Postcard Giveaway!

That’s right! It’s time for Never Outgrew Toys’ first ever giveaway!
So what’s the occasion? This spring marked the second year anniversary of the blog, and although I made plans for a giveaway, I was not able to sort out the details in time. So this giveaway is partially a belated anniversary celebration, but also because I’ve always wanted to give something away to show my appreciation for the lovely people who read the blog!

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there! Ordering post cards has inspired me to finally take the leap and begin offering prints! I do not intend to keep a shop with prints stocked, but will instead do everything on an order by basis. You pick the photo, I print it! The full details will be announced along with the winners of the giveaway, so let’s go ahead and check out the prizes~

There are four post cards to win, and to appeal to many readers, I’ve included one of each “type”. We have figma, nendoroid, scaled figure, and doll!
PC all
Each is standard postcard size, printed on thick glossy paper, and features photos chosen for beauty.
This is my first time having any of my figure photos printed, so seeing them makes me very happy!

Now how do you win one of these cute cards?
I could use one of the conventional giveaway methods, but that would be too simple. Instead, we’ll be playing a mini quiz game! Each postcard has it’s own question, and in order to win the card, you have to answer the question correctly! But don’t worry because the questions are rather easy. In fact, visiting the About page just might help with anything you’re unsure about. When you have your answer, the next step is to email it to Your email should include: Your internet name (so I know what to call you when you win), the letter of the post card you’re entering for (I’ll get to those in a minute), and of course the answer to the question.

For example, if you’re entering for postcard “C”, simply say “Hello, I’m *Your name here* entering for card C, and the answer is *answer here*”.
It’s that simple!

And if you just can’t choose, don’t worry because you can enter for as many post cards as you want! However, you can only enter once for each card, and can only win one. We want many people to experience the excitement of winning! I won’t make liking the blog on Facebook or following on Twitter (@NeverOutgrewToy) a requirement, but you will receive little hints and reminders about the giveaway that way.

When you enter for the card, I will reply to confirm your entry and assign you a number. Don’t worry about keeping track of your number because it’s simply yours for when I randomly generate the winners.

Now back to the cards!

Postcard A is the figma card!
It features Kirito and Asuna spending time together among the spring flowers. The photo is from my Swinging into Spring photo shoot.
The question for this card is: What is Yami Usagi’s favorite type of figure?”

Postcard B is the nendoroid card, and shows Snow Miku relaxing with sake.
The photo is from Snow Miku’s review.
The question for this card is: What is the name of the Never Outgrew Toys mascot?

Postcard C is the scaled figure card! Here you can see the lovely Nessa with purple hydrangeas swirling about her.
The photo comes from Nessa’s review.
The question for this card is: What is Yami Usagi’s favorite Pokemon?

The final postcard is the doll card D which shows my Pureneemo, Kagura with some spring laundry.
The photo is from the photo shoot Spring Cleaning with Tamaki and Kagura.
The question for this card is: What is the name of Yami Usagi’s long awaited Dollfie Dream?

The giveaway will last for two weeks which means it will end on July 20th, so be sure to enter before then and let anyone else who would want to win a free postcard know as well!
On July 20th, I will announce the winners and have the full details for purchasing prints, so definitely stay tuned and good luck!


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