Figure Comic: Study Buddy

study buddy

There are literally pages of comics I wrote long ago that are in line to be made, but sometimes the ones that get completed fastest are those you think of mid shoot.

This was photographed during day 2 of Sailor Suit Miku’s photo shoot. I started incorporating mini Danbo and really liked how he looked with Miku(also liked how Miku’s study room turned out and wanted to take more pictures in it). I usually try to make my comics funny, but the objective for this one was to be cute.


4 thoughts on “Figure Comic: Study Buddy

  1. This is kinda cute, the set looks really nicely made. Nothing like a cup of coffee to re-energize. Come to think of it I got those books too, I wonder where those are actually.


  2. Love it! … and man, I need a Danbo Coffee/tea helper! 😄
    It’s funny how that happens, isn’t it? You think you know what you’re going to sit down and accomplish, and then this rogue idea just hits you. 😄


  3. NEEDS MORE DOGE!!!!!!! Yay, new review, that’s like 3 in a week, new record. Is you dio homemade, because some of those parts like the the desk and plant look perfectly scaled and textured.


    • Ohoho Don’t expect so much of me! I’m spacing them out >_>’

      The room part is homemade, but the accessories(except chalk board and cork board) are all purchased. You could say my crafting level isn’t high enough 😄


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