Figma News Fridays 5/23/14

Another installment of Figma News Fridays! This week has release announcements and some previews to look at, so let’s get started!


Shimakaze Delayed
shimakaze preview page
Are you set to be one of the recipients of the cute and slightly risque Shimakaze? If so, you have some more time to save for this expensive cutie because she has been delayed from May to June.

Yukari Akiyama Delayed
yukari akiyama preview page
The also adorable Yukari has also been delayed to June.
Seriously, I know nothing about her, but Yukari is my favorite of the Girls und Panzer…girls.

Bike Miku Helmet Accessory Revealed
miku helmet monday
Ok, this is something I missed from last week. But rather than updating and risking a lot of people missing it, I decided to just save the news until this week. Plus, I was HOPING we’d learn more about her in that time…

Anyway, has Bike Miku always reminded you of Durarara’s Celty Sturlson? If so, with this accessory she can even more!
I don’t even care what the accessories are, I want this Miku BAD.


More Haruka Nanase Accessories Previewed
Many figure from Free! are finally hitting the water(GET IT?!), and it’s the figma’s turn to make a splash(HAHAHA) in the collecting world.
We’ve seen Haruka’s accessories in the past, but this is their first time receiving a proper colored shoot. Some of Haruka’s poses are even shown off.
By the way, thanks to Pokemon, I will always think of Haruka as a girl’s name. Poor Haruka. It was the same with Hikari in Nagi no Asukara. What’s with aquatic anime boys sharing names with Pokemon heroines?

haruka tuesday
First is one of Haruka’s faces in which he makes an unmistakable moe anime boy expression. I’ve seen enough Free! promo images to know that he’s always making this face.

Next is a starting block accessory. Also notice the goggles around his muscular ani-man neck.

Now here are some accessories which I find…questionable. The goggles and swim cap are great, and although the water effects are cool, is anybody really going to pose him like that? Thumbs up for creativity, but eh.
This picture is also indicative of the two schools of thought surrounding figma Haruka. One is just happy to have a Haruka figma while the other is sorely disappointed in just how exposed his joints are.
As much as I believe in the figma line, it has been my opinion since early on that the Free! boys would look much better with their swim jackets on instead of shirtless.

It may not be a jacket, but Haruka does have an apron to shield his many muscles from piercing gazes.

And apparently this isn’t new news, but Haruka figmas ordered from Hobbystock Web Shop will receive a bonus grilled mackerel accessory.


Saber 2.0 Previewed
Several figmas appeared in this month’s scans, but with no real updates. However we did learn a thing or two about Saber 2.0!
saber scan
As Miku received an update in her 2.0 version, Saber has as well in time for the Fate/Stay Night remake.
If like me you own the first Saber, it’s difficult to be impressed as she looks very much like her original version.
But keep in mind that original Saber is figma number 3, so there are tons of improvements to be made. My Saber is from the Fate/Zero rerelease, so I was not super excited to see the new one when I barely played with my original Saber.

A little later we were treated to another photo. In this image, the increased quality of her face sculpt is especially apparent. I am looking forward to her more now. But what is truly eye catching is the transformation circle. The good news is that this circle is being made available, but it is only for preorders made in a handful of Japanese shops. Whether or not this will translate into a GSC inline shop bonus is unknown, but we can hope.

That concludes this week’s figma news! What caught your eye?

2 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 5/23/14

  1. I was DEVASTATED getting that email for the delay notice of Shimakaze…. I’ve never obsessed over any character, but she has my attention and I was looking forward to getting her this month :/ I’m sad


  2. Oh you caught my Bike Miku tip last week, no need to thank me. I see your Miku review is almost done with Flickr. Yukari and Shimakze being delayed isn’t too bad considering I don’t have much coming in June. I’ll be needing the new Saber remake, I always wanted to buy the old one but it always looked a little off. While it’s nice that she’s coming with the summoned circle, I’m really hoping to see the base as a whole.


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