Figma News Fridays: 5/16/14

After a week long break from figma news thanks to Golden Week, it’s time to dive back into the world of plastic! Well, we may only be getting our ankles wet with just a little news. So let’s get started!


Miho Nishizumi Release Date Announced

miho nishizumi preview page

Miho will be released on May 22nd!

Eren Jaeger (2nd release) Release Date Announced

Eren Yeager preview page

Eren will be shipped out on May 20th!
Darn it, I don’t even have mine from the first release yet!


Snow Miku 2015 Design Chosen and Announced
Are you a fan of Snow Miku? Even if the answer is no, there are surely countless fans who say the opposite and have kept the Snow Miku train(in fact there is literally a Snow Miku train) plowing ahead at full speed since its inception in 2010. Enriching what is now the Snow Miku tradition is Goodsmile’s yearly design contest which has been a fixture beginning with the Fluffy Coat nendoroid version in 2012. Each year has its own theme with previous ones being jewels, sweets, and magical girl. This year’s theme was flowers and plants of Hokkaido(which is Japan’s northernmost/coldest island). Flowers and plants do not normally spring to mind when one thinks of winter, but you may have noticed from my photography that I am a huge fan of them, so I was especially looking forward to seeing this year’s contending designs. Soon voting went underway, and a winner was chosen.
I present to you the design for 2015 Snow Miku!
snow miku friday

I’ll be frank by saying that I was underwhelmed upon seeing that this design won. After all, I wanted the kawaii if not painfully safe design #2 to win. However, further inspection proves that this may just be a design not as well understood by foreigners as by those in Japan. If you don’t believe me, recall Snow Miku 2013 who at first appears as a mere kimono clad Miku, but is actually a cleverly designed combination between a traditional Japanese wedding kimono and strawberry daifuku which is a traditional Japanese dessert. Both the dessert and dress were unknown to me, so as soon as I learned of them, the 2013 design which first struck me as simply pretty became genius in my eyes. Costume design isn’t always about making something pretty. Sometimes a dash of symbolism or referencing cultural heritage is what it takes to make a design truly shine.
This Miku very much resembles a Koropokkuru. In short, Koropokkuru are tiny creatures of Hokkaido folklore. Koropokkuru are often pictured carrying a leaf above their heads which can be seen with this Miku along with other Hokkaido plants. As odd as this design choice may be when compared to the polished and moe designs like #2, I believe it takes a little imagination and courage to venture outside of the norm which is something I commend GSC for doing with their contest. Besides, if you’re going to host a design contest, why not choose one not just anyone could think of?
So why have I spent all of this time talking about a nendoroid design contest? Well if it wasn’t obvious already, we’re not getting just a Snow Miku Nendoroid, but a Snow Miku figma as well! Figma Snow Miku only recently became a thing, and even if we do not get figmas of the previous fantastic designs, I’m happy that figma fans now have the option to join in on the Snow Miku fun.

And one last thing. It wasn’t just a contest for Miku, but the rabbit Yukine who was also open for design submissions. Above is the winning Yukine which is a great match for Miku.

That closes the book on this week of figma news. Snow Miku was obviously my favorite part of the week, but what about you?


8 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays: 5/16/14

  1. Eren? The 20th? What? AmiAmi sent me a invoice for him on the 5th. That’s weird.But I got my 2nd run Mikasa today……before yours.XD

    Although I don’t know anything about the folklore, that Miku design was the one I was hoping would win, as well as the Yukine design.


  2. Uh oh Usagi you missed out on this Racing Miku’s preview pics, tsk tsk. Eren and Miho will soon be mine, now all I’ll need is the tank! While, I’m not a fan of the new Snow Miku design, it’ll save me money as I don’t want to keep a Miku shrine. It’s something different, and I can appreciate that. Long Live Figma New Friday!


  3. I have to agree that all 4 designs looked a bit underwhelming. I saw some awesome entries. Still the more I look at this, the more I realise it is really different and unique (maybe it takes a bit of time to get used to it).


    • I don’t think that a Snow Miku that I loved from the beginning has ever won, but Snow Miku always looks great in the end. So at this point, I just figure I should trust GSC knows that they’re doing XD


  4. Well, that’s a good thing because we’re seeing a new side of miku. Full of symbolism, creativeness and uniqueness but I really hope there’s a big chance that it’s not going to be a special or exclusive one because some of those special or exclusive ones are very good ones than the normal releases but the only problem is that when you’re like me living far from japan it’s very hard to purchase figma like those because sometimes you can’t trust buying them online right? But anyway, it’s a good choice by GSC


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