Wonfes Summer 2014: Personal Highlights

Remember last week when I said I would write a followup Wonderfestival post about the other figures I was interested in? Well, now I finally have time for that! Not many non figmas captured my eye this time(which I prefer), but there are some notable things to look forward to. Also, the figure I’m most excited about this time happens to not even be a figma! So let’s take a look at my personal favorite non figma figures from Wonderfestival!

ayasha figure


Character: Ayesha Altugle
Origin: Atelier Ayesha ~Tasogare no Daichi no Renkinjutsushi~
Manufacturer: Penguin Parade

I’ve been watching Atelier figures for ages. The Atelier series is illustrated by Hidari who happens to be one of my favorite artists(she also did the purple haired Fractale designs I love so much). Totori by Phat Company was one of the first Atelier figures and looks great, but I do not love her design enough to warrant a purchase. Phat’s Meruru was next to peak my interest as she had a cheerful smile, pink hair, and adorable stars behind her. Sadly, the mass produced Meruru’s colors were far from the prototype and ended up rather muddled. Even though I do still love the sculpt and have seen her for greatly discounted prices, I just can’t convince myself to purchase Meruru seeing just how far she is from the prototype I loved. Still, my desire for an Atelier figure had not faded, and I soon focused my gaze on the next character to receive the 3D treatment: Ayesha.
I shared the sculpt on Facebook when it was revealed, but this is our first time seeing her painted. This is Penguin Parade’s first Atelier figure, and it looks like unlike Phat who at least gave us good prototypes, they’ve messed up the colors from the beginning. You can see in the illustration, and every other thing Hidari draws, that pastels are key. This was one of the problems with the Meruru figure who’s hair was a dirty pink and dress mustard yellow. Ayesha takes each color to the extreme with bright yellow and green. The rainbow colors on her skirt are completely lost as is her light hair. However, although the figure is not what it could have been, I will not say it is ruined. My desire for an Atelier figure still burns brightly, so I plan to wait until after release to pick one up. My reasons for waiting are: I want to be sure that the final product looks ok, and I have a feeling that her price will drop since most fans will doubtlessly be alienated by the botched colors.

senbonzakura miku
Character: Miku Hatsune Senbonzakura version
Origin: Vocaloid
Manufacturer: Goodsmile Company

Senbonzakura is one of Miku’s many songs with its own outfit, and merchandise for it has exploded lately. We’ve seen scales of Rin, Len, Kaito, and of course Miku announced, and even the Dollfie Dream has an official Senbonzakura set. But something I didn’t think we’d be seeing was a nendoroid, and when you think about it, it was only a matter of time. I’ve slowly come to embrace that I love Miku, and if there’s another cool nendoroid of her on the way, I don’t mind venturing out of my figma zone!
Also, you probably know that I love the kimono aesthetic, but another old favorite of mine is the military look. And by combining the two, Senbonzakura Miku is a powerful force.



Character: Caster Extra
Origin: Fate/Extra CCC
Manufacturer: Beat

Now there is some controversy as to whether this is a Garage kit or PVC, but let’s discuss the figure assuming that she will be readily available.

Fate/Extra CCC differed from its predecessor by making a range of outfits available for Master and Servant. The most publicized outfits for Caster and Saber are Saber’s tight white bridal suit and Caster’s black gothic costume. Both alternate outfits have received figures, but this is the first time someone has ventured into any of the other options. This is Caster’s Amaterasu outfit(Saber’s Emperor outfit also pictures is receiving a figure too) which I prefer over her black gothic costume since it has more of the Japanese aesthetics of her original design. If both of these figures do become a reality, I would be happy to add another Caster to my collection!

Character: Hoozuki
Origin: Hoozuki no Reitetsu
Manufacturer: Goodsmile Company

Hoozuki no Reitetsu is one of the recent shows I actually had time to watch, and I loved it. The series is based on a manga series in which Hoozuki is the oni advisor to King Enma of Japanese hell who is in charge of managing hell and reigning in the slightly incompetent Enma. Hoozuki is rather stoic which makes the strange situations encountered in hell all the funnier. I enjoyed seeing a unique comedy series being made into an anime, and would be happy to purchase the nendoroid just to support it. There are also many wonderful options for Hoozuki’s faces. I wonder if we’ll be seeing his rival Hakutaku as well?


Character: Elsa
Origin: Frozen
Manufacturer: Goodsmile Company

My favorite announcement of the event. GSC’s partnership with Disney is nothing new. It stretches back to nendoroid #100 who was Mickey Mouse and has extended to Marvel characters and recently Star Wars. Yet none of the figures produced from this union were of interest to me, until now. GSC finally gives us one of Disney’s popular princesses from the most recent and earth shatteringly popular movie: Frozen! To me, Frozen was far from perfect, but maybe because of the magic, and maybe because of the pale blonde hair, and maybe because of the blue dress, I happen to love Elsa. So much that I yelled several times after I saw the announcement. This was completely unexpected for me and it really is a dream come true to see a nendoroid of a Disney princess. Frozen was especially in need of this since the merchandise has become extremely hard to find.

With the doors open to Frozen, we are sure to get Anna to join her sister. It is also not unfeasible for us to see(probably limited) nendoroids of the girls in their coronation dresses. And can we expect Kristoff as well? What about other princesses and Disney characters? Only time will tell!

That concludes my personal highlights for Wonderfestival! Did any of these figures catch your interest? What things not mentioned are you eager to get your hands on?


2 thoughts on “Wonfes Summer 2014: Personal Highlights

  1. Hi

    I recently bought my first Figma (Homura) and found your blog looking for reviews and news on figmas (and Nendoroids). Your reviews really helped me figure out which other Figmas from Madoka Magica I want, and I’ve officially been hooked on these anime figures now. 🙂
    Already found a grail and everything (Figma Fireball Charming. She’s amazing, but so expensive!)

    Like you I really love Kimonos, so I’ve been looking into the Yukata style figures, and I think the Senbonzakura figure seems really interesting, thanks for showing it off.

    I’ve also picked up some new anime series because of your blog. I’ve been watching Squid Girl, and I happened upon Hoozuki no Reitetsu on Crunchyroll, so now I’m watching that too. 🙂

    Love the Elsa, she’s so cute, but I suspect she’ll be really popular, and seriously hard to get hold of!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts, and I hope I’ll be able to find more sites about these cute things.


    • Hello 🙂

      Hehe anime figures are very addicting! Glad that you’ve found a new passion!
      Ooh, Charming is a cool figma. I ALMOST got her, but ended up deciding not to since I only wanted her since she looks cool. I’ve seen lots of awesome photos with her and her cape is so dramatic and perfect for Drossel.

      *wipes tear from eye* It’s wonderful to know that others love kimono figures too. I still haven’t gotten my grail, Max Factory’s Kureha. It’s not that I can’t find her, I just am never ready to buy her >_>’

      Both of those are funny skit shows. I’m glad you’re liking them! There are a lot of shows I never even get to talk about because there are no figures for them haha!

      As long as GSC doesn’t try to make Elsa exclusive, I’m good. Oh gosh, I hadn’t even thought of that. Meh, I doubt it. *crosses fingers*

      There are lots of others! Many older than my blog and with amazing photography. For a few others, you can take a look at the “Other Blogs to Check Out” section in my sidebar. 😀


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