April 2014 Loot

Once again it is time for the long awaited loot! There has not been a single figure for the last several months, but April’s loot finally remedies that with not one, but three figmas and goodies to boot!
Here’s everything:

Miku Hatsune Sailor Suit ver., Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, mini Danboard strap, and Doge.

First to arrive was none other than Doge. Do you not know the beauty of Doge? If not then you should, for all should appreciate the IQ raising power of Doge!

There are many a captivating meme, but Doge is definitely my favorite because it not only involves cute shibes, but is really really stupid. I’d previously seen Doge figures created by fans via 3D printing, but did not think they were easily accessible to the public. Some time passed, and I saw the collection of a MFC member who had Doge displayed alongside their figures. The owner did not know where their Doge was from(it was a gift), but advised that I check Shapeways which is a company that sells 3D printed products. A quick search, and I could finally have a Doge of my own.
Doge is made of sandstone, so he is fairly fragile, but it’s something I am more than willing to deal with if it means I can hold my favorite meme in the palm of my hand. So far, my only mistake has been putting a bit of water on him which messed up the texture and color on his back, but it was worth it for the photo I took and the damage is barely noticeable. Speaking of photos, I am in the midst of a Doge photo shoot(among other things), so this is not the last you’ll be seeing of him on the blog.

Next is *drum roll*

My Twitter followers perhaps noticed the Mandarake box photo I tweeted. I of course wanted to keep its contents a secret until this post, but the truth is finally out that I got one of my dream Mikus!
In case you do not remember, this is the Miku from Goodsmile’s dastardly Family Mart Lottery/kuji which had super amazing prizes and was of course Japan only. As soon as the kuji began, I started tracking secondhand places(primarily Mandarake). As expected, prices began around 100,000 yen, but seeing how few takers there were at this price, it was obvious it would drop. I waited patiently waited until one day I found her on Mandarake for 6000 yen. This is what I expected to pay anyway, and I ordered her immediately.
I was so eager to find this Miku not only because I love how she looks, but because I wanted to photograph her before the end of spring. I am 95% finished with the review photos for this Miku(shows how excited I was) and am extremely happy with how she looks in photos. I look forward to sharing them all once the sun comes out again and I can complete the shoot!

Last to arrive was my amiami order which contained primarily Mikasa and Eren!
I still have some preparations to make before their review, and after opening them tonight, I am dreading trying to work with the 3D maneuver gear.

Our last little treasure tucked inside the box was…a box!
Danboard has an unmistakable presence within the toy photography world as many photographers(even those not necessarily fans of anime) use him as a subject. Perhaps this is because in spite of being made of boxes, Danboard is remarkably expressive. As with many things, I have managed to resist Danboard, but when this teeny tiny strap popped up on amiami for less than 800 yen, there were no questions to ask. Who knows to what extent I’ll feature Danboard, but since he’s so cute at this size, I’m just happy to have him.

His little arms and head even move!
And it was not until photographing Doge that I realized he possesses one of my favorite attributes. So glance Much sideways Wow.

That brings April’s loot to a close, but to top off this post, I want to give a little update of Project Dollfie Dream! The face up artist contacted me a few days ago asking for the details on my girl’s face up, so it should only be a few days now until the face up is completed! I’ve been checking my email a lot more than usual.


7 thoughts on “April 2014 Loot

  1. Whoa, you gotten your hands on the kuji Miku too! I got one for myself as well, but I have yet to release her from the confines of her box. xD
    Will be looking forward to your upcoming reviews~ (wondering if you used the “teardrop” jewel seals that came with the Miku).


  2. What ANOTHER, review so soon! After seeing Doge, I now want to see some figma memes XD! Miku looks pretty decent but dat price (and I’d rather not have a Miku army). Soeaking of prices, have you seen kirito’s price, I’m thinking of just taking him off my wish list. The SNK figmas are great, I think you’ll enjoy them a lot.


    • I’m working on Doge memes, haven’t added the figmas to any yet though XD

      A lot of Kirito stuff is expensive. Probably because there’s so little merch ofor him compared to Asuna. I had to take the Niitengo off my list.


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