Figma News Fridays: 6/6/14

Half of 2014 has already fallen away. I’m not sure how to feel about that, but I do know that by this time next year, and even in the next month, things will be very different for me thanks to school. Yay? Life has already begun exerting its iron grasp on my beloved collecting habits, but aside from putting projects to the side, I am glad to say that it looks like something I’ll be able to continue doing. Especially since it’s my primary hobby. It looks like this past year of being more selective with figures has paid off in teaching me proper restraint which I will definitely need.
Speaking of restraint, this was a good week restraining yourself from figma preorders since there were none! Our only news is some release information, so let’s get started!


Yukari Akiyama Release Date Announced
yukari akiyama preview page
After being delayed last month, Yukari is now scheduled for June 20th.

Oh Yukari, I still find you cute as a button. An ammunition wielding button.


Shimakaze Release Date Announced
shimakaze preview page
Shimakaze was also delayed last month, but those who are eager to finally have her can on June 28th!

That brings this week to a close! And remember that you can also keep track of the blog via Facebook and Twitter. Widgets for both sites can always be found at the bottom of the page!


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