Figma News Fridays 6/27/14

The last FNF of June! But this isn’t just the last FNF of June, it’s also the last of my extended summer vacation! Perhaps you’ve gleaned from posts over the past year that after graduating highschool, I took some time off to…write about figures? Not really, but since I did not intend to take a full year off, and didn’t plan/can’t afford any spectacular trips, I did happen to write about figures a lot more than whatever it is you’re supposed to do during a gap year. Of course that does not mean that my life has not slowly shifted into where it should be. In this past year, I’ve gotten a job, learned to drive a car, bought a car, and learned more through the moon prism of experience about financial self control which is imperative when your hobby is collecting expensive plastic people from foreign places. School officially starts back up for me this upcoming Tuesday(mini semester ftw). I would say to expect my blogging to slow down, but I’ve already come down to about two posts a week, so things might not change too much.
And speaking of changes, we saw quite a few this past week in the figma world. These changes came in the form of preorders and magazine scans featuring a host of surprises! Now let us gather together and enjoy the last hurrah of this strange chapter of my life, for by next Friday, I will be a slightly different bunny. So let’s get started!


Nagato Preorders Begin
nagato preview page
From ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘ comes a figma of the battleship, Nagato!

Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
She comes three expressions including her standard expression, a half-damaged expression and a gentle smiling expression.
The large ship parts on her back can be attached and removed, and each of the turrets is separately articulated.
An articulated figma stand is included.
Nagato retails for 6296 yen and will be available in January 2015

nagato bonus items
Orders of figma Nagato from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include 2x giant spicy meatballs‘Attack Effect Parts’ as a bonus!
* Please note that stock of this product is limited. Order soon to avoid disappointment.

So we’ve worked our way into the new year already?
When bloging about Nagato’s prototype artwork which was shown at Wonderfestival, I thought that I was somehow using the wrong images because Nagato looked…weird. Her face appeared elongated and dare I say weasel-like which was very unlike the other Kan colle characters’ art. But now that the figma is sculpted, I know that that’s just how Nagato looks!
As for her outfit, whereas the two most recently show Kan Colle figmas were aircraft carriers, Nagato is a battleship which brings some freshness to the line…that is until the next battleship comes along.
Forgive me Nagato, I don’t mean to sound so negative.
On the positive side, Nagato has a decent array of faces and she’s channeling Strength with those amazing mecha arms! Unfortunately(ack! The negative again!) those arms cut into her accessories leaving miss Nagato rather bare and push her price to a tremendous 6296 yen. If I did want Nagato, I would seriously considering waiting until after release since expensive figmas like Ultimate Madoka, Princess of the Crystal, and Kuroyukihime(all of which I preordered btw) went down in price.
And we can’t forget those GSC shop bonuses! I am actually quite pleased with the choice in bonus accessories for figmas so far because none have been awesome or crucial enough enough to force anyone to buy the figure from GSC.

Terraformar in Scans
Origin: Terra Formars

Have you ever had nightmares about being bludgeoned by a giant humanoid cockroach with killer abs? Because you’re going to tonight.
Terraformar makes another terra-fying appearance where he not only demonstrates his ability to chase you down wherever you run, but shows what he will do when he catches you! And he has a nice back?
So far the most we know is that Terraformar is scheduled as an October release which would mean preorders are soon. Very soon.

Guyver I in Scans
guyver scans
Origin: Bio Booster Armor Guyver

Remember figma Guyver I? It seems like for a long time, Max Factory didn’t, but Guyver is making his first appearance in some time, and he looks to be ready for preorders. And with a scheduled release date of November 2014, those preorders better happen soon.

Onoda Sakamichi in Scans
sakamichi scan
Origin: Yowamushi Pedal

Yowamushi pedal is one of the unexpected, yet welcome additions to the figma line as of late. This is our first time seeing Onoda sculpted, and he looks rather sweet(although I’m sure that is not the intended reaction). In fact, Onoda’s figma reminds me a lot of older anime styles. Of course Onoda has to be shown with his all important bike(Yowamushi is about bike riding btw), and as much as I would like to be excited that the bike is being included as an accessory, everything I know about figmas is causing me to doubt that the bike really will come with him. Prove me wrong, Max Factory!

Uno Uzume in Scans
uno uzume scan
Origin: Fantasista Doll

Uno is another figma we’ve been waiting to hear more about. This is her first painted appearance, and boy is she cute! Bows, mary janes, cards, and tiny drums? That’s just adorable.
Uno should have preorders open soon as well seeing she is scheduled for November. I predict an awful month or many delays.

Chariot in Scans
chariot scans
Origin: Black Rock Shooter The Animation

Can you say finally?
I’m tempted to say that it’s been far too long for me to want Chariot anymore, but those macaroons and the accompanying face tell me I might feel differently later on, so I’ll be waiting for final photos. Still, I have a feeling that I’ll have to pick her up after release because with a shield that big, there’s no way her price is going to be pretty.
Chariot is also scheduled for November, so we may know everything we need to know soon. And either next week will be full of preorders, or this post is full of lies.


Racing Miku 2013: EV MIRAI ver. Preorders Begin
Racing Miku 2013 Mirai EV preview page

The electric bike ‘TT Zero 13’ which took part in the Isle of Man TT race featured Racing Miku 2013 EV Mirai ver. as their mascot character. That version of Racing Miku is now becoming a figma!

The Hatsune Miku GT project official character ‘Racing Miku’ joined forces with the electric bike manufacturer ‘TEAM MIRAI’ to become the ‘EV MIRAI ver.’, wearing a bike suit and tank top!
She comes with both a standard expression as well as a bright smiling expression.
A helmet, bottle and alternate parts that give the sleeves tied around her hips a more dynamic look for riding a bike are all included.
An articulated figma stand is also included.
Miku retails for 4444 yen and will be released in October.

Yes! YES! For everything I say about welcoming unconventional characters into the figma line, my collection says otherwise, as all I really seem to want is new Mikus. I loved this Miku the moment she was announced, and continued to love her until I was finally able to push the preorder button this week. Once figure collecting becomes a regular hobby, preordering a new figure can lose its zest, but when I preordered Miku, I was genuinely excited which is a good reminder of what it feels like to really want a figure in your collection.
But it’s not all fun and games…

ex:ride Spride.06 – TT-Zero 13 Preorders Begin

Miku bike preview page
The motorbike which completed the 2013 Isle of Man TT race as the pioneer of electric motorbikes, the ‘TT-Zero 13’ is being transformed into figma size!

The unique appearance of the bike covered with racing Miku’s lovable design has all been faithfully converted into figma size. Be sure to display it together with ‘figma Racing Miku 2013: EV MIRAI ver.’ which will be going on sale at the same time.
The bike retails for 5800 yen and will be released in October.

So why is it not all fun and games with Miku? Because her all important bike is not just sold separately, but costs more than she does! For now I have just ordered Miku, but after figma Saber Zero’s motorcycle price plummeted(I’ll try not to think about how I didn’t take advantage of that), I have faith that I’ll be able to get the bike for a better price later. Still, it is a shame since the bike is a big part of Miku.
At least she has a water bottle!


Levi Released
levi preview page
My Levi is waiting to be paid for >///<

Ranko Kanzaki Released
ranko preview page
Same for Ranko!

That brings this week to a close! What set your plastic loving heart ablaze with desire?
And don’t forget that you can give the blog a like on Facebook(149 likes at the moment!) or follow on Twitter(@NeverOutgrewToy) for faster updates(like on figma preorders) and a lot more extra tidbits. With my going back to school, you’ll probably hear a lot more from me that way.

5 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 6/27/14

  1. Urgh, the Miku is pretty, but I will resist her… I bought Chariot instead!

    My Ranko arrived too: she’s pretty freaking fun to pose and play with (imagine the swapping possibilities with the umbrella and such).


  2. Different bunny? What’s so different about your Facebook and Twitter anyhow? Nagato’s cool, but I’m glad that the cheese balls aren’t an enticing enough exclusive. I’ll be buying her off my usual shops. Chariot and Uno are day one preorders for me. That new Miku looks really well done, so I’ll definitely be picking her up. I’m a bit surprised by the cost of the bike too. I think you need more muscular club wielding roaches in your life.


    • I share little things there that are too brief for the blog. For instance I posted a couple “teaser” photos of Celeste and gave updates on her progress before the blog post was ready. I also comment on other figures and things every now and then and share new blog posts. Probably the most useful is that I post when new figmas are up for preorder ^^. I think of it as a fun little “extra”.

      It’s true. My life is empty without ripped roaches.


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