July Mish Mash Gallery

Look at me making posts like some kind of blogger!

Every couple of months, a good amount of photos with nowhere to go develops which means what I still try to avoid calling a photo dump develops. So it’s mish mash time!
These photos span from early spring to now. The spring photos are a few spare ideas executed during other shoots while the recent ones are part of my trying to figure out how to work with Celeste since she’s ,you know, way bigger than anything I’ve photographed.

water lily_edited-1
First up is Kagura in the clovers. That is, before they became the patch of brown they are now. I was first excited when my dad said he would not be mowing the back yard for a while because it meant I would be able to work with the wild flowers and grasses for a while. Sadly that glee has since melted away as the clovers have largely shriveled up and the yard is filled with weeds almost or as tall as me. There are also giant bugs. I try to stay away from there.
At least the clovers were pretty while they lasted, and being able to get so many pretty shots with Sailor Suit Miku was more than worth it!

What I like about clovers is how cool they are(and I mean that literally). Stepping on a patch of them on a hot day is wonderful!
Part of this sense of relief is how the clovers shade the ground beneath them. I tried several times to capture the cool dark beneath the clover stalks, and although this photo did not show it as I’d wanted, I like that the shadows look almost like water.

The flowers smell very nice too!
Also, Kagura has been wearing this outfit for two months now…

The most resourceful shot of the bunch!
A lot of times I am disappointed with my failure/lack of interest in using objects around me as I did when I first began figure photography.
This time, I noticed the shiny hubcaps on a golf cart my dad had parked in the yard and liked how the lawn mower he also had parked reflected in it. The red mower, blue sky, and green grass seemed very much like a countryside scene to me. I think Kagura looks very cute sitting there!

Kagura’s shoes just did not want to stay on her feet which wasn’t so bad since they look nice on their own!

My only figure photo of the bunch! I had this idea a long time ago but forgot about it.
Madoka better be a good archer…

Now for my attempts with Celeste!
Whenever I add a wildly different item to my collection, there is a learning curve to overcome. Both Tamaki and Kagura spent time away from the camera while I figured out just what to do with them. Many of my early shots of Tamaki are what I’d now consider bland because it is obvious that had not yet honed in on her character and was not very attached to her. I had also not yet learned how to have her interact with the environment and many of those early shots show here merely perched in a tree or standing in the grass. The final part of the learning curve is the things you can only start to learn once you have that item in your hands. I already knew how figmas looked in various shades of light, how they posed, and what parts of them to keep out of a shot. But photographing a Pureneemo for the first time, I had to deal with clothing, hair, posing a different body, and a flatter face which often reflected light. Now with my first Dollfie Dream, the learning fun begins anew! I enjoy spending time with Celeste and want to photograph her, but am having a few problems thinking of where and how to take her picture. Differences I’ve already begun to notice are her eyes which need to be illuminated to avoid the empty socket look. She is also harder to balance and being much much larger than Pureneemos and figmas, needs more space for photographs. This seems obvious, but the bigger my subjects become, the less suitable my humble back yard becomes no matter how well I know it and how well it has served me. While a hand sized patch of light may be more than enough for a dramatic figma photo, a 1/3 doll needs much more. Her larger size also makes squeezing bokeh out of my camera’s default lens more difficult.
In all, I do enjoy the learning curve, and seeing how different Tamaki and Kagura look just one year later, I am excited to see how Celeste will have evolved by this time next year.

golden nights_edited-1
This first photo was a product of my impatience to photograph her and took place on that one night a year that I think I can do night photography. I had decent results last year with Tamaki, but the photos were marred by too high ISO. Now knowing more about light, I gave it another try with results that are at least worth sharing.
With Tamaki, I had been able to achieve decent bokeh in the maple tree and liked how the street lights gave the image a golden tone. There is no bokeh this time because Celeste is too big to fit among the leaves. Also, the shadows cast by the leaves were far too harsh after a long exposure.
This is far from perfect, but I think it looks ok. Sort of like she’s sitting on a park bench at night. The only thing really bothering me is that shadow on her nose.

These day photos were taken today and fare much better on my personal approval scale.
Fun fact: My mom bought that fabric to make me a sun dress when I was a baby. She never did make that dress, but many years later, it fulfilled it’s destiny.

I look forward to getting a more manageable wig.

Going for some dramatic poses.

tree 2_edited-1
I really like the eye contact in this one!

Going for a closeup to try to get bokeh, but none. Oh well, she’s still cute and I love those eyes >_<
Hmmm this might make a good wallpaper…

That wraps up this mish mash! I look forward to working more with Celeste, and figures will be returning to the blog soon XD


3 thoughts on “July Mish Mash Gallery

  1. You’re pretty resourceful with finding random objects for your photo shoots, nice mirror tire by the way. I think Kyoko should be more worried than Koyomi XD. Oooooh bokeh, your pics have plenty of bokeh. Double post, my name didn’t show up last time.


  2. You’re pretty resourceful with finding random objects for your photo shoots, nice mirror tire by the way. I think Kyoko should be more worried than Koyomi XD. Oooooh bokeh, your pics have plenty of bokeh.


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