to do to stop myself from unprecedented shopping sprees is only order from group orders. Because a great deal of doll shops are located in Japan and South Korea and require EMS shipping on all orders, many times doll owners will get together and order in bulk to obtain free shipping for the group. I almost never participate in group orders for figures because I rarely find the hassle to be worth it, but avoiding the imposed EMS is a great incentive to join GOs, and it limits the times I purchase.

Not long after Celeste was completed, a For My Doll group order popped up, and seeing that hey sold carrot colored wigs, I just had to join. My original intention was to get only one wig, but as the deadline neared, and we needed more items to get extra shipping, I added some small accessories which I am now more than happy to have gotten.

Now let’s get a look at that loot!

celly new wig
First is Celeste’s wig which is a shorter cut for summer! Her hair is “officially” long, but I can really see her with any style. Except Miku style pigtails.

new wig side
Just by handling this wig, it became clear that it is far better quality than Celeste’s first one. The other wig is non heat resistant while this one is which makes a huge difference in texture. I’ll have to buy heat resistant from now on.

But great hair deserves to be accessorized!
flower clips
These cute petal clips were an instant buy since I love anything flowery. At $1.50 a pair, they were a great price too!

The clips ended up being practical as well since the wig did not have a part for the bangs.

clips close
I’m glad that both clips are different colors. I’ll have to get some of the other styles next time I order from For My Doll.

clips bag
Next we have a whole bag of heart clips!

The hearts fit into the hair to make a little pigtail. I’m not sure how many the neon colors will match Celeste’s outfits, but the clips are good to have!

I also got a headband since they’re something I have not figured out how to make myself.

headband close
It took everything in me to not get the blue one.

clips galore
So many accessories.

The last thing I ordered was….

computer 2
a laptop!

Well, it’s technically a mirror, but still the perfect size for dolls!

computer 3
See what I mean?
Now Tamaki isn’t the only one with a computer~

Even though the wig, accessories, and laptop were all that I ordered, the GO was so big, that the organizer was able to share a few gifts from For My Doll!

grey wig
I got this pretty grey wig!
The wig is nothing Celeste would wear, but grey is a wig color I am fond of, and the streak of white reminds me that it will see use in the future. So into my doll accessory box the wig goes to await its destiny.

fine paca
But in the meantime, someone might as well wear it.

wig buddies
Better not let Tamaki see.

But I can’t get new accessories and not photograph them! So here’s my newest photo shoot with Celeste! I’m still learning how to make her look her best, but this is my favorite shoot so far!

jungle fire_edited-1
This time she’s wearing her summer top and black shorts. I’ve learned to take her out for photos earlier since more light is needed.

sunday afternoon_edited-1
And how could I resist putting her in my favorite tree?

There’s nothing wrong with putting your doll in a tree. Yep nothing at all except

I guess I should’ve seen that one coming.

sweet breeze_edited-1
And back in the tree like nothing happened!
This angle makes her thighs look bigger which reminds me that I thought of doing the trick to make Celeste a DDY with an M bust for some extra oomph, but decided not to since clothes wouldn’t fit her as easily.

My favorite photo from the shoot! I LOVE how the leaves in the background came out!

Next, I changed Celeste’s outfit and took her to the tomato garden!

tomato red_edited-1
I’d been trying to photograph her here for a while, but kept heading out too late in the day.

tomato lady
Mini bucket is perfect for tomatoes.

The tomatoes are very pretty and colorful. Also the perfect size for Dollfie Dreams!

garden angel_edited-1
Don’t you try to steal tomatoes.

food from the earth

hot pink_edited-1
The last photo with some roses.
I tried to use the plant behind her for bokeh, but it failed me because Celeste is too big…

That brings an end to my first big purchase for Celeste! I hope to get her a better long wig as the winter months approach.

7 thoughts on “For My Doll

  1. Celeste is always beautiful. And its amazing the difference between Heat Resistant and not! I only ever get HR now. x3 and if you’ve had it for a while, you can wash it (Like normal hair if you want. Shampoo and Conditioner) and it becomes super fluffy. x3

    I bought my yoSD a FMD wig and it was the nicest thing, they even threw in some hair clips. *w*


    • I heard there was a difference, but it wasn’t unitl I saw it for myself that I knew HR was the way to go. I don’t even care about being able to use heat. It’s the softness

      Those clips are so perfect! I need more for Celeste XD


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  3. LOVE this girl! I love the ground rules you’re laying down too… I’m currently downsizing my girls, because I really want to focus on two of them and give them rules and strong personalities and such too… I’m totally going to follow guidelines more like yours (uh… sort of… does it count if Alna, as a personality trait, is a clothes whore?)


    • Glad they’re helpful to you! I make rules for myself with everything in my collection and enforce them very strongly for anything that’s not a figma. That’s probably why I still only have 5 scales XD I went a little crazy with the figmas for a while, and have had to tighten the controls on those too though >_>’.

      Ahaha I don’t think that’s a bad trait. Unless she wears anything and everything. Then you might have a problem XD


      • I love Celeste, she always looks so cute. You have such a talent for photos too. How did you name Kanade and Celeste? They’re awesome names, but I’d always change them every other day. I guess I’d just call her ‘doll’ haha. Those are awesome rules too. I’d always change her eyes, hair, bust, etc etc around all the time. She’d probably get personality disorder haha. I’ll be waiting for your future blog posts after your hiatus. Good luck!!!


        • Sorry for the SUPER LATE reply.
          Thank you! Celeste is named after/based on an OC, and tbh I have no idea how exactly I arrived at that name for her. She had silver hair in the beginning, so I think that put stars in mind when naming her. I remember it starting with Cecelia and kinda drifting into Celeste from there. I like people who are elegant and graceful(because I’m not huehue), so I wanted her name to be something like that!
          As for Kanade….hmmm I just recall liking the name. I always thought Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats had such a pretty name, so I guess it came from that although I wouldn’t say my doll is based off of or named after her.

          Sometimes having no limits on creating or styling a character overwhelms me. It’s weird because I like being able to, but with a lot of games that let you design a character, unless you start completely from scratch, I play as the default character XD. That’s why I set rules for myself–it keeps me grounded.


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