Figma News Fridays: Summer Wonderfestival 2014

Welcome to a very special edition of Figma News Fridays; one that I always enjoy writing, and never actually occurs on Fridays.

Sunday July 27 was the date of the annual summer Wonderfestival! Wonderfestival is one of the most anticipated events for figure collectors as it is essentially an exhibit for what we have to look forward to in the next part of the year. This being Figma News Fridays, I will only be discussing the figma side of the event, but seeing that I am able to write a sizable post about theses figures each week, I’m sure we all know that Wonderfestival provides much to talk about. However, keeping in mind that there is much much more to see at the event, I will follow up tomorrow with a list of personal highlights.

Following my usual setup for Wonfes posts, we will begin with announcements and progress to completed prototypes. Origin and any helpful additional information will be included for each figma along with my own opinion. There’s a lot to look at and enjoy, so let’s get started!


Character: Benisuzume
Origin: Shidonia no Kishi

A disappointing Wonfes a year or so ago(I was disappointed because I didn’t know who anyone was), made me decide to become more of a regular anime watcher. After successfully watching one season, I fell behind. A lot. Thankfully that did not automatically make this Wonfes a disappointment. What I am trying to say is that Shidonia no Kishi is probably on my list, but I have yet to watch it, so I do not have much to say.
But what I suppose I can say is that mecha characters are somewhat rare candidates for being made into figmas. This appears to not be because figma joints work poorly on mecha but because they work so well for human characters which there are many more of and also appeal to a wider demographic leaving Max Factory not needing to venture into mecha as often as they can.

DMG Yami Yugi
Characters: Yami Yugi and Dark Magician Girl
Origin: Yu-gi-oh

With a slew of Nintendo characters, GSC and friends began their assault on childhoods. Sadly not being as acquainted with as many Nintendo games as I’d like, the biggest franchise to receive a figure for me was Pokemon in the form of nendoroid Red. Other classic characters are making their figma debuts, and two completely unexpected ones are Yami Yugi and Dark Magician Girl from Yu-gi-oh.
Yu-gi-oh’s place in my childhood is much like that of Sailor Moon. While many were fans of the two, I was born a few years too late to properly indulge in both in their heyday(you could arguably say the same for Pokemon), but I did rediscover these shows around the age of 13 when my interest in anime and Japanese culture began to blossom. But whereas I can say that I truly like Sailor Moon, I hesitate to call myself a fan of Yu-gi-oh. This is because my attachment to the characters stems not from the series itself, but from one of the internet’s greatest gifts: Yu-gi-oh: The Abridged Series. Creating condensed humorous versions of a series is a great way to poke at inconsistencies and lapses in logic, and I remember many a dorky sleepover spent watching the multitude of abridged series on Youtube. Yu-gi-oh Abridged is my personal favorite, and because of it, Yu-gi-oh is officially familiar enough for me to consider buying figures from it!

Seeing how cute Kotobukiya’s Dark Magician Girl Cu-poche ended up, I am looking forward to seeing the figma. and am just as excited for Yami’s accessories. The cape articulation is sure to be glorious, and who knows what other surprises from the series are in store for us?

GGO Kirito
Character: Kirito GGO version
Origin: Sword Art Online II

Surely you all know of my deep love of Kirito, and how even is spite of SAO’s not meeting my expectations(far from it in fact), I continue to fawn over figures of him. Yet with the advent of GGO Kirito(AKA trap Kirito or Kiriko), my passionate heart wavers. Officially, Kirito is on my wish list, but the fact that he looks like a girl is a deterrent to say the least. Also, those pants.
But I do have to admit that I have yet to have a chance to watch the new season which may change my opinion.

Gurlukovich Army Soldiers
Character: Gurlukovich Army Soldiers
Origin: Metal Gear Solid 2

Looks like Snake isn’t the only Metal Gear character we’re seeing! So what can we expect to see with these guys? Guns? Bombs? You’ll have to tell me because I literally don’t know!

Hananakajima Masaru
Character: Masaru Hananakajima
Origin: Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san

*The paragraph below relies entirely on information I just obtained from Wikipedia*

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san is a gag manga with an anime counterpart from the 90’s. In spite of having a following in Japan, it does not fare as well overseas due to the humor catering best to those with knowledge of Japanese culture and language.

An interesting choice definitely. Also, this is the first time I recall Wing making a figma! I am sure the intended audience for this figure is thrilled, and based on some images from a quick image search, I am quite intrigued by his possible accessories.

hizumari akari
Character: Akari Hizumari
Origin: Terra Formars

T-terra Formars? But that’s the show with the sexy roaches! Oh no oh no his feet don’t look nearly big enough to deal with those club wielding monsters. Why does the world have to keep reminding me of those giant things!

kuji alice
Character: Alice Kuji
Origin: Tetsudou Musume

As long as there are girls in it, Japan will make a show about anything. And even if there aren’t girls in it(like tanks. I’m looking at you, Girls und Panzer), Japan will add girls to make a show about it. I suppose that also applies to Tetsudou Musume which is about railway employees who just happen to be girls. In spite of what I’ve said, this does not mean the series is bad. Actually, I was not able to find much information about it. Still, Alice already has a nendoroid which happens to be very cute, so surely we can hope for the same with the figma.
Also, this is another figma made by a company that isn’t Max Factory. This time it’s Tomytec who I have never heard of.

kusanagi motoko
Character: Motoko Kusanagi Arise version
Origin: Koukaku Kidotai ARISE

Have you had enough Motoko? I hope not because a new version is on the way!
It’s amazing how different she looks in this version!

Makishima Yuusuke
Character: Makishima Yuusuke
Origin: Yowamushi Pedal

One thing I feared when Onoda Sakamichi was announced was that he would be the lone character from his series, but Max Factory has quickly proved that that is not the case by announcing Yuusuke. Will yellow bike uniforms one day be the new sailor uniform? I doubt it, but if it happens, I want everyone to say I called it.

miki hoshii
Character: Miki Hoshii
Origin: The Idolmaster (TV Animation)

More Idolm@ster figmas! Although I have to say that whether they mean to or not, Max Factory is creating a far more interesting like with the Cinderella Girls than the original series. Still, we now have Miss Miki to look forward to who always looks like a spirited girl. I love the gold details around her neck and waist!

Miyafuji Yoshika
Character: Miyafuji Yoshika Shinden ver.
Origin: Strike Witches Movie

Apparently Strike Witches has new content on the way which is a prime excuse for more figmas! This is Yoshika’s second figma and it just might open the door for other characters once more.

Racing Miku 2014 EV ver
Character: Miku Hatsune EV Mirai Ver., Racing 2014
Origin: GOOD SMILE Racing, Vocaloid

It has become apparent lately that there is not just one version of each year’s racing Miku. Racing Miku 2013 brings us the Sepang version and a bike version which recently went up for preorder. This year’s bike Miku is not nearly as sporty, but has her own charm, and with spring Kuji Miku I pretty much sold my soul to Miku anyway, so this is a definite get. I wonder if there will be an expensive bike we’ll have to buy separately?

Sakura kinomoto
Character: Sakura Kinomoto
Origin: Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura, another classic anime, has been receiving its own revival lately, and after the nendoroid came to be, a figma was inevitable. Even knowing it would happen, my fingers have been crossed this whole time, and I am happy to finally let them relax.

Character: Shujinkou
Origin: Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold

I’m sure many people are ultimately ultra super excited by this announcement.

sidonia no kishi
Charcter: Type 18 Guardian
Origin: Sidonia no Kishi

Just how many types of guardians are there? At least 18.
These posts show my weakness when it comes to certain genres.

Skeleton Sega Saturn
Character: Skeleton Sega Saturn
Origin: Chain Chronicle V

Another Miku figure, cool! Well, not really. This character is actually from the popular mobile game which got its own Playstation Vita version called Chain Chronicle V. The two only look so similar because they share the same artist. Sega Saturn is not the only character from this game to receive a figure at this Wonderfestival, and looking at the game’s art, there are many characters with awesome designs to choose from.
Saturn is being produced by FREEING, and that combined with my not knowing her character gives me a good reason to pass on her, but once you factor in that she looks like Miku and has staffs, Saturn still has a chance.

Unpainted Prototypes

berserk figmas

Characters: Slan, Femto, and Void
Origin: Berserk

Apparently nobody wants to take closer pictures of them, but Slan and Void have finally been sculpted! Femto’s photo is from a while ago, but at least you don’t have to squint to see him.

Character: Horse

The figma horse has appeared painted before, but this time it is sans paint and with a bridle and saddle.
I’ll call her Majesty. WEESNAW

king leonidas
Character: King Leonidas
Origin: 300

Finally Leonidas in his full partially dressed glory! I like the texture on areas like his shield and spear, but worry about what might be over texturing on his face. I know that realistic faces are obviously not as smooth an anime faces, but considering that complaints about Indiana Jones revolved around his face looking bad, I think this is something to be wary of. His chest joint also looks less than spectacular, but that is nothing new with figmas, and is usually easier to overlook with paint.
Also, can you imagine the body swapping possibilities? Is Max Factory trying to relive or forget the days of figma Billy Herrington?

ninja slayer
Character: Ninja Slayer
Origin: Ninja Slayer

It looks like we have more to look forward to from Ninja Slayer before the anime has even started! This figma from Phat company has a different design from the previous two Ninja Slayer figmas, but I have been able to find little else out about him.

satsuki sama

Character: Satsuki Kiryuuin
Origin: Kill la Kill

Joining Ryuko, we finally have Satsuki, the undisputed law of Honnouji Academy! As with Ryuko, Satsuki’s figma is depicted in her kamui’s battle mode which is just a bit risque. However, the depiction is dead on especially in the face, so there’s not much more to ask for. I only hope that this brings about regular versions of Satsuki and Ryuko along with other characters like Mako(in both forms) and possibly Jakuzure or Nui Harime.

Character: Tsugumori
Origin: Shidonia no Kishi

The first Shidonia character to be sculpted gives us an idea of what to expect for the others. The sculpt is very…blocky?

the fool
Character: The Fool
Origin: Nobunaga the Fool

More mecha! What am I going to talk about for the next six months?

the thinker
Character: The Thinker

Have you ever looked at classic sculptures and yearned to see them in a different pose? The David is great and all, but what if he was throwing a grenade or eating a bag of chips? Well, the time has come for you to utilize your nimble fingers to express such latent desires thanks to the fine folks at FREEING who are bringing us a figma of THe Thinker: the statue.
If anything, this Wonfes has proved that one opened up to other companies, there are no lines to the figma world. And looking at the plethora of popular characters Good Smile Company has gotten a hold of thanks to their partnership with Disney(I’ll go over my favorite product of this union in my personal highlights post), surely GSC and friends aim to take over the world. So rejoice my friends, for soon there will be no distinction between figma and man or figma and animal, for all will be figmas.

Painted Protoypes

akuma homura 1

akuma homura 2

akuma homura 3

akuma homura 4

akuma homura 5
Character: Akuma Homura
Origin: Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

So we meet again, Akuma Homura! I’m sure you all know how I feel about this character, so I’ll not talk about that for the next two sentences.
Let’s be honest, this is one of the coolest figmas I’ve seen. The marbled skirt is awesome, the wings are awesome, the hair has a wonderful flow, and the faces express what dwells at the very core of Akuma Homura. Knowing my disdain for the character and choice to not purchase any merchandise bearing her image, but being well aware of the great design, I feared for my resistance upon seeing the finished product, and am happy to say that even when faced with this much awesome, I can continue to not buy Akuma Homura.
*The two sentences are up. Rant time is in full swing*
This is just not how I want to remember Homura, and seeing her this way makes me sad for her. However, I acknowledge that my dislike of this development is fully emotional, so for those of you who do like her, enjoy!

Oh but that’s not all because Aniplex(who you may recall is distributing this figure instead of GSC and has made her exclusive) pulled a Kyubey on us and began preorders already. Places like BiJ have already sold out, but do keep in mind that Rightstuf(who is the official US Aniplex distributor) should carry her.
For those interested in tracking her down, Homura retails for 5463 yen and will be released in February 2015.

Character: Amatsukaze
Origin: Kantai Collection

If there’s anything I like more than a sideways glance, it’s a smug sideways glance, and Amatsukaze sure has it! Amatsukaze also happens to be my favorite Kan Colle~ design so far as she embodies many of the unique aspects I liked about Shimakaze without the…thong. I’ve stayed away from Kan Colle~ thus far, but depending on what Amatsukaze’s accessories are, that just might change.
Characters: Conan Edogawa and Culprit
Origin: Meitantei Conan

Conan, another classic character, has been long in the making, and in spite of being fully colored, we have yet to get a good picture of what his figma will be like. Things are still murky with Culprit and Conan himself is missing joints for the time being.

Character: Lucina
Origin: Fire Emblem: Kakusei

I know that many of you have been waiting for this for a long time! So, what do you think?

racing miku 2014
Character: Racing Miku 2014
Origin: GOOD SMILE Racing, Vocaloid

Figma Racing Miku 2014 finally makes her sculpted debut! And for the first time in forever…I don’t like her that much. Surely you know how forgiving I am with figmas–especially unique Mikus, and although I do still like the original art, this figma’s transition did not fare as well as I’d have liked. She definitely does not look bad though. The hair is crinkly and a vivid blue, and her body looks great, but something just hasn’t convinced me. However, I’ve yet to make my final decision because none of the other accessories have been revealed yet which is unusual.

red pyramid thing
Character: Red Pyramid Thing
Origin: Silent Hill 2

Painted for the first time, it’s Red Pyramid Thing! Not being a Silent Hill fan, the best I can say is that he looks just as I’d expect a pyramid headed thing to look. Check out those bloodstains! The only things that appear off to me are his strikingly white gloves(Mickey Mouse) and that the finish on his blade looks a little cheap and not like metal at all.

Character: Shinobu Oshino
Origin: Nisemonogatari

Although my infatuation with Bakemonogatari ended long ago, I still count Shinobu as a character I would like to own in figma form.
But seeing the figma sculpted and painted, I find myself underwhelmed. From clothing to hair and face, she appears dated and like something you’d expect to see from 2012. Even the joints are more visible than they should be. There’s just nothing saying wow to me. I am awaiting accessories to make my final decision as usual, but my fading interest in ‘Monogatari and the lack of pizzaz in Shinobu is steering me away from adding her to my collection.

Character: Sinon
Origin: Sword Art Online II

You didn’t think Kirito would be alone, did you? I still do not know how much I will like Sinon as a character, but her design is very attractive(more so than Kirito’s imo), so I have my eye on her!

tan sonico
Character: Sonico
Origin: SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation

Sonico’s third figma and second in a bikini because Sonico hates clothing! Now we see that all of that exposed skin has given Sonico a tan. To accommodate her tan, she has a silver bikini.
Being naturally tan skinned, I now have something to show people if they ever ask why I do not want to wear a pink wig(not that I am asked this often). I do think the silver bikini was a good choice, but wonder why Max Factory does not try to make her bikini more exciting with a pattern. Her face is also pudgy and cute as is the Sonico logo tan line on her leg. I wish I was cool enough to have a picture of my face on my leg.

That brings this special edition of FNF to a close! I have been working on this post all day 1. because it is long and 2. because I’m researching for a paper at the same time, so I’ll keep this conclusion brief and ask what you all think. Highlights? Disappointments? Let your voice be heard in the comments, and please look forward to my next Wonfes post which will include the non figma things which caught my eye.


10 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays: Summer Wonderfestival 2014

  1. I had no idea that there would be a figma of Yu from Persona 4. He is a must-have for me!! I already have Chie and Yukiko.

    I wish that the new figma Super Sonico wasn’t tanned. She is very cute but that means we can’t swap the faces with Tiger Hoodie Sonico. I guess that they didn’t want to make an exact copy of the limited edition one that was sold with the DVD box.


  2. I wasn’t excited until I saw Narukami but then I saw Akuma Homura and screamed (then cried), then I saw Lucina and had a heart attack, then I saw Shinobu and died from the heart attack so I think this was a pretty good Wonfes


  3. I kinda came off pretty satisfied with this year’s announcements of figma. I am definitely keen on Yugi, Yu (P4 shujinko), Conan, CCSakura, Horse, and… The Thinker. Gotta have him be a statue for a possible artroom diorama for my school theme setup~
    And if the price is right, I might have a swing at the MGS2 soldiers, for some “terrorist-raiding” scenes. xD

    Oh, the type-18 Guardian in Sidonia is the 18th production line of mechs, and makes up for majority of the fighting force in the story. Tsugumori is 17th, from the previous gen; a little obsolete, but shined in the hands of the protagonist. Anything before 17th isn’t shown in the show, so I guess no figma for them? (not like it matters anyway =X)

    Tomytec has a lot of train-related stuff, but they made some really cool 1/12 scale items as well One such was the crazily expensive but awesome sleeper train cabin:
    It makes me drool how much more play-value I can have with my figma if I have this in my collection… Well with that said, it doesn’t come off as a surprise their first collab figma will be train-related too.


  4. The only figma I really buy would be figma Homucifer Akuma, absolutely gorgeous, I wonder if that wings are bendable or is it two different wings (spread and bend). With this I believe my quest to complete the figma from Madoka Magica is complete.

    One thing though, by looking at the picture of figma Homucifer which seems that the wings are attached where it should be, I wish they do a figma Ultimate Madoka 2.0, I don’t really like how they attached the wings in the hair.

    A possible purchase would be figma Siinon.


    • As for your Homura rant, all I can say is that it’s her character that we tried to overlook in the TV series, thanks to Kyubey. A Homura going to magical girl heaven to be with Madoka at the end of the movie doesn’t justify a brand new 2 hour film because really it’s what the TV series are for.


  5. The main highlights for me here would have to be everything from Knights of Sidonia being such a huge fan of the manga and anime. I just hope they really don’t screw it up. Amatsukaze also looks really nice and I may just end up getting her. I am DEFINITELY getting a Shinobu to go with my Koyomi and Hitagi figmas, I just hope she has a glaring face and some donuts. Satsuki looks amazing and depending on her accessories and paint work I might just get her. That MGS2 soldier sounds quite nice but I’ll probably just put off getting him until I can get a discount. Pyramid Head would be cool to have just because it’s Pyramid Head, but I don’t know it’s still a maybe. All of the Ninja Slayer figma have my attention but I’ll make the final call once reviews are out and the anime has started airing. Everything else is really a pass for me.


  6. THAT LEONIDAS IS GLORIOUS. I’m still surprised no one took a close up of God Hand, I can’t be the only one interested in them. With Narukami here a Brosuke can’t be too far behind. I’m glad that they’re going with more Terra Formars figmas, someone needs to keep those roaches in check, here hoping for Michelle. Pyramid Head, Lucina, and Conan are all looking fantastic painted, but I’m curious to see Conan’s accesories and how they’ll sell the suspect. Glad they’re going with Miki next. C’mon you need the Thinker in your life………………………. And a certain muscular roach. Still haven’t seen the new movie, but new Homura looks fantastic. I have a strong feeling the non figma thing that caught your eye was Elsa’s Nendo.


  7. Ohmygod! nothing can satisfy my hunger for figmas other that your reviews and I’m so happy because wonfes is upon us with so many amazing figures especially figmas. ❤


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