Postcard Giveaway Winners!

Hello everyone!

Today it is finally time to announce the winners of Never Outgrew Toys’ first ever postcard giveaway!
Thank you to everyone who participated, and by the end there were 35 entries for all of the cards. I also enjoyed reading the sweet messages some of you sent along with your entries, so thank you for those as well!

Now let’s see who won!


Postcard A which is the figma card!
Featuring Kirito and Asuna spending time together among the spring flowers. The photo is from my Swinging into Spring photo shoot.
The question for this card is: What is Yami Usagi’s favorite type of figure?”

And the answer is of course: figmas!
A rather easy question to answer since I kind of photograph and talk about figmas…a lot. There’s also Figma News Fridays. You can’t go wrong with Figma News Fridays.

This card was the most popular with a total of 14 entries! Because just who can resist a cute couple on a swing?
The winner for this card is…

Number A4: Spiritworld!

Congratulations to Spiritworld for being the first winner!

Next up is Card B.
Postcard B is the nendoroid card, and shows Snow Miku relaxing with sake.
The photo is from Snow Miku’s review.
The question for this card is: What is the name of the Never Outgrew Toys mascot?

And the answer is Sunny the Cow or just Sunny.
Sunny has been the Never Outgrew Toys mascot since…before the blog existed! Back in 2010, when searching for something to identify myself with, I found a cow eraser a friend of mine brought back from a trip, and decided to pose him with my figures and use him as an avatar. My dad soon named him Sunny for me, and Sunny the cow was born! Every now and then, Sunny receives a makeover as my avatar, and one of these days I’d like to incorporate him more into the blog’s design.

Postcard B was the second most sought after with 10 entries! Did you know that this photo also once received Picture of the Day on MFC?

And the winner is…

B2: Matheus!

Congratulations to Matheus for winning!

On to card C!

Postcard C is the scaled figure card! Here you can see the lovely Nessa with purple hydrangeas swirling about her.
The photo comes from Nessa’s review.
The question for this card is: What is Yami Usagi’s favorite Pokemon?

And the answer is: Gardevoir
Gardevoir may not be the best Pokemon, but since playing Pokemon Emerald as one of my first games, I’ve been fond of it. In fact, many third generation Pokemon have a place on my favorites list including Milotic and Altaria. Gardevoir is also half Psychic which is my favorite type!

Postcard C was one of the easier cards to win with only 6 entries. The photo happens to be one of my favorites and was originally taken for GSC’s summer photo contest a while back.

And the lucky recipient is…
C6: Stillnovember!

Congratulations to Stillnovember for winning!

The final card is postcard D, the doll card!

The final postcard is the doll card D which shows my Pureneemo, Kagura with some spring laundry.
The photo is from the photo shoot Spring Cleaning with Tamaki and Kagura.
The question for this card is: What is the name of Yami Usagi’s long awaited Dollfie Dream?

And the answer is: Celeste!

Celeste is my lengthiest project that stemmed from my finally giving in to the might that is Dollfie Dreams. I spent just under a year assembling her pieces and am glad to say that the wait was worth it as I really enjoy being part of the Dollfie Dream community!

A mere 5 entries assured that doll lovers had the lowest chance of going home empty handed.

And the winner is…

D5 InnocentSake!

Congratulations to InnocentSake for winning!

That concludes the first ever Never Outgrew Toys postcard giveaway! Did you have fun? I sure did, and being able to see my photos in print and share them with wonderful people was just part of it! Seeing the popularity of the figma and nendoroid postcards, I may have to make the next giveaway just for those types of figures.

But in the mean time, let’s congratulate our four winners: Spiritworld, Matheus, Stillnovember, and InnocentSake!
I will be emailing all four winners to receive your addresses!

But what about those who did not win? Or maybe you did not enter for these photos, but have others in mind that you like much more? Since we’re already talking about postcards, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce my newest “service” which is offering postcards for sale!

I’ve seen other figure photographers make postcards of their work, and would like to do the same since postcards are the perfect size for displaying precious figure memories.

More information on how you can purchase your own postcards will be available soon! 😀


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