Spring Cleaning with Tamaki and Kagura

Once again, my figures have been receiving a lot of attention during photo shoots. And after my sewing books came in the mail, suddenly nothing in Tamaki or Kagura’s wardrobe was good enough. The girls haven’t had a proper photo story in quite some time either. So after a huge wardrobe purge, new outfits were definitely in order. And to show off these new outfits, I decided to finally bring to life some photo ideas I’ve had for quite some time. This is a lot like my Christmas shoot which combined a mini story with the typical photo shoot. So let’s reign in one of my favorite seasons with something that everybody should do every now and then– spring cleaning!

With Christmas festivities and New Years buzz having melted away with the snow, the house has taken on a stagnant air, and now that every resident has settled like dust, nothing but the sweet scents and brisk breeze of spring can rouse them.

sc 1

Kagura: ….Tamaki
Tamaki: mmmmmmppphhhh
Kagura: Get up, it’s time.
Tamaki: Mmmmppph?
Kagura: I wouldn’t lie to you, it’s really time!
Tamaki: Mmmmmppph mmppph mph!

sc 2
Tamaki and Kagura: Spring time!

Yes, spring time. A time of new beginnings when the earth sheds its frozen shackles in exchange for a carpet of petals. Hand in hand, animal and man must learn to live again. But it is a challenge both willingly accept, for the tenacity—

Kagura: Quit the sappy narration, and show them our outfits!

Oh, ok

sc 3
Both girls are wearing outfits with spring in mind!
Kagura is sporting a pair of crisp white shorts with a striped baby blue top!

sc 4
Lace lines the bottom of the top while it is embellished with a clean white flower.

sc 5

sc 6
Her hair is pulled back into a pony tail and secured with a white bow.

sc 7
A kimono should always reflect the season it is worn in, and Tamaki’s calls back to spring with a pale green reminiscent of new grass and purple accents to represent fresh flowers.

sc 8
A collar underneath offers a hint of purple.

sc 9
Inner sleeves present yet even more purple.

sc 10
Her obi features more decorations than ever before!

sc 11
She also has a very simple pair of shoes made with popsicle sticks and ribbon.

sc 12
Fellow dog owners should understand.

sc 13
The back of her obi.

Both of these outfits are my testimony to how awesome the doll sewing books are. To begin with, the patterns are amazing and fit well, but the books are also a treasure trove of inspiration. I purchased the silk flowers and lace quite some time ago, but could not quite think of the best use for them. But these books encouraged me to stop saving them “for a rainy day” and go ahead and have fun. Previous project posts show how simple many of Tamaki’s kimonos were, but this time I embellished the obi and am quite happy with it. The kimono patterns are also much more refined and produce a cleaner and more authentic product.

sc 14
With both girls finally on their feet, there is a lot of picking up and organizing to do.
Kagura gathers the toys and other trinkets littering the floor.

sc 16
Even the kotatsu makes its transformation into a sleeker form.

Now it’s time for Tamaki to take care of the details inside the house.

sc 17
First she polishes the tea set.

Then she fills up a bucket and gives the floors a long awaited mopping.

mopping for master_edited-1
A spotless floor will surely make Master proud!

This is my first time using my favorite backlighting technique with dolls. Oh backlighting, I missed you.

quiet feet_edited-1
Quiet fox feet scurry across the floor~


tools of the trade_edited-1
A mop and feather duster to keep the house clean!

I made both the mop and duster since the ones I already have are figma sized.

self maintenance_edited-1
Maintaining one’s image is important.

While Tamaki was cleaning the house, Kagura was busy washing the clothes.

sc 19
But the clothes can’t be put away wet!

spring cleaning_edited-1
So Kagura gets to work pinning everything to dry!

spring sweetie_edited-1

This is the idea I’ve been long wanting to try! I found the tiny blue clothespins at Joann’s several months ago. They’re not only adorable, but they actually work! I’ve photographed figmas with a clothesline before for a funny picture, but figured that dolls would be better for a serious shoot since they have cloth clothing.
The photo above is one of my favorites from this shoot.

There are many pins!

I picked them in baby blue since it’s my favorite color~
Come to think of it, I wonder what these tiny pins were actually intended for.

Tamaki reminds Kagura that there are many more clothes in need of drying.


Being buried in a pile of laundry is the best.


Feel the spring breeze~



hung to dry_edited-1
Kagura: Tamaki, are you ok?
Tamaki: Just leave me here.

Tamaki: This is what I deserve.


sc 20
With clothes washed and dried, floors mopped, and everything put where it needs to be, Tamaki and Kagura can return to doing what they love most.


6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning with Tamaki and Kagura

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  3. Hahaha, oh I love it, Tamaki pinned to the clothes line!

    Those little blue clothes pins are great!! I’m going to have to go check out JoAnnes now!
    I’ve been wanting to do more stories myself… my blog is lacking in those… and I think all the girls are antsy to “do something” XD

    These were really cute stories… and I LOVE their new clothes!!! What great styles!!! They look so appropriate for Spring!


    • Joanne’s has cute little things if you keep your eyes peeled. Once I saw the perfect neemo sized pincushion that was shaped like a couch/chair. I don’t want to talk about how I didn’t buy it T-T

      Glad you like them! I am LOVING those books!


  4. Ooh new sewing books means some sewing goodness is headed my way! Never knew you had a dog before, epic photobombing dog FTW! Nice photos as always, it’s a shame I can’t steal them and sell them off on Ebay cause of yer dern watermarks *shakes fist*. Do you sew your own doll outfits?


    • My dog is an important part of my family. XD He’s in the background of a few comics too. Pets just love to photobomb.

      Huehuehue I’ve stopped you in your tracks!

      Yep! I sew all of my doll’s clothes! The only store bought things they have are default clothing and Tamaki’s maid outfit. There are also a few Barbie pieces thrown in the mix, but they don’t wear them much anymore.


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